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Thursday, February 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episode 32 Screen caps Review

 Joo Ran put a tail on Aeng Ran. She discovered that Aeng Ran is hiding Do Hyun who is alive. The family were all angry at Aeng Ran.

Do Hyun found out that Ma Do Jin is not his father's biological son which made Aeng Ran scared. But Do Hyun promised her that he would not divulge the information because he cares for the company which was undergoing some problems then. Aeng Ran could not trust Do Hyun's words so she asked him to make a written statement about it. Do Hyun then missed the helicopter which had crashed that day. On his way to the meeting via his car, while talking on the phone with Aeng Ran, he had a car accident. Aeng Ran made the decision to hide him and told that he died on the helicopter crash.

Woo Seok and Soo In are both looking at some evidences that were filed concerning the fire case that happened years ago. Woo Seok was able to get the name of the detective who handled the case and luckily, the man was still in the same police district but currently on vacation. He would just have to wait for this man to come back.

Mr. Tak saw Do Hyun at the hospital. He decided to tell Poong Geum. Poong Geum called Soo In and told him about Do Hyun being alive. Woo Seok was left at the bus stop without any explanations from Soo In as she rushed away riding a taxi back to Seoul.

Soo In went to the hospital and was so shocked to see her husband there.

This is going to be a new turn of events on the story. Soo In will be in a dilemma but od course, society and ethics will make her decide to stay by Do Hyun's side as his legal wife. Ah, the romance will get complicated. As for Joo Hee, yes, just dream on girl because even if Soo In is not besides Woo Seok, it does not make any difference.


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