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Thursday, February 18, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Cheese in the Trap - Jung versus In Ho, Right or Wrong...

Update below.... :))

Just some thoughts on what I perceived after watching episode 12...

mslee1107 will update these thoughts later and will make short recaps on episodes 11 and 12, but for now these are my initial thoughts...

What I wrote in my Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/mslee1107.

after watching this week's episodes of Cheese in the Trap, I have this feeling that there is still some scenes not yet unfolded. It may look like that In Ho was the better man between them but perhaps just like everyone else who had been in Jung's life, he had concluded to his own convenience what truly happened to his favor and against Jung which the drama had shown. Jung had always had a hard time communicating and I think it is EASIER for him to just say yes, he did it, rather than to ELABORATE exactly what happened. Circumstantially, he was there but the real question was did he manipulate the incident to inflict danger on In Ho? The sequence of the flashbacks were not as it should have been that's why their own flashbacks through their own point of views differs and those views that were only how they felt became the catalyst to break the friendship.

It is easier to give sympathy to In Ho but has anyone seen his real character? He is obviously rude, even now to his teacher, which is not a good behavior when talking but he was getting away with it just because they understand him. I think In Ha has a better understanding of her brother. She knew the real In Ho. If they had not been rescued by Jung's father before, she would have been left out all alone to be battered by their aunt. But we forget that In Ho did it to her. The reason why she was not following her dreams now was because of In Ho and his careless remarks. Just as how he treated the other boy who was also a beneficiary of Jung's father. I don't think that In Ho has a right to say words to that boy IN BEHALF of Jung or his father for HE is also just a beneficiary out of the goodness of Jung's father. In Ho became arrogant and selfish not wanting others to be Jung's friend.

That betrayal he did, how he cruelly phrase out the words referring Jung's weaknesses and talking behind his back could have been his reason of being protective or being jealous but REALLY? Is that reason enough to bad mouth Jung behind his back if he really say he is a friend? That's,not the proper way. That is betrayal and he was clearly mocking Jung.

Then viewers like us are forgiving of those attitudes of In Ho just because he is protective and in love with Seol. I think his own issues are more complicated than Jung.

Well...more thoughts to follow in my blog later. Will have a much longer post and analysis of the episodes [11 and 12]. I have a lot to say about Jung as well.

Again..I believe there is more to what we already see. I think the highlights of the past is not fully uncovered...assuming because I have not read the webtoon.



I have to watch again the episodes to make sure I did not miss anything. It was a rollercoaster! From episode 11 going to episode 12, it seemed like those problems would not be solved and keeps getting bigger despite the reconciliation between Seol and Jung sunbae.

Episode 11 showed the vulnerability of Seol when it comes to her parents favoritism. I feel her insecurity as a daughter having lack of affection coming from her father while her mother assumes that she is and always be fine by herself. I can't understand how her father can say that just because she is a girl she will have a future when she marries that's why he is supporting her brother because he will be the head of the family in the future. I know it was because they are in a patriarchal society, but still, this is a modern era and women are also working and they can have their career as well while being married.

My heart lurched again when Seol in her saddest moments found Jung, as if he knew when to be there for her, waiting by his car. I think Jung was on his way to see her but stopped because he was unsure if the time was right. Fate made it right for the both of them. Seol running towards him as he opened his arms to embrace her tightly as she sobbed her heart out while seeking comfort from him. It was a touching scene.

Their relationship was somehow not patched yet but in times like this, she realized she needed him more than ever, more than anyone. A clear indication that even if they are fighting, he can still ease whatever it is that makes her suffer. Her emotions have been invested too much despite and amidst the doubts, confusion and insecurities she has with Jung.

Who did not smile and felt the romance following the morning after [well, they did spent the night together even if nothing happened really!] with Seol waking up on Jung's bed? It was a cute moment. He was happy just like a child. He was so sweet to her. She was flustered but she was not uncomfortable. When he talked of taking a few more minutes sleeping with her, wrapping her in his arms and body, securing her like a prisoner in his arms, it was a totally different Jung. He was just a normal guy happy to be with her. And of course, let us not forget the kiss. More intimate. More sure of what they have and what they are to each other.

In Ho is a nice guy, as his character has been projected especially when he is with Seol. But the thing is, he and Jung are sort of enemies. They had a gruesome past that they haven't resolved yet. I think In Ho is at fault for letting himself be close to Seol when he knew she is Jung's girlfriend. He can't be that innocent as to say that his association with Seol has nothing to do with making Jung annoyed even if in the end he came to realized he is enjoying Seol's company and more than that. I think it was not right that he let things happened that way when he knew he is becoming a problem between Seol and Jung. He knew and he was warned several times by Jung, but still he did not listen. Maybe a part of him wanted Jung to be pissed so much, to come between him and Seol, so partly he was messing with them. Although of course, friendship formed despite that. What I am trying to say is that, in the first place, In Ho should have not tried to befriend Seol. It was not as if he was a childhood friend of Seol that Jung needed to understand and accept even if they are not in good terms. So although I find it cute and entertaining and heartwarming to see Seol with In Ho, I can't help myself but feel annoyed that he is one of the reasons why Jung and Seol always fight. Concerning himself with matters about Seol , he should not be doing when he knew she has a boyfriend. Well, he just keeps on doing it. [sigh]

But then again, it is Seol's mistake too, to continue seeing In Ho even when Jung tells her not to. I think it was her fault why they can never progress in their relationship. The past keeps on getting in between them, then there are also other matters that continuous to build up that adds more problems to them.

