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Saturday, August 9, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] It's Okay This is Love - My 2nd Impression Sometimes Are Better

For the first 2 episodes, I felt lost while watching the drama. Maybe it was too chaotic for my taste. I could not find the entertainment it was supposed to show. Even the presence of Lee Kwang Soo could not make me laugh. I thought the drama was too silly for a start. Maybe it's the theme of the story about psychiatry. Then I could not also find the amazing chemistry between Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin, which makes the drama fell short of my expectations. Since Gong Hyo Jin had had an incredible on screen chemistry with her previous colleagues, I put a lot of faith in this drama only to feel disappointed after watching back to back pilot episodes.

I decided not to write my first impression of the drama. I left it at episode 2 for awhile, finishing and catching up on other dramas. But every week, I downloaded the episodes and just let it saved on my laptop. I am just waiting if my impression will alter once I re watch the drama.

Tonight, I decided to watch episodes 3 and 4. Towards the middle of watching episode 3 I had my own guess about the characters. Although it is already given that Ji Hae Soo [GHJ] is the doctor while Jang Jae Yeol [JIS] is the writer and part time DJ. There was this part whenever he met up with Han Gang Woo, who seems to be one of his fans, someone who wants to follow him and be a writer as well, I suddenly remember my all time favorite drama Good Will Hunting. Gang Woo's story seems like Will's, someone who accidentally stab a stepfather and it lingered on him and became his scar inside.

Somehow, the story opened a new perspective to me and became interesting as bit by bit, I came to understand the characters portraying in the drama. I had a feeling at the end of episode 4 which I felt at the middle of episode 3 that Gang Woo is the young version of Jae Yeol. 

The interesting part of the series is that every character has his own weakness, own pains, own struggles that he/she tries to keep within to live a normal life. Hae Soo treats patients with mental illness but she has her own issues which she has not yet conquered and treated. Jae Yeol let out his frustrations and inner thoughts through writings, mostly dark thoughts. He is also obsessive.

Suddenly I found myself revising my impression. I just have to give the drama time to develop, progress and be more focus while watching each characters. The drama is not about comedy and the laughs it may deliver. The drama is about finding love while conquering fears. But it is not a struggle one must endure solely. I think the story will show that together or even as a group, these people will find their own therapy and the best treatment for what ails them.

I am now intrigue on Jae Yeol's past and hidden or suppressed emotions. I guess he has been in control of his emotions since that painful incident during his adolescence. Ironic that the people who can give proper treatment or diagnose is also someone who suffers a different kind of mental stress.

Suddenly, I am entertained with every scene of Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. The more I appreciate the story, the chemistry blooms around them. The little actions like aegyo, Jae Yeol dancing, Hae Soo smiling, flirty towards each other became fascinating.

I believe this drama will be a heartwarming journey to discovering what love and happiness they can still achieve in the midst of chaotic world they live in. I change my entire first impression.  I find this drama amazing and looking for more twists. Well, sometimes, 2nd impressions are much better. :))

Glad it is not too late for me to give another chance for this drama.


[mslee's thoughts] Fated To Love You Episodes 11 and 12 Screen caps Review - A Sad and Tearful Week

It's like riding a roller coaster!

This week's episodes are so sad and gave me tons of tears rolling down my face. At first, I want to say, "what?! Temporary [selective] amnesia again!" But then, it comes with the disease called Huntington's, right? A genetic disorder that Gun might possibly has which his family, ancestors before him had.

Okay, so after his desire to see Mi Young instead of going to the board meeting where his position is on the verge of being stolen away, he passed out and when he recovered his consciousness, there was Se Ra! Her timing is impeccable! With 3 months erased from Gun's memory, it took him back to Macau and his thought out proposal. But then it's long past and whatever happened and took place there, he has no idea.

The doctor is not really 100% that his amnesia or loss of memory is connected to his disease. After all, he was just fine a couple of days back when he visited Dr. Octopus. Se Ra took advantage of his situation. Our snail who learned about her husband fainting and in the hospital rushed over only to see Se Ra and Gun in each other's arms. 

Ouch!!!! To see him looking happy with Se Ra, to see him going passed her, not even recognizing her is enough to make her still. But, ho..ho... Gun made a turn and looked back. Look who's here. The dog ring girl! HIs memory remembered the first time they met. Foolishly, it is enough to Mi Young. 

