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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD Week 4 Review - Episodes 7 and 8



Lee Jae Wook's plan to reveal his true identity to Park Ji Sang was accomplished. His way was to make it appear as if he was helping him against vampires who wished harm on him. Of course, he had to kill those vampires in order for Ji Sang to believe him. Ji Sang was surprised that the Director is also infected. Jae Wook's claim of course was  half truth because he did not tell him about knowing Ji Sang's parents. JI Sang was supposed to trust this vampire who killed his parents. But I like that although Ji Sang seemed to believe Jae Wook, there were many questions running inside him. Like how Jae Wook's body temperature is the same as human. He found out that he is drinking blood he processed,  without red blood cells. Basically, it is Jae Wook's diet. He claimed that no innocent lives were harmed. The blood were imported from outside the country. Then he happened to discover thrugh experiments a certain chemical that he injects once in a while to himself to make himself more like human, but he told JI Sang that it is painful once injected. Jae Wook also lured him take the processed blood. Ji Sang was tempted but he did not drank, to Jae Wook's great disappointment and perhaps anger which he hid very well.
But Ji Sang's craving of blood and his tolerance at seeing it becomes more difficult to handle.  He almost snatched the bags of blood being carried by a nurse, luckily, Jae Wook was around to stop him. It is now a dilemma for Ji Sang to continue at the hospital and do his duties as a doctor and a surgeon. He had been avoiding surgeries for awhile now.

Ri Ta was lost in thoughts after their Jeju seminar. Realizing that JI Sang's wound is nonexistent, she was trying to think of possible answers to her confusion.  Something weird is happening and it was as if she was back when she was young at the forrest when she saw a young boy flying and saving her from wild dogs. That incident left her looking crazy whenever she tells that story that's why she stopped talking about it But it nags her.  She began avoiding Ji Sang. Ji Sang felt it. Ji Sang knew she was contemplating about him. He decided to trust her a little by grabbing her hands and lifting it to his cold neck. He told her  it surely felt like a corpse. He also lied abut being sick. After that, it seemed that Ri Ta accepted his explanation about possibly having rare illness.

Ji Sang told the Director that he would leave the hospital  He wanted to rest. Jae Wook was surprised at the turn of events. He never thought Ji Sang would come tio such decision. He asked him to stay but Ji Sang was firm. Ri Ta found out about it. She was taken aback by his leaving. It seemed that he does not care for his patients.

The drug team continue to inject chemicals to the patients at the free ward. Their work remains secret from the other doctors. Choi Kyung In thought she got the trust from one of the team to email her developments and results of the research but unexpectedly Jae Wook informed her not to expect any emails. She contained her anger and humiliation being caught in such a situation.

This episode has started to  unfold the secrets surrounding Park Ji Sung. He might be in a disadvantage here with Jae Wook  knowing his secret and Ri Ta who is hard to convince with his alibi. Then Doctor Jung Ji Tae started his research about the documents regarding the infection. He even went to see the patients being handled by the drug team, not knowing his visits were monitored by the security which reports directly to Jae Wook.

Still not know what is Jae Wook's ultimate goal. The man who has been receiving injections from Se Hye Ri, the leader in drug research team was having chills despite normal temperature. Then he got blood all over his face which made Ji Sang still with the sight of it. What exactly is happening?


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Ri Ta is affected by what she realized so far about Ji Sang and his non existent wound.

Ji Sang realized Ri Ta is avoiding him so he decided to confess a half truth alibi for her to ease her mind. He let him touch his cold skin and told her abut his illness.



Ji Sang who rushed to the patient who had been behaving strange was followed by Ri Ta. At the ward they witnessed how the patient's face was covered with lots of blood. For a moment, Ji Sang almost lost his control seeing those blood. Ri Ta who was standing by his side saw that Ji Sang was acting strange, something in his face and expressions seemed weird that she held his anxious hand, enough to bring Ji Sang back to reality and the current situation. I think he was thankful that the moment was saved for him by Ri Ta.

He ordered the nurses to go get something for the patient. Ji Sang questioned Hye Ri who has been in charge of collecting blood samples, as their team claimed, and asked for the results. It could be allergic reaction to a certain drug they have been presccribing but Ji Sang wanted to make sure. It's suspicious how the results pointed to rare disease. Ji Sang talked to Doctor Jung Ji Tae about the case. The doctor even asked Ji Sang to help him in his research but the latter declined, telling the older doctor that he decided to leave the hospital. Jung Ji Tae's disappoinment showed but he respects Ji Sang's wishes.

Ri Ta is pissed off that the doctors could not even see what and how the drug team's work is progressing. She wanted access to their work but when she asked her uncle, the Chairman to issue authorization, she was told to back off and not talk about it in the future. The Chairman walked away from her, angry at her request, which left her wondering in confusion. I think it is rare that her uncle would turn on her and scold her that way. All these while she has been a favorite, like a daughter but seeing how she made her uncle anxiously angry seemed out of the ordinary. Even her aunt Kyung In was scolded by the Chairman.

Lee Jae Wook saw the Choi Kyung In standing outside the hospital looking at a tree. She told him about how she started in the hospital almost the same time that the tree was planted there. It signified her hard work at protecting the hospital all these years and that she won't let the hospital be destroyed in any circumstances. The tree also parralled her strong stance against pressure and tough situations that she encounters and will in the future, making it clear to Jae Wook that she is not easy to defeat. I think these two would make  great enemies and their battle would be interesting to watch.

