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Thursday, December 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Episode 14 Six Flying Dragons Highlights

Hong In Bang has a new scheme to protect his power. After the alliance with Lee Seung Gye has been broken he needs to find a support group who would protect him stay in power. Haedongap clan has been known to be influential but non political. The clan had been able to protect what's theirs despite the rifts going on in politics and they were a group that had not been to any war against the powerful greedy politicians. Hong In Bang plans to get their support through marriage. He sent an invitation which the clan or the household being invited would not be able to reject. It was a custom that usually marriage follows between two parties. 

Sambong and his followers were thinking how to stop the alliance between Hong In Bang and Haedongap. 

Bang Won had always thought of alternative plan and usually effective. This time his plan was to enter into a marriage of convenience to the daughter of Haedongap leader, the same one who received an invitation from Hong In Bang. Bang Won planned to intercept the marriage proposal and be the one to get the support of the group. He was of course hesitant only for a second when he saw Boon Yi present but ultimately, he laid out his plans which Sambong skeptically received knowing Bang Won had to worked on it.

Of course, in the story Bang Won already showed Boon Yi his affection towards her that she somehow rejected.

Po Eun convincing the leader of Haedongap in behalf of Lee Sung Gye.

Bang Won went to see the MIN CLAN to propose his plans.

Two intelligent people.
Both acting for what they could gain from the possible alliances. 

Bang Won never minced words. He was frank in front of this woman whom he wished to marry for political purposes. She was surprised. She was not expecting him to be this forward when he knew she already received from Hong In Bang.


Make Hong In Bang believed she was already in a relationship without her father's knowledge.

Apologizing for not being able to be in law with Hong In Bang.

Yeon Hee was doubted as a double spy but in truth she really was. When she was brought in front of Sambong, he told them about her and that she could be trusted. Ddang Sae who saw everything also followed her in case she was in danger.

Lee In Gyeom is one step ahead of Hong In Bang in realizing that the reason behind the failed marriage invite was because he was fooled. The old man knew well how it works when he was the master of schemes.

Monk Jukryong learned that Bang Won was the man in question who stepped in between Hong In Bang' and his plans.

Ddang Sae went to find Boon Yi but Moo Hyul was suspicious of him. He never told Ddang Sae where Boon Yi was. A letter telling where to find him was what Ddang Sae left to Moo Hyul. Moo Hyul went to find Bang Won and told him about the guy who was looking for Boon Yi. Bang Won thought it was some random guy but when he read the letter he was suddenly alerted and suspiciously went to the meeting place with Moo Hyul following his steps. It was because he knew from Boon Yi that her brother was already dead but here was some guy apparently pretending to be her brother...

 or maybe not.

One look and he knew it was the assassin. But then something in his eyes or maybe his aura that tells him that this was the boy he met during his younger days. 

Moo Hyul who did not know anything went to fight with Ddang Sae but Bang Won was able to stop him. Again, Moo Hyul only wanted to have his own recognition that's why he was so ready for a fight.

Sambong is in danger. An assassin was sent to kill him.

Meanwhile Ddang Sae was skeptical of the world Sambong was trying to create. He plans on taking Boon Yi. He begged Sambong to let him take Boon Yi and Yeon Hee.

Boon Yi running to Sambong...

Bang Won and Moo Hyul running to Sambong as well.

Ddang Sae feeling the danger. Felt and smelled something fishy like the taste of blood in the air, meaning there was eminent danger around.

It would be a heart tugging reconciliation of siblings in the next episode.
I like how Bang Won always knew what to do, how to stop Hong In Bang. His ways might be impulsive, even reckless but the difference was that he put himself in the situation even if it will make a huge difference in his life like marrying a complete stranger for the greater good of their group. His visions are far more precious than any thing like love.

Looking for more of Bang Won's thoughts and strategies. I think Sambong was good but when it comes to action, Bang Won had the ability to create a better scenario.


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