Ah wae? The romance is on the verge of blooming then this amnesia! Ah, so annoying but it only made Gun feel empty. Yup. Something seems missing from his life even though his Se Ra is around. The ring, the name on his phonebook, Mi Young his personal secretary...

Definitely, something is a bit odd here. Glad that the story did not linger. He found out through internet who Kim Mi Young is in his life. Maybe he was surprised. He might not really wanted the situation. But again, why did tears fell on his face just by looking and reading the baby book Mi Young kept in their bedroom? Somehow, the thought of being a father, although accidentally was not as bad as it looked like. Maybe he liked it. Maybe he did, because he went to the pre natal seminar and appear at Mi Young's side.

Can I hate Se Ra, just this once? For these two episodes, she became an annoying person to me. Yes, she has the right to feel mad because of the incident, of Gun marrying Mi Young, but let's take a look at what choices she made that led to this fate? She chose to leave Gun in the nick of time. She knew it was important for Gun but she chose her dream. If anyone is to blame, she should blame herself.

She asserted herself in Gun now that he lost part of Mi Young's memories. She even told him she does not care about the baby. While Mi Young stayed the ever passive young woman, content to wait in her corner. The best thing in Mi Young is her willingness to be happy whenever Gun is with her. Her smiles are all genuine. Gun see that. But still, he was a bit cold towards her.

He reminded her of their situation and the contract. I felt the pain of Mi Young, just sitting there across Gun and taking everything he had said. When he left, she stayed, trying her best to look composed despite the threatening tears on her eyes.

What saved the romance far from over? Yes! The candy. The sweet heart shaped candy in Gun's drawer. It made him remember the sweet Kim Mi Young. It made him remember what's missing in his life. But when I thought everything will be alright, here comes another twist. Yup. Forgot about the disease! If his temporary amnesia is a symptom of the disease, he needs to think things over. 

Can I just say that Gun really love Kim Mi Young? His concern for her and their child is his priority. He knew what will happen to him in the future if not now. His brain will be wasted, degenerate. Soon he will no longer remember. He will not recognize his Gi Ddong and snail. And it pains him. 

A decision to make Mi Young believe he still not remember anything. He lets go of Se Ra. I thought she would be understanding knowing Gun would also let go of Mi young. But no. She felt betrayed. She knew part of letting her go is because of Mi Young. She talked to Mi Young and told her about Gun breaking up with her soon. I don't know why Se Ra has a copy of the divorce document, I think the revised one. She gave it to Mi Young.  Guess, to hurt her more. To make her realize Gun never wants her and the child.

But Gun already took care of everything. He made a new draft, like a will. A document that will take care of Mi Young and their child in the future. His successor.

The dreaded miscarriage happened! Mi Young was in a car accident while turning back and trying to call Gun. The baby was gone. A very sad and painful experience to a mother like Mi Young. She lost her precious Gi Ddong. She lost her reason to be with Gun. Nothing is left but separation. Gun also felt the pain. And I thought the writer would be generous enough to make Gi Ddong stay despite the impending separation.

Yes, I know. It needs to happen. They have to break from each other. The bedroom feels empty. All the baby things inside Gun's private room. Ah..poor Gun, wallowing in misery alone like Mi Young.

And so the ever kind neighbor oppa to the rescue. He suggested for Mi Young to study arts in France. He will be leaving too. A chance for her to start afresh. Though Gun went to the airport, [a cliche' but non the less, I liked it, if only Mi Young glanced back and they held at least a last eye to eye contact] but missed her.

His snail is gone. Three years later...

can I say, I love Gun three years later? Hahahaha. Gorgeous is not enough to describe the change in hairstyle. Ah, I thought my heart is palpitating with excitement at his new look. Guess the shades made him missed the beautiful snail walking passed him. Mi Young is also back in Korea. Looking good and confident in her walks, without the eyeglasses, which I kinda missed. She has a new hair color and a smile for Daniel who was there to pick her up.

Gun kept looking back at her, walking away but never realized it was his snail. 

I think next week's episodes is gonna be back to normal. Yeah, fun and silly. A new opportunity for these two to meet and tempt fate again. I'm gonna be readying my grins and laughters after this sad week.


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