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Thursday, July 7, 2016

160707 Airport Fashion - In Black #anotherohhaeyoung Eric and Seo Hyun Jin

Back in Korea 160707 the lead stars of hit drama Another Oh Hae Young Eric and Seo Hyun Jin spotted arriving at Incheon with other cast members.

Because of rumors surfacing yesterday in the news, it is no wonder that these two look serious and as news cited, went in opposite direction. Well it is never a surprise because perhaps their waiting cars are in different directions outside. But it would have been nice if there were no rumors of them being a couple after spending a nice vacation with the team. It was really great seeing photos of all them laughing and having great time. But well, the rumors and denials somehow soured the ending of their vacation. Hoping that friendship will not be broken.

My shipping heart will always hope... because there is no harm in dreaming.
And..they both look good in black.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Raw Highlights #anotherohhaeyoung Special Broadcast part 2 160705

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Doctors episode 6 Screen caps and video highlights

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Videos and Photos #anotherohhaeyoung Eric and Seo Hyun Jin Updates in Phuket

Series of tweets and instagram posts showing Eric and Hyun Jin together in photos. Well they do look like as if they never separated and always at each other's side. This is bad for me and my shipping heart.

Will uipdate every once in a while. Credits to all owners as tagged and thankful for these updates.



as if waiting for her

#anotherohhaeyoung Hyun Jin and Eric spotted in the lobby

credit to the owner of this fancam

#anotherohhaeyoung English Trans - Interviews of ERIC after drama ended

I have found very well translated interviews of ERIC after the drama Another Oh Hae Young. Reposted below are series of interviews and thankful for these translations.

translations via 


나는 신창다.  



Playing the character of Park Do Kyung who has the ability to see visions of the near future, Eric demonstrated one of the best ever onscreen chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin who plays Average Oh Hae Young, with whom Park Do Kyung shares a bittersweet romance.
Before moving on to acting, Eric and Seo Hyun Jin made their respective debuts with Shinhwa in 1998 and M.I.L.K in 2001. Both groups were under SM Entertainment, making the two of them former labelmates.
“I don’t remember Hyun Jin from back then. We had a music video together but our filming was done separately. I don’t recall seeing Hyun Jin then. I only remember meeting Hyun Jin at a gathering after she did a drama together with Dongwan.”
On the pleasant atmosphere on the set, as well as the amazing chemistry he shares with Seo Hyun Jin, “All this while, I usually get to know my female co-stars better after we start chatting at the wrap-up parties. But with Hyun Jin, we got close very quickly. If it’s possible, I’d like to work with Hyun Jin again. It’s enjoyable when you work with good people.”
“In our group chat, we talk about Hyun Jin being a sagikae (originally a gaming term, but also used to describe someone who is outstandingly talented in many ways). There’s nothing she can’t do, and everything works for her. She has a good voice, she dances so her movements are good, and I never realized that she’s this pretty. Maybe it’s thanks to the director’s magic that I come out looking good and Hyun Jin looks really pretty. Looks, popularity, acting, movement, voice – she doesn’t miss anything. Her stamina is really good too. We get barely an hour of sleep and we shot for 5 days in a row, it’s the first time since Super Rookie that this happened for me. Despite that, Do Kyung has less lines so I get to catch short naps in between scenes, and I don’t really talk on the set to conserve energy. But Hyun Jin has a lot of lines to memorize and even though she had stayed up overnight for many days, she laughs, takes care of the staff and makes jokes to liven up the mood. It’s the first time I’ve seen an actress like that. I’ve never even seen any actors like this.” (t/n: Just get married already!)
The various kiss scenes the two shared, including the wall kiss and the chair kiss, were hot topics that generated much interest, and were in fact ideas that came from Eric himself.
“The first wall kiss was really intense. Once we shot that, the following kiss scenes became much easier. We wanted to execute the wall kiss well so we really went into the details like the flow of our movements, before the actual filming. After that the kiss scenes with Hyun Jin were much more freestyle. More than the technical elements, we were able to show the emotions more freely.”
Source: StarSeoul TV