That canteen scene though... why does both In Ho and Seol thinks that their camaraderie would be welcomed by Jung? Are they not sensitive to Jung's feelings or In Ho was playing on the moment to get even with Jung somehow through Seol? That realization on the part of Jung when he saw them so comfortable like family was too much to handle that I felt the pain and the betrayal he was feeling that moment. Then Seol was clueless? Didn't she know what she had done? Or did she thinks that just because Jung is tolerating In Ho's presence that it is okay to be too much friendly with him in front of Jung. Is Seol that insensitive to what Jung would have felt? And I thought she knew her lack of communication about In Ho would make trouble in their relationship. That moment was just so contradicting that makes me pity Jung.

Anyway, In Ha may be a spoiled brat, an irritating character but I think I can understand where she is coming from. When she bullied Young Gon it was a satisfying scene. Her deal with Jung seemed sneaky but the thing is, just as Jung told her to deal with HER mess, which was what she actually did through those malicious texts last year, it was just right that she was the one to do it.

Jung has this attitude of telling people who messed up, who made mistakes to deal with it. Every character in the story has somehow made mistakes while being around Jung, which created misunderstanding and unfortunately, Jung suffered the brunt for most of it. If only we can see what was really happening. How Jung became a part of those mistakes done by almost everyone. Jung made them realized all their wrong doings, told them to right them or if not, two or more he used to his advantage, but in the end Seol became the recipient of those. Like the scholarship and the training she had for free.

In Ha understand Jung. That is a correct statement coming from her. Looking at the flashbacks, In Ha may be a spoiled brat but she was a little more tamed. I have a feeling that whatever she knew about the past between In Ho and Jung, and how she told In Ho that she would always prefer Jung than him says a lot. Those were the times when they were still in good terms. Those were the times when friendship was good. Those were the times when sincerity was what they have.

Of course, the arrogance that came from the stubborn In Ho was the turning point of their lives. Like what I wrote initially above, viewers should have been more open minded about how In Ho betrayed Jung. His words were not something to be justified about. A true and honest friend would never do a thing like that, would never say demeaning words like that and would never assume that he would get away with saying those kind of stuffs. He was also very confident that Jung's father was so into him that even if he tells not to come, the father would come anyway. For a  moment, In Ho forgot his place. let's be honest here, he may be someone whom Jung's father treated like a son, but In Ho should have distinguish the fact that he is not the real son. He should have known his place if he is sensitive to Jung's feelings. Yes, their friendship was real then and I could see Jung's sincerity through that CD and booklet that he got signed on by In Ho's favorite artist. Some may say that there was only a misunderstanding...blah..blah. NO. It was not a misunderstanding hearing your name from someone who you thought was a friend and how he looks at you when you have your back turned with those hurtful words. How can you accept those words aimed at you, behind your back and call it a misunderstanding? Be honest, you can never if you are ion his shoes that moment. Some would say In Ho felt threatened of his friendship with Jung, was that how it should be done?

By now we viewers should have known and understand that Jung as never one to confront someone who had badmouth him behind his back. The way he deals with those issues is letting himself go cold towards the person who did it to him. He started being warm to the other beneficiary of his father's financial assistance. That was Jung's way. He was not the type to talk about it. In the first place, he was hurting, would he have believed In Ho if he clarified his statements? And would In Ho's clarification really an honest one? This is mslee taking it to my own perspective as a viewer.

Then again, In Ho's foul mouth got him in trouble with the other boy. If I were to analyze the situation, In Ho created an enemy and an opportunity for him to be attacked. It was not the boy's fault if he assumed In Ho was the one who told them about the questionable place where students hang out. In Ho had made an enemy.

Was it Jung who called the police? Maybe? Maybe not. If so, did he knew that In Ho would be suspected of reporting them? These were all suspicion and speculation.

Jung walked away. Yes he did. He was in the process of hurting and seeing In Ho as a back stabber. He was angry at In Ho. Do you really believe Jung would rescue In Ho after what he heard him say to him? Be real. Jung is the kind of person who has issues about trusting so if and when he gives it... and if and when he is betrayed, it should not be surprising if he won't extend a hand. It would take time to make Jung heal and be accepting.

When Seo went to seek him out in his apartment after she learned that Jung knew all along about Young Gon's harassment, there was that scene when Seol tried to make Jung talk of his feelings, his frustrations on her , his angers, and he asked her why she wanted to hear such words from him? It was like Seol was trying to get words into his mouth and I feel Jung when he did not say more. Seol must understand that she may assume what he might be thinking but only Jung knew what's on his mind or inside his heart. That instance she may be correct that he is angry at her because of In Ho and of Young Gon, but she should have known that her actions towards In Ho would result to this.

Anyway I like the last part [skipping on the fight..ugh] when Jung and Seol were together and slowly opening up with each other's thoughts and feelings. Somehow they have passed a hurdle and in return, made their relationship more stronger. They have confessed their emotions clearly. That embrace was fulfilling enough to the eyes of the viewers.

Vulnerable Jung was too much to handle. He has so many emotions that affects me as I watched him struggle with them. He has been alone and sad for a long time while trying to be the perfect son. How he tries so hard not to do wrong and yet, all these people blame him for their mistakes. A bit unfair, right? Not surprising why Jung has a hard time trying not to be the strange one. And yet, he lives and feels like that.

Four more episodes. More troubles for In Ho. Do you think Jung would be blamed again for those? In Ho chose how to live his life, so the consequences should be the results of those choices he made. I am just hoping no more misunderstanding between Jung and Seol...JEBAL!

coz mslee1107 will always be a Jung bias and Jung/Seo shipper.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jung Yong Hwa Pictorial Featured in ELLE March Issue

Wearing designer's brand GUCCI...for autumn and winter fashion show held in Milan.