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Friday, March 20, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal Me Episode 17 Screen caps Review

What happened in this episode?

Ah yes, Ri Jin and Do Hyun both learned through their past memories that the real Cha Do Hyun was the girl in the basement. She was registered as Cha Do Hyun under the Cha family even if she is not the daughter of their son. The grandfather, had more trust towards his daughter-in-law's capability to lead the company than in his own son who was during that time was away from home. The son, was living with another woman in a simple way of life without the pressure for his family. But because Joon Young could not enroll in a school, his mother nagged his father to go home and register their son.

This realization were too hard to acknowledge without having to feel enormous pain. Ri Jin remembered her young days with Cha Do Hyun. She had good memories with him as a child. But the traumatic basement experience also brought back her sufferings as a child. She was left alone there. She cried heart wrenchingly as if her whole being is suffering again all those pains of the past. Even Ri On was bothered by her cries and could not immediately get through her until he shouted at her. He too knew what hardship she has been going through and that he and his parents are there for her. It was quite a touching scene that even now as I type this review, my eyes are tearing up.

Cha Do Hyun was shocked to remember he did stole her name as his own. But the reasons evade his memories still. Then Chae Yeon visited Do Hyun's grandmother to ask for a favor to recognize her as a future woman beside Do Hyun in exchange to her support to make Do Hyun the successor of Seungjin. But Do Hyun

Ri On made Ri Jin decided to take a walk outside, played with their dog to help her forget her painful memories and move on.

The shocking part of the episode was that the true culprit of the fire happening 21 years ago was Do Hyun or Joon Young as a young boy. Because his father was so angry that he went to the basement to be with Ri Jin/Do Hyun, while guest were waiting at the party where he was supposed to be introduced officially as the son, his father hit the girl. He was locked outside and even if he begged his father to stop his pleas were never heard. That was the time his mind created the much stronger character who took over his body as Se Gi. The young Se Gi was full of hate towards his father that he started the fire. His grand mother saw him. But the truth about the fire was not revealed to the public. 

The story is too complicated but what's beautiful about it, all the small details of the past are one by one connected by the writer and now the revelation is almost complete, though saddening. Frustrating how these kids suffered greatly 21 years ago.

How this will resolve will be at the hands of both Ri Jin and Do Hyun. How they will be able to forgive the adults who made them who they are now, broken and trying to live.

I can't praise enough the acting of the characters here, young and adult. Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon are all at their best in their character that they are portraying.


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