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Saturday, October 11, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] My Lovely Girl - First Review

I will start my thoughts on their first meeting on episode 1 and their last scenes in episode 8. How they changed from then and now.

Episode 1 screen caps

A story of a girl who was the sister of the woman he loved. A love that left a big scar on Lee Hyun Wook [Rain] when Yoon So Eun died in a car accident in the midst of their argument. The parting by death left Hyun Wook devastated. He blamed his father, he lost touched with friends and live his life quietly away for the past three years. A kind of self punishment, perhaps on how their love turned out that way. How he lost her in that way. Only Dal Bong, the dog, stayed by his side. A dog that was once loved by So Eun.

The younger sister, Yoon Se Na was a struggling artist, working odd jobs to live. She has a lot of debts, that's why scary ahjussis are always on her back, wanting their money. All she does was runaway to evade them. But then, soon, she won't have a place to run anymore.

Dal Bong was instrumental to their meeting. She became a pet sitter while working in a hotel where Hyun Wook was staying. All the while, Hyun Wook was looking for her after he saw the unused mobile phone of So Eun rang and received a voice mail from her. A message of tiredness, of missing her only sister and a message which showed how desperate in need she was. He felt guilty somehow, he tried to find her to help her.

Their encounter with each other started as employee/employer but turned out sour when she chose to work while Infinite Power was having an event at the hotel, thus entrusting Dal Bong to her friend instead. Her plan was to give her CD containing her original composition to Infinite Power. Maybe it would be her luck this time. But then Dal Bong got away from his leash, she witnessed Shi Woo being insulted by an ex girlfriend Yoo Ra Eum, being found out later and had an argument and also insulted by Shi Woo, got fired from work and lastly, the handsome dog owner got mad at her for her carefree and easy attitude, mistaking her as someone who is an opportunist.

She packed up her things from the place she was staying [her friend's] and decided that her destiny is over. She just had to come back home and forget about her dreams. Just then, Hyun Wook was told that the girl he was looking for was no other than the pet sitter he hurt with his words. The girl was Yoon Se Na, So Eun's sister. 

Their fate changed that night as he run after her at the bus stop. It would be Se Na's decision to either pursue her dreams or to forget about them.

A lot has happened already since their first meeting. Hyun Wook became the President of ANA companny when his father collapsed. He had a rift with his friend, Seo Jae Young, a composer/producer who also wanted to be the President instead. They had a bad history involving So Eun. When Hyun Wook brought SE Na to the company as a trainee because she accidentally found out that her song was used to create a new version of it, she was not afraid to voice it out. Hyun Wook sided with her, to Jae Young's anger.

Then there is Shin Hae Yoon, the woman who is waiting for Hyun Wook to notice her other than a good friend. She is jealous of Se Na and Hyun Wook's closeness. When Hyun Wook challenged Jae Young for a battle against Se Na, Jae Young did the unexpected. He left the company together with the memebers of Infinite Power, leaving Shi Woo alone.

Shi Woo has always been the odd one in the group. He has the most numbers of fans, and while he is not the best singer and dancer, other members are jealous of him. He needs a solo comeback and this is where Hyun Wook suggested they use Se Na's song which initially moved Shi Woo's heart. But because he is intimidated, scared, and lacking in self confidence, he changed his mind about the song. Hyun Wook could not do anything when the investor are also making his head ache with threats of pulling their money if they use Se Na's song as the title song of Shi Woo's album.

But Shi Woo was apologetic towards Se Na. She has been a comfort to him when he needed her, run to him when he called and after sometime, finding himself falling for her slowly. Hyun Wook is also getting too close to Se Na to everyone's attention, which caused Se Na to have bad reputation in the company as having the President's support.

Se Na had asked Hyun Wook what inspire him to write good music. It was during when he was in love. Se Na followed the advise, knowing she is indeed inspired by him. She has fallen in love with the ahjussi, the dog owner. What I like about her character, she is not afraid to show her comfortable side to him. She also speaks her mind, even if what she says would intimidate or surprise him. She has told him she likes him and misses him. She has challenged him about being nervous when around her, his heart definitely beating fast. Hyun Wook is still in denial. She is just the sister of So Eun.

No secret will be kept forever. Hae Yoon found out about Se Na and her relation to So Eun. She once slapped So Eun, but now she feels guilty towards Se Na while being arrogant and haughty in front of her. While I sometimes do not like Hae Yoon, there are times when she uses her head instead of her emotions that logic comes to her and she then would act the nice girl she should be. While being jealous of Se Na, she decided she will try to understand knowing it is impossible for both Hyun Wook and Se Na to form a loving kind relationship. He is just being nice to her because of So Eun.

Until episode 8, the tension between Hyun Wook and Se Na mounts. He can choose to ignore it but Se Na is giving it a chance even if he gets mad at her for her close relationship with Shi Woo. For her, she knows her own feelings. Shi Woo is just another friend, a colleague in the company. She like Hyun Wook.

Dal Bong collapsed. He might not last this year. Hyun Wook was so sad. Dal Bong is not only a dog, but his company all these years. He loves the dog so much. Even if Se Na was fired [again] from being a pet sitter, she rushed to the hospital when she found out about Dal Bong.

There she saw Hyun Wook. This moment can be the turning point in their relationship as President/trainee or as pet sitter/employer. He was vulnerable. He needed her comfort which she gave freely. She was there when he needed someone the most. She hugged him. 

Hyun Wook may be sad but I think his own feelings for Se Na overwhelmed him that he kissed her there and then.

A sweet kiss that can seal a new start for them. Or a kiss that would awaken Hyun Wook from a dream and realize that he and Se Na is impossible to be together. Not with the secret of him being the guy who dated her sister and never showed up in her funeral.

He was the bad guy. The guy who was the reason she died that day. He was not able to protect her. Will he be able to protect Se Na?

I think Se Na would be devastated knowing the truth. She may feel being fooled at all this time. She may conclude that all the kindness she received from him are all out of guilt and responsibility he decided to own.

I was not really expecting anything from this drama. I just watched because this is Rain's comeback and Krystal is not a bad actress [being a singer]. She has entertained me a lot in Heirs. But then as the drama developed, I am liking the story. I am also liking her with Shi Woo [L]. Thye look good together, too. So I am not sure what will be the writer's plan for all of them.

I think a little more of light scenes to make it fun.

some more screen caps in the last scenes of episode 8.


Episode 8