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Saturday, October 26, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 5 and 6 Review - HEIRS

I watched episode 5 and 6 last night and while watching I think the pace is really too slow for my taste. Watching other dramas with so much intensity and fast developments, it's like I am taking a rest with Heirs. I am not criticising the plot, just the pace. I hope the next episodes will put on more speed and more interactions between the characters.

I was surprised that Kim Tan didn't immediately let Eun Sang know he is the second son. I wonder if he thinks she would be shocked, which  she was, or that he is somehow protecting her from finding it tough being on different side of the world. I know his attraction is sincere but still not conclusive if he is willing to go beyond what is not expected of him as a chaebol son. His father clearly thinks Eun Sang and Kim Tan should not have met. I think the scholarship and the support he gave to Eun Sang will make her realize that she can not step on Tan's world and that she should know it and feel it.

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What I am not getting is why Eun Sang character is socially weak in the story. I know how she feels of lacking almost everything in life and this makes her ashamed of who she is. I also understand her feelings of being a housekeeper's daughter. Living in the same world with the rest of the wealthy and privileged, one has to be so tough to stomach insults and mockeries. And Eun Sang is not in that category yet. Her self esteem hasn't developed yet. I want to know how long she will put up with her lies about her true identity. Bo Na knew, I think Rachel knew, Do Young found out, and these people will play a great part in her life, with Tan around. I wonder how Tan will be able to protect her.

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That is why she was insisting to leave the house. At least, if they are not working with Tan's family, she can regain her self confidence and composure. It's hard to do that when she knew that outside school, she is just the helper in a household. Even her teacher seemed to mock her and not planning on being discreet about knowing her true identity. 

I really hope she progressed as a fighter in this drama. Seeing how she is afraid and shaking every time DY is in the vicinity is making me pity her and cringe for her. She needs to show them that it's not ll about money but integrity.

Regarding Kim Won, I think he is too selfish in thinking Tan is an enemy and that he will take away his right as the successor. He should have realized by now how he loves him as an older brother and that he is showing with conviction that he is not interested in the company.

I am still surprised at how the Chairman can callously have his mistress at the house and the second wife outside. Anyway, these two women bring some entertainment with their shallow fights.

Hoping for a good continuation next week.

mslee1107 writing.

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