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Saturday, May 16, 2015

[mslee"s thoughts] Sensory Couple Episodes 13 and 14 Review - Battle for Outsmarting One Another

Can I just say that this week's episodes are really awesome?

It was like guessing game between Chef Kwon and Cho Rim with the investigation team. Chef Kwon is not perfect even if he is very, very smart and calculating. The fact that he can not recognize faces is his most weakness. Cho Rim on the other hand is not the typical scared witness. Yes, she is, who would not be in the company of a serial killer who is currently searching for her as Choi Eun Seol. To step in and out of Chef Kwon's place is already heart pounding but Cho Rim is taking her chances.

The episode 13 meeting in the library where Chef Kwon was, and unfortunately found the hidden camera, then Cho Rim appearing unexpectedly by the elevator could have gone either way. He must have been highly suspicious of her already, and I think he is by that smirk he wore but again, he is too smart to reveal his thoughts or act on that moment. Cho Rim was of course startled to see him there when she thought he was out meeting a detective who will find her. Again, he made it appear as if he was fooled for the 3rd time.

The coffee that he served Cho Rim was really an intense moment. There she was, shaking, nervous, wanted to escape badly but holding her emotions not to alarm him, while he stared at her, studying her actions and calculating something inside his head. He urged her to drink the coffee and even I was too scared for her. She took a sip and started to put the cup down only to hear him tell her to drink more. Wow! Chincha! Chef Kwon can be scary in that gentle yet strong command to her. 

Well, I breathe out a sigh of relief when Moo Gak arrived. Between Chef Kwon and Moo Gak, all pretenses are gone. They both knew who they are dealing with and only buying time to outsmart the other. Chef Kwon was angry about the camera, threatening Moo Gak. Moo Gak just continues to provoke Chef Kwon. Until that moment Chef Kwon was not really sure of Cho Rim as the spy but when the camera was still in place when they entered the library, somehow his doubts were not that strong and things became confusing more. Moo Gak got the camera and left.

The team thought of filing for inspection of Chef Kwon's house. They have to know all the layout of the house because they suspect that he has a hidden room inside. Inspectors went to investigate as Moo Gak tried to find the hidden room but failed.

I am not sure if it was smart to reveal the true identity of Cho Rim as Choi Eun Seol. For a witness to a crime, the identity usually is kept hidden until the case is solved but the team is becoming frustrated that's why they thought of this. Cho Rim will meet her classmates and friends to remember her past. 

The scary part, Chef Kwon got wind of the reunion. He has not yet learned the true identity of Eun Seol. He called one of the classmates and offered a meet up place for the reunion of the group using a different name and paying for the food.  Even if Yeom Mi and Moo Gak are both ready and on stand by, Chef Kwon is still one step ahead of them.

Yeom Mi chose something for Cho Rim to wear on the occasion and paid for it, like an unnie. At the restaurant, Moo Gak was eyeing the place, looking for Chef Kwon. But Chef Kwon's schemes are better and could not easily be found out. At the adjacent room from where Cho Rim and her classmates will gather, he was already there, looking like an old man sporting a white fake hair. With him were two more old men from the streets. He offered them a free meal and dressed them like gentlemen. Moo Gak was not able to recognized Chef Kwon because of the hair, although he was actually sitting with his back towards Moo Gak. 

It was frightening when Cho Rim arrived and all classmates and friends showed their happiness but also talking of her past. Chef Kwon was listening intently at the other room, he could see her but of course could not identify. Her voice sounded very familiar. It was when one of the girls talked about her and  Chef Kwon in the cooking show. That realization for him made him so very angry knowing that he had her all this while but he did not recognize her. But he also learned she can not remember her past.

Again episode 13 ends with something that looked like Chef Kwon had outsmarted everyone. He kidnapped Cho Rim by the stairwell alone. Moo Gak was at that time gone after the two old men he saw earlier. Moo Gak learned that they were asked to eat by someone. Moo Gak's instinct told him it was Chef Kwon. 

