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Friday, May 10, 2013

[ChunHye] A Must Read FanFic of ChunHye...Jez Because

A friend from the ChunHye thread, @inkyumuse has written a fanfic of uri OTP PYC and YEH of I Miss You.

Yours truly was a part of that cute fanfic :))

Please support this link...she is a good writer, I tell you.


Happy reading!!!

Episode 12 When A Man Loves - mslee's thoughts

I shared these thoughts at the thread/soompi. 

1. I won't and don't condone promiscuity, lies, betrayals.
2. I don't like opportunist, too.
3. But just because I don't like those characters doesn't mean I will automatically judge them for their actions.

First, Jae Hee. Admittedly, I am on TS side, always till the end. But, though I don't like him, I'd be willing to understand his side. He is the one who did get attracted first to MD in Guam. He was the one who kept on pursuing the girl even though he was dump. rejected several times. Let us not forget that MD rejected her not once but two, three times. He even bought shoes even though he has no right to do so. Why would a decent young man buy a shoes for someone who already belongs to someone else? That will speak of what JH character is but I' ll let it pass just because he is totally in love with the girl. Still, it is not proper. Why keep on pretending that he has a chance? OKAY, maybe he feels that, but here's the question, if you are a friend would you advise him to pursue and snatch away the girl from another man? Some will say no, some will probably say, go for it man, it's you she loves.

Second, temptation is really hard to resist, when you are confuse, thinking that this good young man has always been supportive and understands you, while this other guy has a questionable past, and seems like he is being selfish for interfering with your growth as an individual, using power to stop you from getting away from him, and currently police are investigating a case that may connect to this man. Mind and heart confuse, who is really the good guy and who is not? The question keeps on whirling inside the head..."Am I associating myself to a man who is scary or should I choose this guy who has been my supporter and he may  go away for good?"

MD was so emotionally down during that time. Guilty for denying her attraction to JH when all this while he was helping her without her knowledge. Guilty because she chose TS and trying to like him but his past keeps on intervening in the present and confuses her more.

let us be realistic here, just like the writer is.
just because you are committed to a guy, you won't feel some kind of attraction to another guy. this cases are often happening in real life. while some stayed loyal to their love ones, their will is so powerful, they just bear it inside and hope that time will help them pacify their wayward feelings. and sometimes,[ who really knows but the person it self] they outgrew the feelings, that's why they have a peaceful lovelife. while some who aren't stronger, plus the fact that the feelings are reciprocated, that's when breaking up happens and choosing the other one.

Now the scene that became distasteful to all of us here. Here are the facts...
1. MD mulling over what Kelly said about JH.
2.Feeling lost, confuse
3.JH sees MD, says goodbye
4. MD felt this good friend will leave her, that's when tears fell down.
5.JH kissed her and the scene rolled.

other option for JH...he could have consoled her asked her what's wrong? He could just hugged her as a friend, not a lover who is very hungry for her physically. it was JH who took advantage of the situation. If he had not acted that way, I don't think MD would acted like a "slut" as some had already called her. why do it in TS home? Ask JH, he was the one who suddenly pounced on her. Again, we won't be in that situation for sure, coz we are way too mature and we think before we act, but the characters of both JH and MD are not the same as ours.

And I am not surprised seeing the episode. I was anticipating it, didn't we all? The synopsis had been out from a long time, many of us had read it already, so why surprised? 

There's every MD and JH in our society, maybe a friend, a relative, an acquaintance. Do we easily judge these people? Sometimes, we have to look down, pause for a second and think why they are like that. Maybe circumstances brought them in that situation, acting in that situation that is totally against our values. 

there...I wrote it. peace all. 

BTS - Jang Ok Jung Photos Episode 10..Lee Soon and Jang Ok Jung

Cute BTS.

pic source : http://gall.dcinside.com/jangokjeong

Thursday, May 9, 2013

[photos] Winners - 49th BaekSang Arts Awards 2013

Winners (Movies) :

Grand Prize (Daesang) : Ryoo Seung-Ryong 

Best Film : Masquerade

Best Director : Choo Chang-Min - Masquerade

Best Actor : Ha Jung-Woo - The Berlin File

Best Actress : Kim Min-Hee - Very Ordinary Couple

Best Supporting Actor : Ma Dong-Seok - The Neighbors

Best Supporting Actress : Jo Eun-Ji - The Concubine

Best New Actor : Ji Dae-Han - A Wonderful Moment

Best New Actress : Han Ye-Ri - As One

Best New Director : Jo Sung-Hee - A Werewolf Boy

Best Screenplay : Jung Byoung-Gil - Confession of Murder

Most Popular Actor : Kim Dong-Wan - Deranged 

Most Popular Actress : Park Shin-Hye - Miracle in Cell No.7 

Winners (TV Dramas) :

Grand Prize (Daesang) : Yoo Jae-Suk 

Best Drama : The Chaser (SBS)

Best Director : Kim Kyu-Tae - That Winter, The Wind Blows

Best Actor : Son Hyeon-Ju - The Chaser

Best Actress : Kim Hee-Ae - A Wife's Credentials

Best New Actor : Lee Hee-Joon - My Husband Got a Family

Best New Actress : Jung Eun-Ji - Answer Me 1997

Best Screenplay : Park Kyung-Soo - The Chaser

Most Popular Actor : Park Yoo-Chun - I Miss You 

Most Popular Actress : Yuri - Fashion King 

Best Variety Show : Sunday Night - Dad, Where Are You 


Best Educational Show : Korean Cuisine and Dining 

Credits : AsianWikii | JTBC-LOVE

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