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Saturday, October 26, 2013

SS501 - A Night of Reunion - 5 Men as ONE on the Stage 131026

The promise became a reality! SS501 has always said they are not disbanded and there will come a time they will be seen together. Tonight, October 26, on Young Saeng's concert, the members attended and even got on stage and perform. A sight that surely brought tears to waiting fans, Triple S and other fan bases of individual members. I have always been a SS501 bias since I came to know them. But of course, I was one of those who came almost late. But nevertheless, I love seeing these boys, now men, as a group.

5 men as one on stage, the most awaited reunion!

Twitter has always been the fastest way of sharing photos and information and I am glad that all the latest photos were updated.

Thanks to all SS501 fans, theTriple S and of course my fellow Henecian who I follow. All photos are not mine.  I just want to share them here in my page, in my blog to archive this beautiful moments.

I hope there will be HD photos and even videos, soon.

source: twitter as tagged
from @khjean14, @Cheezeemelt, @KimHyunJoongThailand, @Indonesia Triple S, @murdererQ
@YoU, @DeannaHyun, @Triple S Thailand, @Hyunited6686 Henecia, 

credit to all the original owners

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[mslee's thoughts] Episode 5 and 6 Review - HEIRS

I watched episode 5 and 6 last night and while watching I think the pace is really too slow for my taste. Watching other dramas with so much intensity and fast developments, it's like I am taking a rest with Heirs. I am not criticising the plot, just the pace. I hope the next episodes will put on more speed and more interactions between the characters.

I was surprised that Kim Tan didn't immediately let Eun Sang know he is the second son. I wonder if he thinks she would be shocked, which  she was, or that he is somehow protecting her from finding it tough being on different side of the world. I know his attraction is sincere but still not conclusive if he is willing to go beyond what is not expected of him as a chaebol son. His father clearly thinks Eun Sang and Kim Tan should not have met. I think the scholarship and the support he gave to Eun Sang will make her realize that she can not step on Tan's world and that she should know it and feel it.

Photo: Park Shin Hye - Who she will choose..??

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What I am not getting is why Eun Sang character is socially weak in the story. I know how she feels of lacking almost everything in life and this makes her ashamed of who she is. I also understand her feelings of being a housekeeper's daughter. Living in the same world with the rest of the wealthy and privileged, one has to be so tough to stomach insults and mockeries. And Eun Sang is not in that category yet. Her self esteem hasn't developed yet. I want to know how long she will put up with her lies about her true identity. Bo Na knew, I think Rachel knew, Do Young found out, and these people will play a great part in her life, with Tan around. I wonder how Tan will be able to protect her.

Photo: Hit "LIKE" if you are favor of this couple...!!! ^^

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That is why she was insisting to leave the house. At least, if they are not working with Tan's family, she can regain her self confidence and composure. It's hard to do that when she knew that outside school, she is just the helper in a household. Even her teacher seemed to mock her and not planning on being discreet about knowing her true identity. 

I really hope she progressed as a fighter in this drama. Seeing how she is afraid and shaking every time DY is in the vicinity is making me pity her and cringe for her. She needs to show them that it's not ll about money but integrity.

Regarding Kim Won, I think he is too selfish in thinking Tan is an enemy and that he will take away his right as the successor. He should have realized by now how he loves him as an older brother and that he is showing with conviction that he is not interested in the company.

I am still surprised at how the Chairman can callously have his mistress at the house and the second wife outside. Anyway, these two women bring some entertainment with their shallow fights.