At the hidden room, he laid the unconscious woman on the bed. Inside his library he sat on his chair and opened the big panel behind him to see the woman inside. He thought he brought Choi Eun Seol as I thought. But the twist was, it was Yeom Mi wearing the same top as Cho Rim. Chef Kwon was surprised at this mistake he made. Just as I was surprised at the twist.

Yeom Mi was expecting this and her plan was a success. Or so she thought! She was confined and no one knows where she is.

Episode 14 is another just as heart pounding. With Yeom Mi kidnapped, the team has no clue where she is but knew she is inside Chef Kwon's house. Cho Rim was very upset knowing another person takes her place and she might die in her place. Her guilt will not let her live but Moo Gak also told her he could not let her be harmed by Chef Kwon because he also can not live without her. The couple while scared of how this event will turn out, is coping together and their relationship is getting stronger.

Cho Rim already met with Chef Kwon and told him to let go of Yeom Mi and instead take her. Chef Kwon is not admitting to anything although he is surprised that Cho Rim has enough courage to confront him and reveal herself. He is not taking the bait lightly. He needed to plan everything.

Just like the team is also planning on what they should do to trap Chef Kwon. Time is running out for Yeom Mi. Yeom Mi like other victims is asked to write her story. Yeom Mi never tried to fight with Chef Kwon. She is using her head to outsmart him, to know what he thinks or glimpsed on his thoughts.

Chef Kwon thought he had Yeom Mi under his control. But he is being fooled. All her writings are not of herself but random. Fake. She caught him there. He was justifying his killings by taking the lives of the victims through reading their autobiography. But Yeom Mi proved him wrong. She won't give in.

The exchange Cho Rim asked of Chef Kwon was granted. She ran from one place to another as Chef Kwon instructed her to know if police are following her. He never knew the team had already planned meticulously on how to fool him. She was wearing an ear piece and her calls from Chef Kwon is heard by Moo Gak.

At a park, she was instructed to inhale the handkerchief that has chemical. She had no option but to do it. I thought the team will catch Chef Kwon at the site but they have other plans. To pour scent on his car and to attach a tracking device to know where Yeom Mi is. Chef Kwon almost got unconscious Cho Rim but undercover detective ran towards the bench where she lay and made commotion that drew more people, making Chef Kwon abort his plans of taking her.

He got back on his car, unaware of the scents and the device. He went home using the secret passage. After Cho Rim regained her consciousness, the team went after Chef Kwon. They ended where he parked the car he used. Cho Rim saw the scent lingering on the car. She started tracking the scent on the ground but rain suddenly poured. She can not see scent clearly in the rain. Every one got frustrated.

It was like all their plans got  nowhere. 

Luckily, Moo Gak got some clue on what to do under the situation from a girl who draws inside the cafe they stayed waiting for the rain to stop. They went back to where the scent were found and the team pour white [hmmm, I am at a loss at what they were dumping on the ground, mianhae] "something" on the ground. Cho Rim finally saw the scent again and brought them to the hidden door. 

Moo Gak and the other detective went inside. He told Cho Rim to hide. At that time, Yeom Mi's time was up. Gas was coming inside the room where she was. Chef Kwon was waiting until she passed out and that's when he will put a barcode on her. He was in the library looking through the glass partition.Yeom Mi passed out, Chef Kwon ready to collect her but surprise, surprise, the door opened where Yeom Mi was. Moo Gak and one more detective arrived. He was finally caught in the act. They found out his secret chamber.

Chef Kwon was outsmarted!

Everything seems to have come to an end for Chef Kwon. But will he really just let them catch him? I think for the last two episodes more, there will be unexpected twist. By now, the writer surely have some more left to make viewers hang on to their seats until the time she/he is ready to wrap up the story.

For the romance part, it's getting cuter and cuter. 

for now this are my thoughts....


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