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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Gif #TheKingLoves part 2

Continuing my post on The King Loves gif
Some thoughts...

after waking up at Won's bed..

curious San...

but the maid was quick to stop her from her wandering around.

beautiful scene..

Won was captive inside the Queen's palace. Song In has been cooking something as bait towards Won. San had fallen into the trap when she followed the tattoo guy.
She was captured by guards where dead men"s bodies were found.

Won begged the King to release San and Rin who were imprisoned.

But only one can be released and Won has to choose which one. He chose San.
Love this scenes...

San was guilty for making Rin imprisoned because of her. She was telling Won about it. But Won was not listening but staring at her and her cut lip.

I felt my heart lurched when he touched her lip. Surely..it was a touching moment and at the same time romantic.

He hugged her to comfort her.

And the thoughts ofbthe hug...

which of course did something to San whenever Won is near.
That awkward and a little tensed atmosphere between them...

The skinship is killing me!

Because she could not remember his name and keep saying Hancheon or Rin..
Won told her it's HANCHEON!

So she kept remembering the hug from last night.

I bet she felt something that's why she suddenly felt thirsty!

How can San talk about another man in front of Won?

It bugs him.
It annoys him.
For him there is only her.

and so San answered
it is not easy.
she feels uncomfortable and anxious.

San does not want Rin to say she is his woman as what he did while she was being interrogated.

San has gift for the Crowned Prince and for Rin.
Won was asking about his..

she gave him a bracelet
she made it herself
a personalized gift
for Won.

Aigoo these two...
Like tom and jerry...

i love this scene because it clearly shows that her eyes are following Won.
He left to talk outside and Rin was left with her.
She stood up and stayed near the window where she could see Won.

Rin knew. He felt where her attention at that moment. She is thinking about Won. She wants to leave so Won will never have to be sad. She knew he likes her. But she is not ready to make a commitment. She will leave so whatever deepening feelings will be cut off.
She is concerned for Won

And this is where misunderstanding from viewers arise.

Until next post