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Saturday, May 17, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Angel Eyes Episode 11 Back Hug is More Sweeter!

Angel Eyes keeps giving us a treat each episode. One of my favorite display of affection is the back hug. I don't know, but it really makes me feel the romance. Like I said, it is an action showing possessiveness which is what lovers do to each other. It's like marking him/her and telling people that "She is mine and I love her so."

Ahhh...sweetness overload!

Dong Joo in a suit right after work comes home to find Soo Wan in the kitchen. For a man, this is a beautiful sight. Something to make him feel light after a days work. He gave Soo Wan a back hug. 

I love this scene. Keep them coming PDnim! They are just so right for each other.

-mslee1107 and her crazy thoughts-

...and right after, the couple inside Dong Joo's bedroom, swapping letters, teasing, hitting poor Dong Joo.
The romance is getting sweeter and better and more comfy.

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Angel Eyes Episode 11 Screen caps

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