In a wrap-up interview for tvN drama Oh Hae Young Again, Eric shed some light on his own dating style.
In the drama, Eric plays Park Do Kyung, who has the ability to see visions of the near future. He received fervent support for his lines and actions that conquered the hearts of female viewers.
When asked if there are any similarities between himself and tsundere (describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile before gradually showing a warmer side over time) guy Park Do Kyung, “We are similar in the sense that we will show concern whether unconsciously or consciously, and do not wear our hearts on our sleeves. Ultimately, rather than to be a good person to many people, we’d rather be perfectly on the side of the one we love. Do Kyung knew of his impending death but with his life on the line, he loved with all his heart and always took her side. That’s cool. I’d want to always be on the same side of the woman I love.”
“Park Do Kyung can’t help but be prickly and cold. In fact the part where he rammed his car into Han Tae Jin’s (played by Lee Jae Yoon) car, he was really being a jerk. Although that was a bad thing to do, he did it because he took Hae Young’s (played by Seo Hyun Jin) side. He was hostile because there was a reason to be hostile.”
On his own personality, “When I’m alone I tend to be more shy around strangers and more wary. I had experiences of people just disappearing (t/n: not in a sinister sense, but more like losing contact) and I’m careful not to make mistakes. My personality seems to have been shaped by this whole time that I’ve been active in the industry. Despite this, because I can be comfortable with the Shinhwa members I mess with them a lot.”
Recently different drama genres have become popular. The fact that Eric is an actor most suitable to be a roco/romcom king, and he shows a different and unique affinity for the romcom genre. In response to whether he is keen to try other genres, “I’ve never particularly thought about taking up dramas that require action. When I consider the drama production scene in Korea, I thought I’m suitable for romcoms. Korean dramas deal with a lot of emotions. Because of that, I pick those that I like.”
Source: StarSeoul TV




It has been 13 years since Eric embarked on the road of acting. But to Eric, even though 10 years have passed, his signature “Do you smell something burning?” line from the 2005 MBC drama Phoenix still follows him around. That’s because that’s the drama that catapulted the actor Eric into stardom. But having played the character of Park Do Kyung in the tvN hit drama Oh Hae Young Again, Eric has now left an impression on the minds of viewers not as Phoenix‘s Seo Jung Min, but as Oh Hae Young Again‘s Park Do Kyung, whose tsundere charms came through with full force with lines like “Something I had lying around”.
In a wrap-up interview on 30th June, Eric said that “it would be great if (the drama) didn’t end. Feeling sad to part, I enjoyed myself with the staff at the wrap-up party until the wee hours, and we hung out together until the 3rd round of drinks.”
Playing the role of audio director Park Do Kyung, Eric’s charms sent hearts racing. Unlike his previous roles of Casanovas and frivolous characters, Park Do Kyung is edgy and gruff, and unable to show his emotions due to a traumatic experience. Instead of lines, he perfectly expresses his emotions through his eyes and expression. Without lines that directly show his emotions, it’s easy for Park Do Kyung to become a two-dimensional character. But with his own charms he has led viewers into a Do Kyung Syndrome.
– Are there any similarities between Park Do Kyung and Eric?
Do Kyung has a trauma from people and things disappearing. Having witnessed in his childhood the sudden death of his father, he saw him disappear right before his eyes. After that, Pretty Oh Hae Young did not turn up at the wedding and disappeared. Thus he’s not easy to get close to, and he can’t express his feelings well.
I entered showbiz at a young age. And when I just got a little closer and comfortable with the manager hyungs, they would disappear (i.e. left the job or got assigned to other singers). Singers that I got more familiar with during promotions would also suddenly disappear. After experiencing that to some extent, I don’t talk to people easily, and I don’t open up easily. These are people who will go away anyway. Other than the members, I don’t get close to anyone, and I don’t really talk to anyone. I’m similar to Do Kyung in that sense.
– But it seems that the cast of this drama got close pretty quickly?
Usually I only become closer with my female co-stars at the wrap-up party. But this time we really hit it off. In the earlier part we didn’t talk about it in case there was a negative effect but we all started out as singers. Young Ji, Hyun Jin, Jae Yoon, Ji Suk, Hoon. In particular Ji Suk learnt rap from me when he was still a trainee. It didn’t feel unfamiliar working with them and there was a good sense of camaraderie.
– Was the atmosphere on the set good?
There were no accidents, and there was a good vibe on the set, and viewership ratings were also encouraging. I’ve experienced accidents on the set, bad atmosphere on the set, and poor viewership ratings. This time round, there were none of these and I was grateful as filming continued. I thought, an environment like this does exist too. It felt like even the universe helped out.
– How many points would you give yourself for your acting in this drama?
70, 80 points out of 100. It’s a character that I’m satisfied with. I didn’t try particularly hard to stand out in any scene. I trusted the directing, the cinematography and the background music so I worked on leaving some space (for those elements to fill in). Working with such a capable team, I mainly followed the director’s cue to maintain my emotions rather than try to explain everything.
– Is there anything that you felt was lacking?
I can’t say that there was anything lacking, but due to my own inadequacies there are scenes where I thought I could have done differently. But I developed a bigger ambition for acting after this project. Through this drama, instead of thinking about how to express every emotion differently, I thought of expressing what is already latently there. I think I was very spurred on by Hyun Jin.