Hoping for a good continuation next week.

mslee1107 writing.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Actors Ji Sung and Bae Soo Bin Take Twin Selcas

Actors Ji Sung and Bae Soo Bin Take Twin Selcas

cre: soompi

Actors Ji Sung and Bae Soo Bin from the drama “Secret” took pictures of themselves together with twin poses. Where has the antagonism from the drama gone? The two show off their closeness in these picture. One might believe that they were brothers!
KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Secret” released these behind-the-scenes cuts from filming on October 24, with Bae Soo Bin (who plays Do Hoon) and Ji Sung (who plays Min Hyuk) wearing mischievous expressions and adopting matching poses for this set of pictures. The two showed off their closeness which is the opposite of their characters in the drama.
“Secret” recently aired its ninth episode on October 23, where Min Hyuk began to suspect Do Hoon and there was lots of dramatic tension in the air. The preview for the following episode on October 24 showed Min Hyuk revealing his feelings to Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum).
Ji Sung, Bae Soo Bin, Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Da Hee are currently appearing in the passionate melodrama “Secret” on KBS 2TV on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 PM.
Ji Sung and Bae Soo Bin

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 5 & 6 Medical Top Team - Han Seung Jae and Park Tae Shin Different Views Clashed

Episode 5

This episode is about decisions and how it will affect the patients lives and careers of a doctor. It's also about fighting for what you believe in despite criticisms and disobeying what have been decided upon. Two excellent doctors in their own right, two goals fueling their desire to succeed. 

I find Park Tae Shin very much on his own in this episode. After the success of the operation of SJB, still something happened. The team was celebrating but an emergency led them back in the hospital where SJB was being monitored. His heart stopped beating. PTS was very sure of what should be done and again, he lead the operation by opening the chest and massaging the heart. All were in panic, but even though PTS was also nervous, it did not deter him from doing what needs to be done and what he believed must be done. Once again, luck or maybe his gift as a doctor was on his side. The heart beats, to all the teams great sighs of relief.

But that being the case, still the parents of the patients who has ties with the Chairman's project was very disappointed of what happened that lead to the Chairman scolding HSJ. I feel sorry for HSJ. Even though I know that his foremost agenda was to succeed in front of his father's eyes, his efforts was criticised heavily. Chairman was most upset and angry that his project won't proceed as planned. I think that the Chairman was too prejudiced. Any surgery even though successfully finished will always have after effects. But he did not care for those. What he felt was the hospital made a huge mistake by intercepting with whatever plans the family of SJB already had. Even if HSJ was willing to take the full responsibility, the Chairman was not pacified. He thought HSJ was taking revenge on him for treating his mother badly.

What I find interesting here is that the Vice President is putting up a different face. Clearly, she wanted not to have anything to do with HSJ plans. Maybe she has her own motives. Because she clearly did not give the authorization it was not in her conscience and all blame was HSJ.

I said PTS is on his own in this episode because what happened to SJB, there is no definite evidence yet of what must they treat him with. He hasn't regained consciousness. All are speculations as to his true state. Although PTS has his own theory and he suggested an anti biotic, HSJ decided on what's the most probable symptoms and what medication to put on the patient.

But PTS believes on his instincts. He administered the anti biotics without consulting any of the doctors. I want to say he is one stubborn man. Always too sure that he is right. That he is infallible. I think this trait od PTS will be his strength yet will also be his downfall. After all they are a team looking at the condition of a patient. 

Following his own medication, it put a strain between him and HSJ. Even the other doctors were disappointed with him. I do understand HSJ, for whatever will happen to SJB, it will all comes down on him. Whatever his agenda, still, he is answerable to it. But PTS convinced SJY to be on his side. He made her ponder about where there are times that they follow their instinct even if there is still no evidence.

Well as a viewer, I think that most people, even in other areas of profession usually follow instinct. It's just a matter of believing. When HSJ learned that even SJY was swayed by PTS, he could not hide his emotions. I think that he not only assumed that she was convinced but because she sided with PTS with something else in mind. Maybe he felt she is trusting PTS more than him and his decisions. 

The good news was SBJ regained his consciousness and seemed that all vitals are fine. But then Ba Wi was in need of an immediate surgery and the only possible method is live lung transplant. They can't wait for a brain dead donor. But the most worrying part again for PTS was that HSJ doesn't support that kind of surgery. The hospital hasn't done it yet and they are afraid of critics outside. 

