Wednesday, February 4, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episode 29 Screen caps Review

This ahjumma keeps me laughing so I am really interested to capture her scenes and now make gif. She is so crazy fun and flirty.

In this episode, Woo Seok and Bok Nyeo finally reconciled after 30 long years. His memory is still out of reach while Bok Nyeo is just so thankful that he is alive and grew up well. 

Interesting and conflicting at the same time for Soo In is when she asked Woo Seok who sent him the first picture from Paris and why the motives are different from Chairman Ma who wanted him to forget his past but the anonymous one wants him to recover his memory fast.

Chairman Ma was hospitalized because of Aeng Ran's stand to make SHINHWA hers. She has the document that consist of disclaimer from Chairman Ma about the financial side of the bakery owned by Bok Nyeos' husband. Aeng Ran also met with shareholders and persuaded them to kick out Chairman Ma from SHINHWA.

Young Wok is still luring Joo Ran to trap her. Joo Ran was so impressed with Young Wok that she is making herself a fool. Poong Geum decided to pack her belongings to at the apartment offered by the owner of the building where Magic Bakery is. Mr. Tak was trying to stop her but then he realized the hardships she had gone through that's why she is so hang up on money which he does not have.

Bok Nyeo and Woo Seok with Byeol went to visit their home in Chun Cheon. They stayed the night. The idea is to trigger some memory for Woo Seok to remember. And it was a good effort because when Byeol was almost got on her burning firewoods, Woo Seok rescued her daughter from being hurt and that was when a scene from the past filled his mind. His father was sleeping and drunk that night when the fire started burning the house. He was calling him to wake up but he never did.

I am still not sure what will Aeng Ran do in the coming episodes. Will she be greedy enough not to make Bok Nyeo and Woo Seok  have their own share of SHINHWA? And who burned the house? I guess Mr. Ma is really the bad guy here knowing his greed which led him to take away Aeng Ran from her love and to fool his friend and business partner who was Bok Nyeo's husband.


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