– You said you developed ambition, isn’t there any other genre that you want to try instead of the romcom genre that you’ve been doing? 
I don’t have any particular interest for genre dramas or dramas that require a lot of action. You can’t really detach that from the drama production style in Korea. If I work on projects like that, I can’t show the energy that I usually use in emotional scenes. So I’m still more suited for romcoms and melodramas. I watch a lot of American genre dramas and I watch more of the Korean dramas that focus on emotions. I want to do what I like watching. Of course fans want me to take on genre dramas or a psychopath role, but I’m not too sure about dramas.
– Why do you think fans want that?
Seems like they just like things like this. Haha.

[mslee's favorite part of the interview]
– You mentioned that you learnt a lot from Seo Hyun Jin. What in particular did you learn from her?
In our group chat, we talk about Hyun Jin being a sagikae (originally a gaming term, but also used to describe someone who is outstandingly talented in many ways). There’s nothing she can’t do, and everything works for her. She has a good voice, she dances so her movements are good, and I never realized that she’s this pretty. Maybe it’s thanks to the director’s magic that I come out looking good and Hyun Jin looks really pretty. Looks, popularity, acting, movement, voice – she doesn’t miss anything. Her stamina is really good too. We get barely an hour of sleep and we shot for 5 days in a row, it’s the first time since Super Rookie that this happened for me. Despite that, Do Kyung has fewer lines so I get to catch short naps in between scenes, and I don’t really talk on the set to conserve energy. But Hyun Jin has a lot of lines to memorize and even though she had stayed up overnight for many days, she laughs, takes care of the staff and makes jokes to liven up the mood. It’s the first time I’ve seen an actress like that. I’ve never even seen any actors like this.




Eric responds to our endless questions without hesitation, and he understands the character of Park Do Kyung more than anyone else. When we bring up questions that viewers are likely to have, he explains to us the Park Do Kyung that he understands. Even so, for the viewers who love the drama, he is careful not to shut down the various analysis and theories.
Because of his personal understanding and study of the character, Park Do Kyung seems to have shown viewers a new side of Eric as an actor.
Throughout the interview, he seems like a happy person because of the drama. He has endless praise for his co-stars, and naturally shares some interesting episodes that happened amongst them. He also shares details about the director and the staff. Even to Eric, who has worked on more than 10 projects over the long 13 years, this drama seems to be different.
– The viewers of the drama are mainly in their 20s-30s. Many Shinhwa fans are also in their 20s-30s. How does it feel to have your once-young fans grow to become the main viewer demographic of the drama?
It’s not particularly defined. Oh Hae Young Again is a drama that can be watched by the younger viewers right up to their parents’ generation. My mother’s friends also became big fans. I was wondering when I’d have a drama that could appeal to people across all ages.  I thought it’d be great to have a work like that. When I first received the script, having done romance plots all the way I was thinking how different can this story be, and then I saw the part of Hae Young’s family. A family storyline that’s similar to the Reply series. I thought it’d be great if that came across on screen like how it did in the script. Kim Mi Kyung sunbaenim, Lee Han Wi sunbaenim delivered way above what the script asked for.
– What are the parts in the drama that you could identify with? 
To pick a most talked-about scene, that would be the scene where Do Kyung crashes Han Tae Jin’s car. In the case of this scene, Park Do Kyung is 99.9% a jerk here. From the moral and ethical point of view, Park Do Kyung is wrong. But the question here is would you rather be a good person to a few people, or be perfectly on the side on the person you love? Do Kyung knew of his impending death but puts his life on the line to love Hae Young. I could identify because I understand that he crashed into Han Tae Jin’s car for hurting Hae Young as he’s taking Hae Young’s side.
– Who’s more impressive in a relationship, Eric or Park Do Kyung?
I think we’re about the same. No, Park Do Kyung is cooler.
– Park Do Kyung is prickly and gruff, are you the same when you’re in a relationship?
More so than being gruff in a relationship, he can’t help but to become that way, to protect himself, to push someone away. I’m not this prickly in a relationship. Do Kyung had reasons to be that way.


