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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MISTY - A Cheater or a Murderer?

Short thoughts on MISTY ep 8..

Never thought a "guess" 👉 like a call from GHR to Kevin Lee the night he died was enough to get a warrant of arrest. The wife was not sure it was GHR he was talking to. Even the scene was vague whom he got that call. Maybe it was GHR because they did met that night but it was not as clear as crystal though.

Everyone seems out to get her. Even with circumstancial evidence only (the brooch)  GHR is being made to be the "only" suspect in the murder of KL. As for the wife..she knew GHR was not the killer. She said so. If she hides the video chip GHR will end up as the suspect. It means GHR is not the one who killed her husband. She is being vindictive. Well she can because she is a woman scorned. She has a right to make GHR feel the pain. But to make GHR the murderer when she knew it was not true seems stretching her revenge too far. She needs to go after the one who killed her husband.

I love how gutsy GHR is. She was asked for a choice. To be a cheater in front of her husband Tae Wook or to be a suspect as the killer. She chose none. She is too smart to know the wife will do anything she pleases. GHR is strong to face whatever comes her way. The fact that she did not kill KL makes her even more want to achieve her dreams.

Tae Wook...
I am really doubting his innocence here. His love towards his wife is so huge he will do anything for her. Is it blind love? I don't know. But I am looking forward to how far he will protect GHR in this fight against prosecutors and public's opinion.

The director of the news company...
I like how in the end he chose to support GHR. I love their relationship as hoobae/sunbae.

Go Hye Ran
I think she killed the man from her past. She was lucky to have escaped punishment because someone admitted to the killing 👉 the man who just got out of prison.

As for my question if GHR is a cheater or a murderer? I think she was none of those two things. Circumstances placed her in a position where she was cornered by Kevin Lee and she met him to make her revenge perhaps? The scene in the car left a lot to understand. There is more that has not been revealed. And definitely she is not a murderer.

So far the drama is still intriguing.