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Friday, December 25, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Episode 15 Six Flying Dragons Highlights


An assassin arrived to kill Sambong. Ddang Sae was still in the vicinity when he sensed danger. Yeon Hee arrived just in time to protect Sambong and escaped for awhile. They were chased into the woods. Sambong hid behind a tree but the killer was able to see him. Before the killer could get near him, Ddang Sae was there. Fight ensued. 

Surprisingly, there were two assassins. Both had been able to put the blade of the sword in Dang Sae's and Yeon Hee's neck unfortunately as Sambong stood close by with Yeon Hee. It was a situation that Ddang Sae never anticipated and would not be able to act impulsively without harming Yeon Hee. He had to drop his sword but luckily, Moo Hyul was there ready to make his first move. His sudden appearance was what saved Yeon Hee and made Ddang Sae continue his fight. Bang Won who also arrived with Moo Hyul secure Sambong and Yeon Hee. 

Funny how Moo Hyul was so absorbed in knowing his enemy to build up his name in the field of fighting.

The epic scene where Boon Yi recognized her brother even after all these times of being apart.

The teary reconciliation of the siblings. It's heart tugging to see that they were able to find each other again.

Boon Yi could not believe how her brother became a great fighter.

Another revelation was seeing Yeon Hee there. Boon Yi has always been close to her and already called her unnie.

Mongk Jukryong telling Hong In Bang and Gil Tae Mi that the mission failed because someone intruded and save Sambong.

Recognizing Ddang Sae as a great fighter.

Lee Seung Gye gave him a new name with his family name which was Lee Bang Ji. All his children were named with Bang as first name so Ddang Sae receiving a name like his was a great honor coming from the general.

Poor Moo Hyul...he has yet to be recognized for his bravery and capability.

Gil Tae Mi went to seek Sambong and provoked the general to fight him. But the general was not rattled even if he was the greatest fighter when it comes to sword fighting. Aiming the general's bow and arrow towards Gil Tae Mi and and calling his bluff.

It would have been great to see who would strike first and hit the target. But Sambong tried to ease the tension as Gil Tae Mi analyse the situation as he looked into the general's eyes and wonder he should really make his move or not.

Gil Tae Mi dropped his sword.

got a separate blog/post for Boon Yi and Bang Won for this episode previously posted...

Wedding Night

It was of course a deal between two family and not a romantic union of two lovers.

Ddang Sae practising his moves while Moo Hyul watch at he sides.

Moo Hyul wearing Ddang Sae's clothes...

Gil Tae Mi thought he was the one he was looking for...

Gil Tae Mi realized that it was not the one who killed Baek Yoon. He even asked Moo Hyul why he was wearing the clothes and thought it was fashion. He also recognized the skills Moo Hyul had learned and surprisingly and shockingly for Moo Hyul, they had the same teacher. The one who he thought swindled him and his family and now came with them to the general's camp site. 

A new strategy to harrass Haedongap to get their support despite their affinity to Lee Seung Gye through marriage.

One of the relatives in the Haedongap was provoked and now framed for murder which would seem to be a conspiracy involving Lee Seung Gye.

Bang Won knew how Hong In Bang's mind works...

Hong In Bang has weaved a story of lies to intimidate and defeat Lee Seung Gye. He would attempt to tarnish his name, his reputation, his alliance with the Haedongap and to overpower him.