–  How is Eric’s personality like in real life? 
I become 4-dimensional when the members are around. When I’m alone, I tend to be shy around people I’m not familiar with and I tend to be wary. I’m careful because I don’t want to make mistakes. My personality is a result of my years in showbiz. Despite that, because I’m perfectly comfortable with the members I really act up around them.
– There are quite a lot of differing views on the ending.
It was necessary to have the accident scene so that the story doesn’t become completely groundless. Do Kyung opened up his heart and explicitly expressed his feelings, and thus his relationship with Hae Young could develop. But the rule is that accidents in life cannot be smoothed over. It was fortunate that Tae Jin changed his mind and stopped the car, but because he had a vision of getting knocked down by a car, he had to be knocked down by a car at some point or another. As I read the final script I worried about whether the accident was going to happen. With about 3 pages to go, it appeared. It was a satisfying piece of work. Also, I liked the scene where Do Kyung’s mother sensed that he wasn’t well. Mothers are mothers after all. I liked the emergency room scene too. Do Kyung had an accident and things could turn out badly, but everyone naturally assumed that he was going to live and just bustling around. I really liked that.
– Are you happy with the ending? 
Honestly I have thoughts about having the male lead killed off. Isn’t it cool to have him die? That was what I thought in the earlier part. But when it came down to it, Hae Young was already crying all the way from episode 1 to the end, how much more would she cry if he really died. Viewers were also watching it with a positive mind so we didn’t really have to go that way… Not that we changed the plot, we just went ahead with the original plan. I’m happy with it.
– Did the Shinhwa members say anything? 
They said Hyun Jin is very pretty, and Ji Won nuna is very interesting. They usually find instances where I act cool so that they could make fun of me, but this time I didn’t do much of that so the members were quite disappointed.


– Is there a character that you would really like to take on next?
More so than that, I’d like to work in an environment that’s as great as this.
– Having been active for so long, don’t you ever think about wanting to show people more of what you’ve got?
Do I have to show anything? I don’t really think much about this. Shinhwa is Shinhwa, acting is acting. Just like one of my lines, ‘Even if you’re covered in blood, just live. Surviving means you’ve won.” It’s like that as Shinhwa, and the same as an actor, I want to continue to be active with good projects. I don’t think of getting the kind of fame I had during Phoenix. But I’m happier with what I have now than the spotlight I received back then. It wasn’t a character that was compelling. There was also criticisms about my acting, and even as a secondary lead there were many areas that could have been done better. But I’m really happy that in this drama, there isn’t really anything that I can say could have been done better.
– How was it playing a character that does Foley work?
I haven’t seen anyone else other than Yoo Ji Tae in One Fine Spring Day. I was given that to watch as background material but it was really vivid and interesting. I went to an actual audio director’s studio and learnt with the Foley team. The audio director on the set also gave me some training. I liked it that it wasn’t a case where the male lead’s job is just for show, and that when he’s working, it fits into the story.
Source: Star News Daily




