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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Media Photos - Yoon Eun Hye @Incheon Airport 141204 + Weibo Update

Back from HongKong, Yoon Eun Hye was spotted by media arriving @Incheon airport after the event last night @MAMA2014.

Weibo Update

141203 Lee Seung Chul & Yoon Eun Hye (이승철 & 윤은혜) - The Day @ 2014 MAMA Live from Hong Kong [1080p]

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage Episode 12 Review

I am beginning to feel disappointed with the progress of the story. From day 1, it showed a lot of promise, and I sincerely liked how the story delved on the issues about single mothers but to bash the character until episode 12 is seriously dragging the drama. The repeated cycles of hardships that turned the drama into a "makjang" is not making a viewer in me appreciate the turn of events. I hoped that there will be a big turn around in the story at least in the middle but it is already episode 12 and 4 more are left to wrap up the story.

I think that the chemistry between Park Si Yeon and Bae Soo Bin are so great that I hoped they were  put to so much use and make a grand union that will make the title "Greatest Marriage" stand out. But then, Jo Eun Cha has been portrayed as a selfish bas***d that until this episode he has not learned his lesson. Well, I guess the writer is just making him true by not altering him 180 degrees. Although I am liking him even if he is not the typical main lead with all the good personality a "namja" should have. Actually, in this latter episodes, he has been the one saving it for me from not dropping the drama but staying until the end. I have too much time and effort already invested in this drama that leaving it at this point will be something that will make me really frustrated.

Episode 12 continues to show Cha Gi Young having a hard time raising her son alone. One thing that I like about Jo Eun Cha although he is a genius in turning a particular moment into his own advantage, he sure does care about Ki Young, not as a woman but as a colleague, maybe? Yes, he is using her for his own ambition but at least he is doing it rightly, turning up when things are bad for Gi Young. And the way he treats Dan is fatherly and there is sincerity. He acts happy as he plays with the child and sorry for what he is about to do, which is to betray him and her mother. There is humanity inside but greed and ambition just shadowed the better side of him.

One of the great and awesome moments that made the episode very interesting was when Yoon Hee finally had a chance to pull the hair of the nurse who co habited with her ex-husband. 

Well, the fight between the lovers was also good and a karma for their cheating on her, but when she decided to throw the woman out of the house, pour water on her twice, I think that was a relief for her and for me as well. Oh, I love that scene so much I think I was cheering for Yoon Hee "go girl! slap the bit*h!" hahahaha...mianhe, mslee just got carried away with that scene.

The good thing about that scene is that somehow, she and her ex-husband finally understood each other, and I think even if there was apology between them which would really put closure to their relationship. They can now move forward without bitterness and if awkwardness will fade, be good friends again for the sake of their daughter.

One of the irritating moments were when Tae Yeon's mother found out about the similarity of Dan to him. They are putting all blame on Gi Young but had not realized their fault in the process. How I wish Myung Yi's greed will stop. She has everything on her. But as I said before, it is not only greed but maybe she really like Tae Yeon. She has nothing to fear because she is married to him but why does she feel she has to kidnap the child? Tae Yeon's family already accepted her. It is a fact. But her schemes still got in the way. there is no stopping Myung Yi. I hope she was portrayed as someone who has learned all the qualities of a legal wife and not stoop so low as to do a crime against a woman whom Tae Yeon already abandoned. But no, again, she failed me and I am really disappointed. I think I am the only one who has liked her character even if she is sneaky because I find her not a one dimensional character. I know she is not the main lead here and it needs a villain but I was thinking of a more sophisticated kind. I guess Tae Yeon's continuous way of treating her is the main factor why she has not changed.

I am hating Tae Yeon and his cowardliness. he had made his decisions from the moment he abandoned Gi Young and turned his attention to Myung Yi even if it was all about using the girl, still he should have stuck it out like a man. But here he is, wailing like a spoiled brat, as if he was the one who was betrayed. Ugh! Seriously! I feel like slapping him until he comes to his senses! Whatever consequences that he is now suffering, they are all his own doing. When Gi Young looked as if she pitied him, I can understand her. But please, I hope she had no more feelings to the man. Jebal!

I am glad that Eun Cha was not the one who brought the child to Tae Yeon's family but Myung Yi. I mean, sure he had plans about it and was ready to execute, but by miracle, Myung Yi got in the way. I hope that this time he will not leave Gi Young alone and even if to his own selfish advantage, use the situation to attack the Park family. He needs to help Gi Young get the child back. 

If that scenario happens in real life, Dan being kidnapped, I will not let the police have a peaceful moment until they can take back the child. I will charge Tae Yeon's family with the crime. I will use media in my favor to get the child. Or is the society on which Gi Young lives so different that revealing the father of Dan will put more risk on not getting him back? And where was that contract Tae Yeon signed? Gi Young should produce it and shoved it to his parents!

As for Sun Nyeo, hmmm... well, good luck on her romance. I think Pedro likes her sincerely.

Jo Eun Cha's comedic / animated facial expressions are one of the things that entertained me weekly. He is one cute/adorable jerk!

Four more episodes and there's no sign yet of how the drama was titled Greatest Marriage.


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