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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD Episode 9 Review + GIF


I know Ji Sang has powers as a vampire, still I am awed at the intensity of the scene where he rescued the man who was supposed to be killed outside by a truck. Then Ri Ta who saw everything kept her mouth shut and just stared at Ji Sang as he transformed momentarily as a vampire. I love the way Ri Ta has started to protect Ji Sang in her own way when she held on to him to stop the fight between him and the security force inside the hospital. 

She chose to keep silent and to trust Ji Sang even if he showed signs of being more than human. The way Ji Sang tried to protect the man he rescued showed that being a doctor is his passion and there should not be any anxiety that he will harm people or his own patients. I think I am a bit insane for liking the scene where Ji Sang scolded Ri Ta as he shouted at her for the way she stopped him from fighting with the security. At this point Ji Sang has a feeling that something was off and that Ri Ta may have guessed something about him already. Yes Ri Ta staggered as she walked away, maybe realizing  later what she saw about Ji Sang.

Ji Sang and Chief Jung Ji Tae met. Jung Ji Tae claimed that he only found the photos while browsing and that there was no name under who posted it. He saved the photos. But a while later the photos were already deleted. He is now interrogating Ji Sang about how come he knew about it when those photos were already in the website long before he came to the hospital and there was no means he could have access them. Ji Sang asked Jung Ji Tae to stop the research because it could be dangerous. But Jung Ji Tae was not satisfied by the reason. Ji Sang promised him that he will tell at the right time. Ji Sang made it clear that it was not a request but a warning. 

One of the shocking and scary revelation in this episode is that the blood that Jae Wook drinks comes from children. It came out in the analysis made by Hyun Woo. It is illegal for sure to obtain those blood even in other countries and is morally wrong. Whatever explanations Jae Wook offered to Ji Sang when he told him about it do not justify his actions. Maybe those children were not harmed in any way, maybe they were paid in exchange for those blood still it is wrong. Ji Sang made it clear to Jae Wook that he is not okay with him. Those blood that came from children is the safest drink to an infected person like them.

Patients at the ward are having tinnitus. Hye Ri once again intervened in having authority over these patients. 

Ri Ta's thoughts are full of Ji Sang. Her thoughts about seeing him transformed, his wounds that are non existent and his cold skin made her pale and confused. Ji Sang however had no other choice but to address his incapability to operate for now. He gave panic disorder as an excuse for his incapability. His alibi was accepted although Jae Wook was smirking and Ri Ta was shooting Ji Sang with sharp looks.

The best part of the episode are the scenes with Ri Ta and Ji Sang. He went to visit her at home to bring medicine. 

Her BFF had some errands at the hospital and conveniently asked Ji Sang in her place. The atmosphere was cute. Ri Ta was blunt in asking Ji Sang about what she saw of him. Maybe Ji Sang felt that he could trust her, after all she never uttered a word of it to anyone, he told her the story of the boy who rescued her at the forest. He also told abut how he lived with his mother in the forest. He admitted to the fact that he was infected since he was born. Ri Ta was in a sate between real and surreal because of her temperature and sick body. She asked if it was a dream but he answered her that it was not.

Next morning, she woke up only to be startled to see him sleep on the chair beside the bed. The romance is starting and Ri Ta was awed to realize that this man was the young boy then. In the morning light she cupped his face between her hands and stared at him. 

Of course, her BFF, So Eun had to barged in at just that moment, ruining the almost perfect atmosphere. Well, So Eun was more surprised at seeing her with Ji Sang and her hands on his face. She immediately backed away, to give them space and privacy, to Rio Ta's strong denial.

The ending of the episode showed a photo of Ji Sang's mother with the older doctor Jung, with Lee Jae Wook. I am not sure if Ji Sang was left with a photo of his father, but he was also in the photo. It clearly showed that Lee Jae Wook knew his parents. I wonder if Ji Sang realized that Chief Jung is the son of the old doctor Jung.


The story is really intriguing and unpredictable. I can never guess where the next story will lead me but I am impressed at how the story unfolds each episode. The route of the plot is compelling and differs from the typical vampire dramas. I like that Ri Ta unconsciously began to protect Ji Sang with those knowledge she has of him. She stops him whenever he is on the verge of losing his self control. In this way, Ji Sang's true identity is safe, for now.


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