PTS once again felt that he was alone. No one on his side. Even SJY voiced her concerns. Only cheerful Ah Jin was supporting PTS. Guess she really has it bad for him. But then she is sincere. All that has been happening to the Top Team in PTS dilemma reached Dr. Jang. He talked to the Vice President. Because of the conflict that arose between HSJ and the VP, Jang was very convincing that she support PTS at this time. They have their own goals and plans for the hospital. And by doing this, they are looking down at the team created by HSJ. Besides, Jang wants to do the surgery himself. 

PTS was told to beg the VP for help. He has nowhere to go. HSJ made it clear, he won't authorize it. He cried as he begged the VP.

This episode made PTS the outsider. It's true, he came from other hospital and even if he is doing an excellent job, still he is different. The hospital has a reputation it needs to protect. HSJ needed to protect the team. And PTS only wants to treat a patient.

Episode 6

An emergency brought PTS to the ward where BW was. But luckily, her heart became normal again. PTS continue to find means on how BW can have her surgery. He even went to find her mother, but when she left BW in the orphanage, she lived as though she has no daughter. Her husband doesn't know BW existed. I feel sorry for her, for her weakness as a mother. To let a child be abandoned, it's too much.

Because of the continuous  difference in views by HSJ and PTS, the atmosphere between them is not cool. Doctors are divided in their opinions but most are too scared of failure. They haven't done anything like it before. It will be a first if ever they do it.

PTS though sad and troubled remained hopeful. He has to be, seeing BW and how she is like a family to him. While Top Team is stepping back on BW case, the VP and Jang made a decision. PTS was called to the office of the VP. She consented on the condition that Jang will be the surgeon and his team, not the Top Team. 

Meanwhile SJY saw how depressed PTS was everyday. How he cried and show his weak side to her. He really cared for BW. She made research about it and put a lot of thought then talked to HSJ. At first he was skeptical what made her want to do it. But she was consistent in her reasons that it's nothing more than wanting to do it. Not only because the team wants recognition but by challenging all kinds of scenarios,even if it's tough. HSJ decided to do the surgery.

Not knowing that the VP already approved. Another talk between HSJ and the VP. He was too late deciding. The VP told him it was him who doesn't want to do it in the first place.  HSJ can't do anything about it. Top Team won't be involved now. PTS let SJY participate and assist Jang. He said he believed she can do it. Again, another show of trust in her capability.

Donors came, even the ahjussi doctor in the clinic who already donated bone marrow to BW. He felt he needed to do it because she is also close to him. He love the child. But when the results were done, only the ahjussi has passed the test. PTS has no other option but to see BW mother again and tell her everything. She cried. I think by now she realized her shortcomings and the life of her daughter is in line. 

PTS almost made himself available for test when the mother with her husband appear in the hospital. She met her daughter. A very heart melting, heart wrenching scenes followed. The the surgery came. PTS talked to BW. The child was not scared. From then own, all will be on fates hand.

Three persons on the operating table. BW, the ahjussi and the mother. 

Even though this episode is about grabbing opportunities, I hope that the outcome will be great. Life will be spared and BW will benefit most in this circumstances. An opportunity for SJY to came out triumphant as a good and capable doctor, an opportunity for Jang and the VP for whatever purpose they have in mind. 

My only question is, will PTS be a pawn in the midst of the hospital politics now that he somehow became indebted to the VP? Will this create further tension between him and HSJ?

The drama is slowly building. Too much serious stuffs in here. My only laughs came from Ah Jin and Sung Woo moments who are always a sight to behold. The bromance building between PTS and Jo Jeon Hyuk. I love how he befriend PTS and supports him in his own discreet way.  I wish I'll see more of that bromance.

for now this is mslee1107 writing

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