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Friday, August 30, 2013

[Episode 18] Empire of Gold - Seo Yoon and Tae Joo Possible Romance Drifting Apart

okay. done watching ep 18. my only thoughts...

Yup! And for not giving in to SY only request. Why would I pity him in his situation right now against the cousins and Jung Hee? I have always said, he has no right to compete for power in the SungJin group, it is for family only to dream of owning it, either SY or MJ. 

I say TJ is greedy. What would it take for him to slow down and stop? SungJin group, it's the only way for him. He told that SY grew on him in the last few years they shared a room, but still, he hurt her. 

I am all for TJ/SY ending, but the pleasure of seeing him crying at the end of the struggle would give me more satisfaction first. Mianhe...me and my emotions running high after watching Seol Hee and Tae Joo moments right after she was released from prison. And the way TJ keeps promising her to wait until he made SungJin a happy/heaven place and he will be with her. This is somehow not what I want him to say after 8 years of being SY husband and forgetting SH alone in the prison cell. 

SY said that what they had [TJ] was a deal and somehow she did not live by that deal when she chose to save MJ for the trap she made for him. The trap of making the one of the company's a holding company and manipulating the stocks making MJ to purchase and Sung Jae to join also with 700 shares bought. But her reasons are enough for TJ to understand coz he has been the one who said that SH is what SJ means to SY. He should have known what it means to SY right at that moment. Coz if it was reversed, he, too would made that request and do something for SH even against his philosophy. Or maybe not, considering how he let SH pay for his crimes.

Guess that's how TJ and SY differs. To make it in this world, he had to make sacrifices. But for SY, for the love of family, she had to grab even an enemy's hand to save the one she cares for.

I don't care where will the group go or who will have it in the end. I think SY will only stay up until the challenge with TJ is over and done with. But she will get back on what her heart desires, that is teaching. She realized in this episode that she lost track of her focus, of stabilizing the company for WJ and MY and what matters to her.

TJ clearly hurt her. And I am waiting for retribution to roll in...

The moment when SY visited TJ at EDEN with SH in there and he made SH stay was somehow an insult to his wife, even if it is name only. He clearly made it known to SY that he cares for this other woman. And SY is also a woman, and little things such as sharing rooms, dining tables and conversations for the last 8 years will have effect on her and she is not human if she felt nothing.

She felt betrayed. She maybe in denial but this is something she has pondered for longer than necessary, even remembering the moment when she talked with SJ. She knew in her heart, this man who has nothing but ambition to own the group feels more towards another woman than his own wife.

He is only staying until he reached his goal through her.

And what possible romance there is  or could have developed suddenly came to halt and is drifting away, with SH in the middle and SungJing group as the target.

I fear that if the writer will make up for the promised romance in the synopsis of this drama, TJ would regret everything that he has done. But this is what i will be waiting for as a viewer. To make the realization that doing wrong things have their own consequences and needs to be paid off.

And TJ is overdue in paying off his debt, whatever it is.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Episode 7 - Joo Joong Won and Tae Gong Shil Getting Closer in The Master's Sun

Episode 7 brings a new twist in the Joo Joong Won and Tae Gong Shil moments. After weeks of working together, acknowledging Gong Shil's power to see ghost, Joong Won has extended himself as her protector from the nuances of the ghost that keeps on pestering and scaring her. She found a place beside the CEO, next to his office. Without the knowledge of his aunt and people around him except for his secretary, Tae Ging Shil was hired for the sole purpose of finding the 10 billion won worth of necklace that has been paid off to the kidnappers. She has the advantage of seeing Cha Jee Hoo if ever her ghost decides to show.

Joo Joong Won is still not over his long dead girlfriend who died in the car accident/explosion years ago. It led him to suffer from dyslexia or being unable to read. But what was surprising is that with Gong Shil or Tae Yang as he calls her, he can focus on the notes written. Without knowing, little by little, Gong Shil's charm is spreading on him. He keeps on feeling protective of her when he knows that she needs him. Even in the conference room with his subordinates he felt that she was scared and immediately walked towards her and laid his hands on her shoulder making the ghost disappear. His actions were not missed by the people in the room.

This drama is surely fun to watch and the sweet moments are heart warming. Joong Won is always in denial of his actions towards his Tae Yang. While she is somewhat experiencing gratitude and concern, she thought that she has feelings for the security guy Kang Woo. 

Being in each other's side always will surely bring a feeling of attachment and as a man and woman it won't be surprising if feelings develop.

more screen caps...for episode 7