What’s the grand picture that Eric is painting? He says he doesn’t want to return to the past, and lives in the present being thankful for what he has. He says he doesn’t want to kill this current moment, which he has arrived at after going through all sorts of hardship even with some enjoyable moments peppered in between. Because he doesn’t care for going back to the past to fix past regrets when there’s no guarantee that the present moment that he’s thankful for will be the same.
Analyzing the drama, speaking with conviction about his thoughts on the character of Park Do Kyung, even as an actor Eric returns to his role as leader and CEO when the conversation moves to Shinhwa. When asked about Shinhwa’s upcoming comeback in the later half of the year, more firm and definite than anyone else, he replies that yes, Shinhwa will have a comeback in the second half of the year. Where it’s dating, marriage, Shinhwa, or himself at this moment, he has no hesitation about his thoughts. We look forward to seeing yet another side of him in the future.
– Was it hard to analyse a character like Do Kyung?
More than whether it’s hard to analyse the character, it was hard to do it as I was acting. He’s someone who doesn’t express his emotions a lot, but that could end up two-dimensional and boring and in spite of that I couldn’t make him an unattractive character. He keeps experiencing deja vu and the feeling shouldn’t be the same every time. It was tough to act out things like this. But in the beginning after a few rounds of filming and seeing the edits, I just worked on my emotions and what was presented through the edited cuts and the music was more refined and better. With the angles and the cinematography, I think director Han Dong Hyun is the best. Two weeks before filming, he studied the cast’s previous works to study their best angles. Even if he’s a little dissatisfied with the lighting and the angle, the scene won’t be shot. In the later half as we started to film overnight, it was really not easy. We stayed up to film through the night just so that the quality right til the end doesn’t get compromised. Usually dramas rely on the power of the writer, but the directing and the cinematography for this drama was really good. It covered up many inadequacies and even if I don’t explain myself explicitly, the blank spaces are all covered up very well.
– What are you thankful to director Han Dong Hyun for? 
It’s hard to find a cast where everyone is on the same wavelength and there are times where we’re there (on set) just to spend time and be there. It was an environment where everyone from the director to the maknae did their very best.
My facial features are big and my face is long so the angles have a lot of impact on me. If there were no efforts on looking for the right angle, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the full effect of the sweet and pretty scenes together. 2 weeks before filming started, he studied our past works to study us in detail so he knew all our shortcomings and worked on rectifying them. It’s not that we suddenly got better-looking in this drama, but we really just look better. I think the power of cinematography played a very big part.
– When do you think Do Kyung started to like Hae Young?
According to the script, during their seaside date Hae Young asked Do Kyung when he started to like her, and Do Kyung who is saddled with a trauma said that it’s when Hae Young told him about her embarrassment during her high school class president election.
But personally I think he already fell for her when they met each other on the streets in episode 1. Because during the scene where they were eating at Han River, if he hadn’t already fallen for her, he wouldn’t have told her that she looks pretty when she eats. Because Do Kyung isn’t a flirt. He fell for her without realizing it. So that’s why I acted accordingly. When they met on the streets, I thought that would be the moment when people would fall for someone.
– Don’t you think about dating or marriage?
If I could that’ll be great but it’s not something that’s within my control. In the past I just liked children, and I wanted to form a family and have children because it’s cool to be a dad. But now that I’m of some age, it’s difficult to say these things thoughtlessly. Seems like I really have to do it, but I don’t think I will talk about dating and marriage anymore before my marriage announcement.


