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Saturday, September 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Final GIF - Scholar Who Walks The Night Episode 20

After a week, I got time to post some highlights of the finale episode of the drama.

The ultimate end for Gwi is to die inside the underground palace. This is the only resort they can think of and Sung Yeol is ready to die with him. He had to lure him inside until the explosives were placed and lighted outside.

It's a risk and Sung Yeol is not backing off. 

Before it happened, Gwi was in a killing spree inside the palace. No one was spared from his thirst. But I think it was because he does not care anymore and only wanted to show his power and strength to instill fear. People outside the palace already found out about him. He is the vampire that rules and sits on the throne.

Soldiers are out looking for Yang Sun. 

While the King is asked to stay and not risk being taken also. 

Even after his daughter died, this minister continues to be an irritating character.  Scholars are venting their frustrations outside the palace. ready to confront the vampire despite the odds going against them.

Of course, the King won't just sit and wait. He also went to the palace and asked the guards about their loyalty which should be towards the people and not the vampire who is inside.

Again, nothing good will come to a person who betrays because of ambition and personal interest. The minister's end came as Gwii killed him cold heartedly. I could not find an ounce of sympathy towards this old man. He should have known it was going to happen to him, too.

And then they were able to go inside the palace, even though scared and nervous.

Ready to battle...

The moment has come. Night time came and Gwi appeared. Sung Yeol is not as strong as Gwi. But he had to defeat him to attain his goal.

Not knoowing that Yang Sun was already in the underground palace waiting.

The only weapon he could use is her blood. 

Guess he thought that she is right. He bit her and drank her blood. Just enough not to kill her. Enough to get the amount he needed to be more powerful and stronger than Gwi.

Sung Yeol had to control his reactions after consuming the blood. He felt the transformation but he was able to defeat his inner demons.

The fight...

The King lighting the explosives outside...

Until the very end, Sung Yeol never gave up. He endured the pain Gwi inflicted on him to make him stay as the sunlight burned him while the explosions surrounded them.

I can understand her anguish. She loves Sung Yeol who had been a part of her life since the day he saved her from when she was a little girl.

Time jump....

All came back to it's proper place.

Yang Sun continue living. She teaches little children on reading.

But she misses the night scholar. Every now and then she would feel someone looking at her or following her, even anticipating to see him.

Well, I am satisfied by the ending of the series. The romance part between a vampire and a human got their happy ending. When she turned around, he was there, waiting for her. 

So, he did not die, just went missing for some time. Perhaps recuperate to regain his strength. Whatever happened in between, I don't care as long as he appeared again before Yang Sun. This is enough.

As for the last part of the series, this scene is beautiful with great setting for their reunion. 

K-dramas always show amazing cinematography anyway. What else can I add? Hmmm...

and they live happily ever after!


It has been awhile since I wrote and share my thoughts. But one thing about this drama, I really love this. Although if I may add, I wished the Queen never died so that the King could reciprocate her feelings because I believe she was sincere towards the King. They had a connection. Ironically, she also had a connection to Gwi. She could also be Gwi's eternal love.

this is mslee1107 
writing her final thoughts

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

150916 Seo In Guk Airport Fashion Spotted @Incheon

Leaving for New Zealand...

His dark shades which added that extra masculinity and undeniable charm caught my attention while browsing for some updates and definitely I have to post and share in my page. He was on his way to a pictorial shoot.

credit on logo

150916 Dashing Jang Dong Gun in Korean Style Fashion Week Event

Jang Dong Gun spotted in an event "Ali Baba Korean Style Fashion Week" looking very handsome and oh so fresh. Well, that's my own words and my description upon seeing these gorgeous photos of him. Very, very eye catching in his sleek ensemble.

via tenasia.com