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Saturday, October 12, 2013

[Screencaps and Review] Episode 2 Medical Top Team - Proud and Beautiful Seo Joo Young

From episode 1 a fated encounter...

Park Tae Shin and Seo Joo Young had a not so good first impressions towards each other. Both were trying to do their duty and obligation as doctors when an emergency happened in the hotel they were both in. PTS had the advantage of attending to the waitress who fainted and trying to revive her while SJY was stopping him and commanding him to call the emergency line. 

SJY is a proud doctor. She is also a bit stubborn. By trying to stop this unknown doctor, PTS, he pushed her which twisted and hurt her wrist.

Episode 2

An emergency operation to a Minister was suddenly scheduled. There was no one on duty except SJY. It is her expertise, and at the same time she is also the one handling the patient in secrecy. Dr. Han Seung Jae told her to start operating. It was also the night Ba Wee was rushed to the hospital and because SJY is needed to operate the Minister, HSJ gave the authorization to PTS to handle BW operation. It was a short one and finished in no time. 

After PTS was done, he sat beside HSJ at the part of the hospital overlooking the OR. He was monitoring the progress of the operation under SJY. But it was harder than she thought. The bloods keep on bursting in all direction and the team could not seem to stop it. SJY at that moment was having a hard time gripping the medicine tools while inserting and maneuvering them inside the part being operated. The attending student resident doctor was Kim Sung Woo and he was already shaken and anxious of the task at hand.

Seeing that help was needed, PTS volunteer himself to assist. HSJ first told SJY to call other doctor but she insisted she didn't need help and all is under control. But PTS went inside and HSJ decided to gave a go signal. It was a protocol not to take an outsider or a doctor from a different hospital but HSJ had no choice. It was after all life and death situation. SJY was disappointed. She could not accept that she wasn't going to finish the operation. She was about to leave but HSJ told her to stay and monitor.

PTS did an amazing operation, even the assistants were awed by his knowledge and capability. And this added a bitter taste to SJY.

PTS was clueless how he made her feel that way. All he knew was that he did his job and there is no room for risking the life of a patient just to salvage pride. I guess this is the struggle of SJY being a doctor. She wants to be recognized for her works, for her dedication, for her capabilities on her own. But it was hard earning those status and recognition when HSJ is always there to support her which became an issue at the hospital with the other doctors. They thought she was being given extra special treatment by HSJ who holds a high position.

SJY can't accept that her efforts are being taken away by PTS that night. It was her duty but because she was hurting, she could not finish the task. 

The duties continue but her seniors who got hold of the information about PTS taking over at the operating table was another issue against her. She was summoned to Jang Yong Seob office and was told to back off applying for the TOP TEAM. Another senior doctor in their department is being recommended by him. She doesn't want to, but she was reprimanded that her ego is big and she is very confident because of HSJ. If she wants to stop the rumor that she was always being favored, she must not apply for the TOP TEAM.

Meanwhile Dr. PTS visit BW in the hospital. He was very caring to the girl and very attached.  This was observed by SJY. They have encountered also a few times in the hospital and every time she seems surprise at his friendly gestures towards her. While she was always aloof and cold. When PTS apologized to her about the operation, she told him she can't accept. PTS realized that he had somehow trampled her pride. But he told her that the patient is always the first priority. 

SJY knows it very well, she was just hurting inside. She also knew how good a doctor PTS is. I think that when she pondered about the words of JYS she decided to back out, but when she was about to tell HSJ, that's when PTS accepted the offer to be on the team.

HSJ put an offer to PTS that is hard to ignore. He assured him he will pay for the debts of the clinic that was closed. He also said that the clinic will be restored and continue to operate. The patients who were distributed to different hospitals found their way back to the clinic which made PTS accept the offer. He was so attached to the patients he could not ignore them any longer.

Meanwhile the infatuation of Sung Woo to Ah Jin is getting nowhere. He made sandwiches for her but every time he called her, the nurse Yeo Min Ji and Dr. Jo Joon Hyeok appeared. Well, Sung Woo is having a tough time getting Ah Jin all to himself, even in break time.

I like how the story is being told. I thought it will focus in the hospital but it was nice that the writer also showed how PTS live and how he is affected as a doctor by his patients. He also has a deep affections to the director of the clinic. I also like PTS as a happy and humble doctor. He has so much heart and sympathy to other people. So opposite of HSJ whose aura is sophisticated and full of authority. 

Looking forward to the next episode.

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