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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Shine Or Go Crazy Episode 7 Screen caps

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[mslee's thoughts] Healer Episode 19 Screen caps review

I think this episode was where my hate for the creepy ahjussi and Moon Sik had gone to extremes. The minute men kidnapped Moon Ho, cornering Young Shin at her most vulnerable moment while luring Jung Hoo/Healer to be fooled into going back the office where only Moon Ho's mobile phone was there with cameras set up, I felt my insides were coiled into knots.

These guys are seriously bad. they have the power to make one helpless with their blackmails. There is only one thing they want. To make Jung Ho admit in a recorded video that he killed Park Dong Cheol. He could not do anything in the circumstances. Young Shin was in the company of the creepy ahjussi with a bottle of drugs and an injection. He ordered them to take away the drug because it was getting on his nerves. They complied knowing they have him trapped. Moon Ho was inside a room, just woken up from being hit in the head and sniffed a drugged handkerchief. he witnessed the recording of Jung Hoo's confession. Yes, seeing how they made Jung Hoo confessed was despicable. I felt Moon Ho's frustrations just as I felt like hitting those men and the Elder. Guess the writerim had found that vulnerability in Jung Hoo that connected very well with the viewers. Seriously, the hate on seeing that scene was so high!

The Elder also wanted Jung Hoo to work for him. For now, Jung Hoo had to hide because any minute that recorded confession might reached the police hands and he will be the murderer. He went to see Young Shin after that unbelievable and nasty ordeal. She was fine. Kang Dae Yong and her buddies were there guarding Young Shin but they missed the bad guys. They found each other's arms, comforting and relieved that both are finally safe.

One thing that could save Jung Hoo though from being named as the killer was finding the one who held the long pole that hit the head of Dong Cheol. He and the ahjumma hacker thought that there could be finger prints found there. He started stalking the men who captured him and one by one got their finger prints. he also took their black boxes to find out more. But all was in vain because there is no finger prints on the steel bar. 

Moon Ho was summoned to join his brother in a gathering with the officials of the government that are all members and men of the Elder. He was being applauded for having entrusted and handling the company Moon Sik will leave as he pursue his new career. Moon Ho had had enough of his brother. He could no longer tolerate him. he told him so. His anger has reached it's limit and he would now be abandoning him,

Even Moon Sik's wife had finally told him she could never love him even if she tried. She now knew the reasons why. She finally has the courage to walk away from him. She left with Moon Ho. She went to Someday news and met the staff. She even spoke in front of the camera to tell her knowledge of what happened in the past. Somehow, she found out that Young Shin was her missing daughter Ji Ahn. No words are needed to confirm it. They both knew somehow.

The ahjumma hacker was in danger. Men of Double S gang has located her whereabouts. Jung Hoo was almost too late knowing it. As the ahjumma hacker tried to escaped past the men, one has realized she was the one they were after. She ran so fast and almost grabbed back by the men when Jung Hoo appeared suddenly just in time. The ahjumma started spraying something in the eyes of the bad men chasing them. The funny part, that was the first time Healer/Jung Hoo met the ahjumma, his partner via cyberspace. 

Jung Hoo still kept away from Young Shin. He changed his number. He can be contacted only through ahjumma who stayed and worked at the cafe of Young Shin's father. Moon Ho also resumes their plan to do another live broadcast. The confession of Jung Hoo was given to the police. The Elder wants Jung Hoo to bring the live bacteria he calls it or the evidence that would incriminate the Elder in a crime where many suffered and killed in Russia. A project that was tested on people. A woman who had the evidence was going to fly in in Korea and meet Moon Ho but the Elder wanted Jung Hoo to get the evidence and kill her. He had no choice but to let the Elder and the gang believe that he would do the task.

Ahjumma was left in a dilemma so there's no other option but to seek the detective she used to work with. Yoon Dong Won met her. He asked about Healer. She was evasive. She knew it would not be helpful for Jung Hoo if she told Yoon Dong Won everything. She just asked him to choose. Jung Hoo is not the bad kind that would be categorized as a criminal while the Elder they are both wanting to expose is a man who has manipulated the society for a long time now, even done criminal acts. From this conversation, I think both ahjumma and Yoon Dong Won had somehow understood each other.

Moon Ho, Young Shin, Jung Hoo and ahjumma proceeded with their plan. They went to the airport to meet the woman coming from Russia. Moon Ho will try to do live broadcast. It is much safer for the woman.

The climax of the story has finally come. One more episode...will Healer be able to live a normal life? Will Moon Sik be able to seek forgiveness? 


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