– Is there anything in the past you would change if you could see your moment of death just like Do Kyung?
Among the members, we often ask one another if we want to go back to our high school days, on a time machine. Even though we joke about it, I totally have no wish to go back. Things didn’t always go smoothly and there were also tough times, but it’s those experiences that painted the picture that is now. I don’t care for going back to those days. Even if I had those experiences again, there’s no guarantee that things would be the way they are now, so I wouldn’t want to go back in time. I’m not exactly satisfied with the present, but I’m thankful for it.
– What’s the most important thing in Eric’s life?
People on my side, people whom I can say are on my side, like my family and the (Shinhwa) members.
– Any actresses that you would like to work with for your next project?
Seo Hyun Jin and Han Ji Min. I’ve already worked with (Jung) Yu Mi. Because I always enjoy working together with great people. I have three favorite actresses. Han Ji Min, Seo Hyun Jin, Jung Yu Mi.
– You were saying that you will have a comeback in the later half of the year.
Yes, Shinhwa will have a comeback in the second half of the year.
– There are many groups that have reunited. Any thoughts on this?
It’s touching. It’s not easy to make it happen. For us too, it hasn’t been easy to get this far. For these groups, they split and meet again, and re-enter the fray when they are so many outstanding youngsters, it’s not easy. They’ve rested for such a long time, I hope they do well and I’m cheering them on.
– You used to refer to yourself as Mun Jung Hyuk for acting projects, why did you use Eric this time round?
I hoped not to affect the drama with my singer image so I referred to myself as Mun Jung Hyuk. I didn’t like the feelimg that I was using my fame as an idol and I wanted to separate my identities as an actor and as a singer. When I was filming Phoenix,the director suggested that. But now I think there’s no particular need to split things so clearly. People already know me as Eric of Shinhwa. Who cares about Mun Jung Hyuk? Being stubborn over Mun Jung Hyuk is just a matter of pride. Acting is just my job, I don’t carry around an actor’s pride with me. I think either way is fine, whichever way works better.
Source: Star News Daily



It’s Shinhwa before acting for Eric, who recently wrapped up filming on tvN’s latest hit drama Oh Hae Young Again.
When asked about his criteria for choosing his dramas, “I select the scripts but taking into consideration the larger issues surrounding Shinhwa concerts, I reject projects that overlap with Shinhwa activities.”
Showing his affection for his longtime group Shinhwa, “We all met at a young age in our early twenties and we spent almost twenty years together as Shinhwa. It would be difficult to renounce all this time together. Moreover, it’s because of Shinhwa that I’m able to be an actor.”
When asked about his plans for his next project, he shared that “Shinhwa will be releasing an album at the end of the year and will continue with promotions in Korea. After that we will be going on an Asian tour until March.”
Source: SportsQ



Eric shared that he found it difficult to comprehend the scene when Park Do Kyung smashed the car window out of anger.
“I found it hard to understand when Do Kyung got angry and smashed the car window. Hae Young was in the car after all, and so I thought, did he have to do that?”
Giving another example of his difficulty in understanding Do Kyung’s mean actions, “It would be when Do Kyung told Hae Young, “Does it run in your family to bark up the wrong tree?” I thought it would be better not to have a line like that. I thought, wouldn’t that be going overboard to wrong Hae Young’s parents like that?”
Even so, Eric said that “there were many scenes where characters really destroyed themselves. They do mean things but these scenes eventually fit as pieces to the larger picture that the writer has painted.” While Eric found it hard to understand Do Kyung’s isolated moments of meanness, he shared that these were necessary for the overall development of the drama.
Responding to some viewer comments that the wall kiss scene smacks of date violence, “I think there’s a cause for misunderstanding if the scene is viewed on its own. In those circumstances, if Hae Young had told Do Kyung “I hate you, don’t kiss me” and hit him, then it would have been date violence. But Hae Young was trying to express “Won’t you just look at me” when she hit Do Kyung. In this context, this scene can’t really be considered date violence.”

