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Saturday, November 8, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Iron Man / Blade Man Episode 16 Screen caps Review

Iron Man / Blade Man has four more episodes left.  At this point, clearly, the villain is Butler Yoon. She is still surrounded by mysteries. Although her motives of dirtying her hands is to show her love for Hong Bin's father, sadly unrequited one, there is still something in her that has not been revealed. She said she has a son by Hong Bin's father that she gave up. Where is this son? Or should I make a wild guess? My instinct tells me it is Hong Bin, but I can be wrong. But then, how come she is involved so much with his affairs regarding Tae Hee?

The love triangle is not really intense but it put a damp on Hong Bin and Se Dong's cute romance. While Hong Bin realized he is in love with Se Dong, he can not turn away from the mother of his son, Chang who is Tae Hee, his first love. The tension is very subtle, still it creates unsure feelings or anxiety maybe to Se Dong, but definitely as a viewer I am feeling uncomfortable with the situation. Although Tae Hee is a likeable character considering she was the one who gave up on Hong Bin for selfless reasons, still she is putting Hong Bin in a spot where his loyalty to her comes first. 

As a Se Dong and Hong Bin shipper of this drama, I miss the fun times Hong Bin kept on following Se Dong's scent, asking for hugs like a spoiled little boy and even crowding her anytime he feels like. The story shift from light to medium atmosphere as the past is being uncovered regarding Tae Hee's disappearance and how she was tortured and who was behind it. I now fear that the ending will be a sad one, but please I hope I am wrong. 

Hong Bin the Iron Man aka Blade Man has been explained quite good. Yes, I was one of the viewers who questioned the foolishness of the story regarding the origin of his blades but I admit, it is just as shallow as Spider Man getting bitten by a spider or Batman getting hounded / shadowed by bats. So in this part of the story, I can accept how and why he got blades sprouting from his body whenever he is mad. The mad part can be easily associated by channeling angers through blades.

What I am waiting for besides the romance part of the drama is how his special powers will be played in the story of Tae Hee, to butler Yoon and what will be the climax of the story. The ahjussi who tortured Tae Hee has not appeared in this episode. What is he up to? I believe, Hong Bin's father is innocent although his crime is being a typical wealthy father who wants to control the life of his child. So far, he is showing remorse. It started with Se Dong's father and now I think he will ask forgiveness to Tae Hee.

The tough part for Se Dong is seeing Tae Hee, Hong Bin and Chang live together in the same house like a true family. She will be the out cast even if she is the girlfriend. I think her fainting spells which was diagnosed as psychological is the manifestation of her insecurities towards this situation that she calmly deals with as being nice and caring to other's needs. I like how her friend Seung Hwan asked her what she wants? What she really wants? Se Dong's selflessness is making her physical body take all the hardships she tries to hide behind a smile.  

Actually, I am really wondering why the drama has low ratings. There are lots going on here. The plot is not as it seemed to be. There is unpredictability in every twist. Se Dong seems to be at the very center of what's going on in the drama. 

Four more episodes. I think Tae Hee will have her share more in the coming episodes if not until the very end. As for the friendship she tries hard to build with Se Dong, it is her only option to secure Chang's future even if her heart tells her she is crazy for Hong Bin, yet she should not hurt Se Dong. Ah the dilemma of past and present women in Hong Bin's life.


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