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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] MHIYD Episode 3 - Destiny Changed Yet Attraction Brewed Between Na Mi Rae and Kim Shin

Changing destiny is already in the works, with events swapping Yoo Kyung and Mi Rae in the car accident. But one thing that destiny has seemed forgetting or having a hard time reversing is the attraction brewing between Mi Rae and Shin. It's too subtle to be noticed, but MR is already focusing her gaze where ever Shin was.

From the last episode, after her long tirade that put Shin in speechless mode, she felt very down. Se Ju who overheard their unpleasant exchanged of words went to MR side to comfort her. Their friendship is getting deeper. She now knew that Shin has to do with the ahjumma's past but still clueless of what it was.

She was fired by the writer but she left her laptop in Shin's office, so the two went back together at the office. There was a meeting underway and SJ was late. She somehow disturbed the meeting by looking for her laptop that was underneath the table of one of the team. She crouched and pulled with all the team eyeing her and Shin annoyed. She was getting nasty remarks already, her brother just looking not speaking on her behalf, their relationship still unknown. Suddenly Shin asked her for ideas. She was flustered but complied. Almost all her ideas was rejected even the story of an ahjussi who doesn't want interviews and splashing water on whoever attempt to film him. She challenged Shin to be where the action is and not just sit there looking elegant as an anchor who really doesn't know a thing outside his cubicle.

He took the challenge and the next day while the crew was there, he arrived talked to the ahjussi but got doused with water, the crew filming. Na Mi Rae was in big trouble by then, Shin mad, but she had a plan B. With a dog in a leash, they went to the store. Somehow the ahjussi was intrigued and his heart melted. He consented to interview, but the crew was already filming in secret. They were found out when Shin honestly told the man. he also told about himself when he was young. A story of being too proud to ask help even if his father is too sick just because he is popular in school.

MR efforts were a success. While editing the film, Shin and MR were together. She became aware of him when he kept on looking at her, when he positioned himself at her back. As a woman, she felt the attraction of a handsome single male. Maybe the first time someone did that to her emotions.

But when she talked to the ahjumma, it was Shin who she married. And it was SJ that she should choose now. The appearance of Yoo Kyung in the office gave annoyed her. She asked someone if she is Shin's girlfriend and told that rumor has it that they will soon wed. Both YK and MR got on each other's nerves.

While working, SJ was disturbed by YK long and bare legs. He kept looking which she noticed. But SJ was quick to cover it with his coat and said he is not interested. Then she saw how SJ is towards MR, very accommodating and sweet.

Water is the key to get SJ to fall in love with MR. While in the car, they went to a car wash and she found the best time to put her agenda in use. She "accidentally" opened the roof of the car and water poured inside, both wet. They came back to office, drying their clothes, SJ prepared a snack and they shared a warm blanket. SJ is attracted to MR, that is clear. She brings out the protectiveness in him.

Kim Shin was walking passed by when he noticed the two having a cozy conversation. He stopped. MR saw him and with naughtiness, even laughed harder, to make him see that she was really enjoying SJ company. A scheme almost all women do when in that situation, to make the other man who they feel attracted to, notice them. [I know how to do it...too lol!]

But by that moment, an ahjussi was travelling back to the present, causing Shin to have a flashback of what should have happened. He colliding with MR in the freeway, she was in the hospital and he kissing her. All those past memories of future Kim Shin was manifested through his dreams, making him confused.

When he went to the office, MR rode the elevator with him. He tried to see the scars on her shoulders he saw in his dreams. Of course MR was shocked and get away from him. Shin was definitely feeling different inside. His emotions affected by his dreams and MR.

While anchoring the morning news featuring MR project, he is noticing how SJ and MR were both standing closely, comfortable and there was even hugging which irritates him, for sure. Jealousy? More likely. 

Fate is still hanging on to these estranged couple. And Shin just stood up and putting his palm on the table with a loud sound brought the attention of the two flirting at each other. he just told them company dating is not allowed!

Oh boy, Shin is fuming jealous! Can't wait how MR will trigger more his emotions in the next episodes. She knew what she was doing, having her future told her about it, but Shin is in the dark. Well, it's a cat and mouse game. Hide and seek. But wherever they go, whatever they do, they can't escape the attraction brewing between them. I wonder when will it explode?

Seeing YK has her eyes set on SJ, I also want to know how she will get his attention when she brings out the worst in him. 

mslee1107 writing..

additional thoughts...

how about MR dying in the future? her days numbered and just like the interview, Shin is too proud to ask for help. remember she knows that Shin will have his downfall and not be an anchor. 

well lot's of wild guessing here. 


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