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Friday, September 20, 2013

Master's Sun - Enjoy the Behind The Scenes and Making Films ..One Stop

How to cure addiction? Because this is some kind of addiction that possessed me the moment I stepped on the Master's Sun marathon watch. After 6 episodes, it's like hook, line and sinker all at once!

mslee decided to gather all the bts and making films in one page to enjoy the laughs and see how comfortable they are.

enjoy watching...

credit to the uploaders via youtube

and some cute moments 

[Updated] REASONS - A Fanfic by Inkymuse for ChunHye Shippers...

Who has read the REASONS?

The fanfic has been updated for a while now but I keep forgetting to write it in my blog.

For continuation of the story for our OTP ChunHye in I Miss You...
a great story from a friend who has gift in wrting..


chapters 1 - 11


enjoy reading.


[Recap + mslee's thoughts] Episode 13 Master's Sun - Amnesia Takes Hold of Joo Jung Won

When JJW woke up from the hospital bed and not remember what happened, I said,
"What? Amnesia? Come on!"

What else is a k-drama if there's no amnesia in the story? And Hong sisters are surely stamping this one as an authentic K-drama. Wae? The story is getting very romantic. But then, that's the twist. It is needed for tonight's episode for Hanna, CHJ twin to make her move and confuse JJW.

So his memories were all intact except about Tae Gong Shil. Selective memory, that's it. he remember the rainy night, the night they met, but without TGS in the scenario. The beautiful twist also after the accident was he can read. omo! What happened in his brain? 

While fighting death, when he was still unconscious, he was having a dream where he was talking to CHJ. He was holding a book, the story of the wolf and the goat. But CHJ walked away towards a door filled with brightness ahead. She disappeared. JJW held the necklace he gave TGS but it also disappeared. And that was his last thought before he opened his eyes and saw Hanna.

The clueless aunt of JJW was happy for JJW but they are all surprised about his memory being blank so decided to caution everyone not to say anything about TGS. This is her chance to pull away JJW from her. Oh, she really has no idea and a snob.

Well this circumstances is an advantage to Hanna. She told about the books were from her, even wore the same necklace, which JJW noticed and pondered about them.

Through all these, I felt TGS ordeal. She was crying and sad. She even received a slap from the aunt! Poor girl, she can't do anything. She knew this is going to be the end of their growing affections and being close as what their relationship has.

Kind Kang Woo stayed by her side and shield her from further hurt, to Yi Ryeong dismay.

Tae Gong Shil even packed her belongings and seems that she is fired from work. There were chances when JJW talked to her, but she did not face him, so he did not see her face. But JJW would be left with a feeling of something was amiss but he can't put a finger on what it was.

The episode ended when TGS was talking to CHJ but JJW appeared so the ghost disappeared. JJW then asked her if she was Tae Gong Shil.

I think the question and TGS answer will not bring his memories right away. But, please, make him remember. Four more episodes and I really want to enjoy them with both JJW and TGS opening their hearts and accepting each as they are. 

There's still about TGS past that is not tackled in the drama. Her accident. 

Well, amnesia was a surprise twist and I really did not see it coming! 


screen caps below...