Source: SportsQ



Actor-singer Eric has nothing but praise for his Oh Hae Young Again co-star Seo Hyun Jin.
In a wrap-up interview held on 30th June for the tvN drama Oh Hae Young Again, Eric said that his co-star Seo Hyun Jin “as an actress is a treasure.”
Oh Hae Young Again portrays the romance between Oh Hae Young (played by Seo Hyun Jin), whose engagement was broken a day before the wedding, and Park Do Kyung (played by Eric), who has prophetic visions of the near future. The drama quickly became a hit with Seo Hyun Jin’s adorably comical portrayal of the titular character in the first half of the drama, and Eric’s intense emotional acting in the later half.
“Seo Hyun Jin is an actress whom we can describe as the best. On the set we call her sagikae (originally a gaming term, but also used to describe someone who is outstandingly talented in many ways). Her acting skills are of course great, but she also livens up the atmosphere on the set.”
“Since filming MBC’s Super Rookie (2005), it’s the first time I filmed overnight for 5 nights in a row. Towards the end it was physically grueling. Park Do Kyung is taciturn by nature so my lines tend to be lesser, but there are a lot of lines to memorize for Oh Hae Young. Even so, the filming wasn’t hindered because of the script at all. I tend to keep still on set to preserve my energy, but Hyun Jin moves around the set animatedly. That’s how the atmosphere is kept lively. During the first 3 weeks or so, when the rest of us witnessed Hyun Jin’s antics on the set, we joked among ourselves that we’d better assist Hyun Jin well for our own sake.”
Unreserved in his praises for Seo Hyun Jin, Eric added, “If not carefully handled, Oh Hae Young could have become an unlikable character. But Hyun Jin’s natural charm made it work. When I read the script, Park Do Kyung fell for Oh Hae Young after listening to her story about the class president election, but I thought that he already fell for her on the road. During the scene where they were eating noodles, didn’t he tell her that she looked pretty when she eats? If Park Do Kyung didn’t already fall for Oh Hae Young then, then he would have been a flirt. Since his character isn’t a Casanova-type, that means he would have already had feelings for her to have said that, and as it so happened, since he unwittingly divulged his real feelings, he tried to salvage the situation.”
In the later half of the drama, their romance picked up momentum and kiss scenes often appeared. “Typically kiss scenes appear quite early on in dramas, but in Oh Hae Young Again, the intense kiss scenes appear as we move into the later half of the drama. I really felt burdened.”
“That’s why Seo Hyun Jin and I had a lot of discussions. Our first kiss scene was the ‘wall kiss’ and we discussed and rehearsed a lot. Thanks to that, we were more comfortable with the kiss scenes that came after that. If we consider that we took a more technical approach to choreograph the wall kiss, then the kiss scenes after that were done with more heartfelt emotions.
Viewership ratings for the drama started off at 2.2% (Nielsen Korea) but managed to climb steadily and ended on a high at 10.6%.
Source: Edaily



In a wrap-up interview for tvN hit drama Oh Hae Young Again, Eric shared his thoughts on the character of Oh Hae Young played by Seo Hyun Jin.
“It’s a very attractive character. Depending on how you see it, she could become an unlikable character but (Seo Hyun Jin’s) own charms made it work.”
“I personally think that Park Do Kyung fell for Oh Hae Young when they first met on the street. In the drama, with the set-up of Pretty Oh Hae Young and Average Oh Hae Young, it’s natural to think that Park Do Kyung wouldn’t fall for her first, but when they were eating noodles together, he told her that she looks pretty when she eats. Based on this, I felt that he has already fallen for her without realizing it.”
The two co-stars also pulled off a variety of affectionate kiss scenes, starting with the ‘wall kiss’.
“Typically in dramas there would already be a kiss scene in the first 2 episodes, but as we went on without one until the midway point, where we jad to do one with intense emotions. It felt quite burdensome at that point. I thought it was good when I read the script but when we had to get down to doing it, I was worried and uneasy. Seo Hyun Jin and I spent a lot of effort on it.”
“Park Hoon (played by Heo Jung Min) and Yoon Anna (played by Heo Young Ji) had the first kiss of the drama, and it was pretty intense. I got quite stressed out when the director asked us how we were going to do our scene. So Seo Hyun Jin and I discussed at length before shooting the scene. After shooting that scene, we became much more comfortable after that. While we took a more technical approach towards the wall kiss, the ones after that were done with more realistic emotions.”
Eric shared that his favorite scene was at the hospital when Oh Hae Young ran towards Park Do Kyung and kissed him.
“Kiss scenes led by the male lead can often be seen in dramas, but that’s not the case for kiss scenes led by the female lead. From the perspective of the viewer, that’s really nice. A refreshing change.”
And on earning the nickname of “master of kiss scenes” with this drama, Eric replied with a embarrassed laugh, “Seo Hyun Jin responded well.”
In Oh Hae Young Again, Eric played the role of Park Do Kyung, a leading audio director with a prickly personality who had prophetic visions of the near future. His budding romance with Oh Hae Young sees him displaying his tsundere charms, earning Eric the accolade of romcom king. His short lines in the drama have also created a series of 4-character Park Do Kyung quotes.

Source: Tenasia