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Saturday, February 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal me Episode 14 Screen caps Review - Flooding of Memories

I call this episode  the sudden "Flooding of Memories".

The memories that were hidden for so long behind dark veils were now on the brink of being opened. Ri Jin's de javu at the basement was her memories from long ago but she was confused if it was hers alone because it somehow entangled with Do Hyun's which made her doubt her own memories. she still has not made the connection even though in previous episodes she had asked Do Hyun if she was in his memories with Se Gi who somehow knew her.

I was right in my post before that Nana was the manifestation of Ri Jin the child in the basement which Do Hyun created. Nana was a teddy bear the child played with that time. How can memories not rush back now when Do Hyun saw a picture of his mother. the legal wife of his father in Ri Jin's place. Even if Ri On told him it was from a research he did to write a story but decided not to pursue with it, Do Hyun is not fully convinced.

What's bothering in this episode is that the child was actually the one who was abused by Do Hyun's father. Do Hyun was only there to play with her and to protect her from his father. I think being a witness in this tragedy or trauma was the reason why he created Se Gi because it was too hard to comprehend as a young boy that this kind of abuse happens. And to think that his own mother protected this secret was another despicable act. The child was Min Seo Yeon's daughter. I would want to conclude that she was not Do Hyun's father's daughter that's why she was treated like a parasite and was  exile to the basement. She was hidden from people's eyes. her mother died and there was no one to protect her anymore. I also want to think that Do Hyun's father felt so betrayed by her presence that his anger towards his wife who he until now cherished was directed at her. Do Hyun's mother was just a mistress who gave him a son, but that's all. If she purposely used Do Hyun to be allowed inside the family, her motive must have been selfish, but then I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt considering she is a mother who must want the best for Do Hyun.

Before the flooding of memories were provoked, happy times were felt inside Ri Jin's home. Do Hyun for the first time found good people who welcomed him for who he is and not for who his family was. He enjoyed the meals, the laughter and the honesty on the situation. He also saw Ri Jin's childhood photo which made him dizzy as it evoked some kind of flashbacks but it was cut short. 

In this episode Ri Jin had a talk with ri On about her dreams. Ri On should by now know the secret in Do Hyun's mansion but he diverted Ri Jin's dreams as something that happened in their house regarding the fire and the basement.

Do Hyun asked his mother about the child in the basement but she still acted as if she did not know what he is talking about. He knew she is lying. He also told his grandmother even in the presence of the other family, his cousins, that he will find out what happened 21 years ago. Ki Joon's parents' interest were piqued. 

Do Hyun's mother ordered for Ri Jin to be kidnapped once she realized she was the child she was looking for. Some men got her. Ri On saw the incident and tried to follow but lost them. He called Do Hyun and told him about it. Do Hyun was told that Ri Jin's phone has a tracker attached that's why he was able to locate her. Men tried to block him from going inside but he fought with them. He was attacked at the back of his head, triggering lost memories that are threatening to burst out any time soon. 

Like a rush or flooding of waters, all those intricate memories that were hidden for a long time to protect him from being hurt rushed by all at once. Se Gi wanted to come out because he is the stronger personality but Do Hyun fought with him and told him he can take whatever comes now. As if in slow motion, all the pieces were put together before Do Hyun's eyes. randomly they came out, but what's surprising was that they all connected like a puzzle leading him to where it started, in the basement with Ri Jin who was then a child he used to play with. He saw clearly how his father abused her and how he tried to protect her with his young body. It was all clear now. And it was painful to realized that his lost memories were somehow his fault by not being able to handle them when he was young.

This story is getting interesting  now. Will Do Hyun be able to stop Se Gi from coming out and do the job for him of saving Ri Jin? What will be the confrontation between mother and son in that villa where Ri Jin was detained? Will Do Hyun lose consciousness after that blow in his head?

Somehow, inside Do Hyun's head his different personalities must have been awaken all at once and trying to come out.

I like to thank the writer and the PDnim for being able to show with clarity the situation to the viewers which makes it easier for us to follow and understand the complexity of the story. Visually, I can connect with what's happening in the drama and to Do Hyun. So this is something to praised about, how they handle the script and transforming it to a compelling story.


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