Maybe Ji Sang is having regret or being melancholic at his impending departure at the hospital that he wandered to the operating hallway. Ri Ta saw him and talked to him for awhile. Somehow she has forgotten what she felt when they return from Jeju, and accepted his reasons about his own illness that made her wonder.

At home, Ji Sang had a change of heart. He decided to stay. His friend Hyun Woo asked him to question Jae Wook more. Ji Sang has nagging thoughts in him about Jae Wook, too. I think he does not completely trust Jae Wook. He decided to tell him that he will stay which made Jae Wook surprised at his sudden change. Ji Sang also asked for the blood he drinks. Jae Wook thought he would be using it to cure his cravings. But Ji Sang wanted to know the chemicals in it and how it reacts with  cells if taken.

Ri Ta who has been browsing books at a bookstore chanced upon books about vampires. For a moment she was startled. She even thought of crazy things in regards to Ji Sang's unusual behavior but she calmed herself telling it was ridiculous. In the end she ended up buying the book and read at home. She was stunned to read about how vampires healed wounds in an instant which made her still and thought of Ji Sang.

Because Doctor Jung Ji Tae is researching about the photos that was taken from the grave site, presumably the origin of the infection, the IP address in the computer became visible again. Ji Sang and Hyun Woo realized which office it connected through. He decided to check for himself and he was right when he saw the photos and some filed documents inside Doctor Jung Ji Tae's office.

Choi Kyung In decided to ask the assistance of a friend in the media to write something about the hospital. She told the journalist to keep silent for now until she had gathered enough resources about the subject matter that needs to be written and shared publicly when the time comes. It's whistle  blowing which is a serious matter.

Lee Jae Wook felt fooled when he thought that Ji Sang asked for the blood to be able to operate but saw Ri Ta instead coming inside the operating room. He confronted Ji Sang about it. I think by this time, each knew that they have different principles and that they could be enemies in the true sense. I hope that Ji Sang would not be blinsdided but be alert on things related to Jae Wook who knew his secrets.

Ri Ta thought Ji Sang would still be leaving, thus decided to give him a farewell snack, which she prepared under tight circumstances, telling him about not having enough time to prepare. Well, she wanted to see him and talk to him about what happened to her in the forest when she was young. She wanted to see how he would react to it. Her thoughts are saying that what she thought of Ji Sang now is like what she saw then when a young boy saved her form wild dogs. It's supernatural but everyone around her thought she is crazy. She knew the feelings, and now, she is feeling it all over again because of him. The cute part was when she exaggerated the story about the boy kissing her which made Ji Sang spluttered his drink all over the food snack. It was a shock to hear her saying about the kiss. Ri Ta scolded him for his mess but remained unperturbed when asked about the kiss. She stood by her claim. I laughed at how Ji Sang found it amusing that Ri Ta lied about it.  The he told her he was staying after all.

Ji Sang went to see Doctor Jung Ji Tae and talked abut the photos that he also have. The doctor was surprised at this revelation. Ji Sang also learned that it was not Doctor Jung Ji Tae who first posted the photos at their website. Both are curious and maybe have so many questions particularly Ji Sang but Ri Ta kept on calling him in his mobile phone. The older doctor told him to answer it for it seemed urgent.

The man who had spluttered blood all over his face and who was taken to an intensive  care unit under the drug team with tight security that made the resident doctors fuzzed indignantly especially Ri Ta, was being led out to the hospital. Another case to be solved outside by traffic accident. But Ri ta was there, seeing how the man was staggering outside. She followed him and asked where he was going. That was when she called Ji Sang.

He ran outside just in time to see the man lying in the middle of the street, tossed by one of the vampire men of Jae Wook. JI Sang hurried to the man and used his strength to toss the man out of the way's harm as he himself faced the truck and was hit instead. He flew a few yards and landed face down. Ri Ta saw him lying there. BUt what shocked her was when he stood up as if nothing serious happened to him. Her gaze was so fixed on him that her confusion was evident. Was she seeing it right or not?


The plot is getting intense. Almost half of the secret is out. The pace is good. I still love how each episode was cut in a cliffhanging ending.

For now, I hope Jung Ji Tae and Ji Sang would be able to trust each other and work as a team. Lee Jae Wook is cunning and deceptive. He is also dangerous. Ji Sang needs to realize that he was lured to be a part of Jae Wook's plans, selfish and evil plans. Then there is Ri Ta who has been a witness to Ji Sang's unusual behavior and super natural strength that humans are not capable of. Will she be afraid to trust him? Or will she trust her instinct just as how she trusted the young boy who saved her.


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finding books about vampires...

Jealous to see Ga Yeon talking easily with Ji Sang...

Ri Ta saw how Min Ga Yeon has easily conversed with Ji Sang which made her jealous. She advised her to be careful in her dealings with her superior. Well, it sounded as if she is correcting Ga Yeon's way of becoming familiar with Ji Sang but of course, it was her way of scolding Ga Yeon to get back at Ga Yeon.

The Kiss Talk

The unbelievable scene for Ri Ta...

For episode 9...will post as soon as....

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