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Saturday, October 12, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] HEIRS Episode 2 - Review and Screen caps

Kim Tan brought Cha Eun Sang to his home. She was in awe when she saw where he lives. I find Kim Tan nice and trusting by sharing his home to a total stranger. But since she was also Korean, I guess it was one of the reasons. But of course he teased her by acting bad, only to lead her in her room.

While staying at the house, both were aware of each other. Kim Tan is fascinated by Eun Sang's simplicity. He realized how tough life is to her. Compare to his easy life, she is living from taking part time jobs after another.

His fiancee, Rachel was already in L.A. but Tan is  not answering her calls. He is not interested. The following day, he brought Eun Sang to where he is studying. They could have separated there after but he can't seem to let her go. They spend time together, even running from friends of her sister's BF. 

When she went alone to Tan's home, there was Rachel getting jealous and suspicious and bratty to wards her. She kicked her out of the house, not caring if Tan is not there. Eun Sang felt down and sad. She doesn't have the means to return to Korea, her sister has run off with the money. her only means is to  contact Yoon Chang Young for help. On which Tan was a bit curious and annoyed.

Back in Korea, Choi Young Do continue to work as a dishwasher in his father's hotel but his temper when provoked made him walked out any time he likes. While Lee Bo Na continue to be jealous and always wanting to know where Chang Young is. 

Tan's mother is the mistress of the Chairman and he is half brother to Kim Won. Kim Won is an arrogant son, and even to his own mother, he doesn't show respect. Maybe it had to do with her bringing home the mistress and acknowledging Tan as her own son, making him legitimate.

The ending of the episode  was a surprise for both Tan and Eun Sang. He just told her he likes her. Or rather he is asking if he likes her.

From where this confession will lead them, it will certainly bring trouble. With a wealthy fiancee backed up by family, Eun Sang will have a hard time standing in front of Tan's family. Not to add that her mother is the house help.

There still the mystery about Tan and Young Do. What happened to their friendship? Why people are uncomfortable mentioning or talking about him.

some screen caps...

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