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Thursday, March 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD Episode 10 Review +GIF

Finally, Ji Sang kew that his parents and Lee Jae Wook were acquaintance if not friends and that they all were part of the Konechia research years ago with  Chief Jung's father, presumably.  Hyun Woo advised Ji Sang not to be overwhelmed with his emotions and that wait a little more before he let Jae Wook know that he already found out the connection, until he can be trusted. There is more that Jae Wook is keeping from Ji Sang. Besides, if the photos of his parents and Jae Wook will be revealed to Chief Jung, he will realize that Director Lee has not aged since then. Chief Jung has his father's journal but as far as what really happened then and about the infection, he still has no idea. That's why at first Ji Sang warned Chief Jung to stop the research because it is dangerous.

The episode showed that the drug team's research is having good results. One of the patients who is taking the free medication as an experiment has nerve paralysis and is very severe. But after taking a few injections, the drug is  clearly having positive progress and there is a possibility that he will have full recovery. The Chairman is witnessing the development of the new miracle drug. He even volunteered to be the next person to be experimented on but Director Lee Jae Wook asked him to wait just a little more.

Chief Jung decided to take blood samples form the patients in the free ward. Although nurses cautioned him not to proceed, he told them he would take responsibility on his actions. The security rushed to the free ward to stop Chief Jung and So Eun, telling them to give  the blood samples. The Chief is not scared of the sturdy men blocking his path. Ji Sang and Ri Ta who saw the security team running followed them and saw the situation. Ji Sang tried to stop the men and even dared them to fight him. He told Chief Jung to go but then the Chairman, the Director and the Hye Ri, who really gets on my nerve came. They were told to surrender the blood samples to Ri Ta's frustration and anger to her uncle. They talk inside the Chairman's office. They asked to be given access to the work of the drug team. In the end, the Director told them that he will make it happen, but then the division has already been seen between Lee Jae Wook and Ji Sang's team.

Choi Kyung In who asked a reporter to write about what was happening inside the hospital was scolded by the Chairman. He flound out about the aticle. He told her not to do anymore or she will leave Taemin. She showed her disappointment at the Chairman and told him her hurt feelings about how she worked with him through these years, even did some things that were questionable. But the Chairman was not  moved by her outburst.

Ri Ta and Ji Sang's interaction are much comfortable now that she knew his secret. Instead of being scared of him, she was not. Ji Sang invited her to dinner and they talked. 

Ri Ta wanted to asked him all things about vampires but he was just answering some of her questions to her amusement. He told her he is not drinking blood and that he eats anything except for greasy foods. Ri Ta made fun of him, even shoved a kimbap on his mouth to his surprised.

But it seemed that Lee Jae Wook is keeping his eyes on Ri Ta. He wondered if she knew anything and how much she knew. She was tailed by one of his vampire assassins. Ri Ta was aware that someone was following her but she could not see the person. She rushed towards the elevator for safety. But I think she won't be harmed yet not until Jae Wook knew her worth to Ji Sang.  I think she will be crucial to Ji Sang's fight against Jae Wook. Or maybe the Director has no plans of making the Chairman his enemy although it does not really matter because he can dispense anyone who will be a threat or a block to his agenda.

The highlight of the episode was about  the man  whose condition is not  getting better. He is ready to face death if not for his daughter whom he promised to walk down the aisle when she marries. The daughter asked a favor to Ga Yeon about it and Ga Yeon in turn talked to Ji Sang about it. 

Ri Ta who was always keeping her radar on Ga Yeon whenever the young student doctor is within distance of Ji Sang hurriedly took part in the conversation even if Ga Yeon seemed to hesitate talking after seeing her. Ri Ta was showing signs of jealousy but I am not sure if Ji Sang has caught on with it. Ri Ta told Ga Yeon to proceed and that she would take care of it. Ri Ta gave the daughter a beautiful white dress for the pretend wedding. Ji Sang posed as the groom, after Ri Ta poked him twice and forced him to do it. While the father and daughter were in a tearful embrace he fell into unconsciousness. He was rushed to be treated but Ji Sang has nothing more to offer. 

What made Ji Sang angry was when he realized that the man was transfered to the free ward and to the drug team's care. The wife signed a waiver. She won't think of expense anymore and that the drug team promised that they will treat him with the new drug they are researching. The wife was already tired and just wanted to hope for a miracle.

Ji Sang was so angry that even if Ri Ta tried to stop him his expression did not soften. Ri Ta felt that something big has made him this mad that it made her scared of him for a while.  

Ji Sang faced Jae Wook after the latter parked his car. Ji Sang ran to him and pushed him hard, Jae Wook landed on his back. Ji Sang again fight him. He was already transforming. He grabbed Jae Wook's collar and lifted him up.


The intensity of the last scene made me crave for more. It was as if I was teased with a  delicious dessert only to be snatched away after one spoon of tasting. Ah...chincha PDnim! Be sure to make it worth the wait!

The pace of the story is getting better and I think from the pilot episode, the story has become much more interesting. I am hooked. I am loving the development of the drama.


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