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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BLOOD Episode 12 Screen caps and GIF


Guests are in the house. Luvvy meets everyone.

..and yeah, doing one of her hobbies, scanning.

Hye Ri is on the run after having a scary encounter with Min Ga Yeon. But killer vampire got him.

Some Ji Sang and Ri Ta interactions...

More research...

Goodbye, blondie aka Hye Ri.

A date with Ji Sang...

choosing and paying for the clothes, just like a wife.

Too much sun?
Yeah...Ri Ta's date turned into Bee Vampire. Handsome Bee Vampire.

New vampire in the hospital.

Ji Sang tries again to do surgery after he injected something in his arms. 

Ri Ta calms him.

The killer vampire went to Ri Ta's house. Ji Sang came. He realized this one was the one who killed his mother after seeing the face.

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