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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Media Captures of Park Hae Jin @Burberry Event 160303

Because Park Hae Jin is HOT and very visible [interviews and activities] he is always in news. Park Hae Jin attended the Burberry.

Media as tagged via naver

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 42 Highlights

This episode was the time Bang Won and his few entourage went as envoys as summoned by Ming who was to be pacified of rumors of spies coming form Joseon. Bang Won and his company had to pass Liaodong to be able to continue their journey. Upon arrival at the gates of Liaodong, they were arrested.

Emperor Zhi Du, current emperor of Yongle, 4th son of Emperor of Ming was there to see them. Bang Won and his arrogant nature, fearless despite the danger he and his group faced told the Emperor who he was. Bang Won ordered Ha Ryun to translate every single word he said, even if those words would aggravate the situation. 

Swords were pointed at them.

Moo Hyul who was a loyal bodyguard of Bang Won tied hard to get out from being tied and after releasing his hands immediately got a long weapon and pointed at the Emperor's neck. 

Moo Hyul did not care if he added more tension to the already heated scenario. His only concern was to protect Bang Won the best he could. He was not afraid even if the man he was holding a blade was the highest official of the land.

Bang Won was perhaps surprised by Moo Hyul's action but it only made him more firm in letting the Emperor felt that it would be his life versus his.

However, Ha Ryun was clearly afraid and wanting to ease the tension. Bang Won told him to translate what Moo Hyul said.

I like how Bang Won had become more fierce in dealing with enemies. I think he has always been good in reading the situation. He was best when put in this kind of setting. He may be wary inside but his facade would never reveal his thoughts.

Moo Hyul and Bang Won won the situation. Apparently the Emperor knew their language. He signaled the guards to let go of Bang Won and Bang Won in turn nod at Moo Hyul to put down his weapon.

Of course the incident would not pass without consequences. All the guards of the Emperor who failed to protect him and Moo Hyul who put a blade on his neck were sentenced to die. Bang Won talked with the Emperor. He would not want Moo Hyul to die.

He asked to let Moo Hyul fight and if he would die in the fight, at least he died as a warrior.

I love how Bang Won looked out for Moo Hyul. He was concerned for him. He was sad to let him know that his powers over the Emperor has it's limits and that this was the only ting he could for him.

His words to Moo Hyul about trying to survive for him, Bang Won to survive was so heartwarming knowing he believes in Moo Hyul and see him not only as his bodyguard.

The fight started.
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Of course Moo Hyul gave his all and that made him survive the fight. He also asked that the guards of the Emperor be pardoned as well. His wish was granted. I think the people there particularly the guards looked at Moo Hyul in a different way now and with respect.

Bang Won realized what Zhu Di was hiding all this time.
He also wants power and the to be the successor in his land.
He was the one who told lies about the spies to Ming to make the Emperor suspect and be in conflict with Joseon while he pretended not interested in other matters.

Bang Won needed to proceed to go to Ming as he is expected to arrive there to ease the tension. He is asking Zhu Di to give him a pass. I think they finally compromised. bang Won in turn would do him a favor if situation arises to the need.

One thing that the Emperor asked him though was to leave Moo Hyul behind. A request he could not deny, even if it worried him.

Bang Won told Moo Hyul that he would be remaining there. He also asked Master Hong to stay and look out for Moo Hyul. I like how Bang Won told Moo Hyul to live while fighting. He must live because for him, Moo Hyul must be the greatest fighter in Joseon when they come back. Bang Won's faith in Moo Hyul was very endearing. Of course, they could only hope for miracles that both of them, him and Moo Hyul would be alive and be able to come back to their own country.

Bang Won and Ha Ryun went on their journey to Ming [Nanjing].

Meanwhile, the time of the last King of Goryeo has arrived. He was sentenced to die. He did not tell Cha Sag Wang about it. He let her on an errand.

She came back to see him already dead.

Boon Yi and her people are now living in Banchon. A place where police can not enter without a pass. People at Banchon never sided in any political issues. They remain neutral.

But Moo Myung seemed to have infiltrated the place. A man was chased when found out stealing a document.

Guards was not able to enter the place.

Bang Ji who was chasing the culprit found himself in a fight with Gil Sun Mi. Guess the man was really a member of Moo Myung if Gil Sun Mi suddenly appeared at the scene.

Cha Sag Wang lives at Banchon. The former King already prepared for her  before he died. A man was looking after her and the 2 children of the King who now lives anonymously.

At Liaodong...

The time for Bang Won's return has arrived.

Moo Hyul was called by Master Hong to let him know their Prince is back. Bang Won fulfilled his promise that he would come back and get them.

Sambong Jeong Do Jung has recruited scholars. He was talking about hidden root. People are the root. This community will follow Sambong and his ideologies of Confucian principles as the founding strength of their new country Joseon.

However, Boon Yi saw them. She was again entranced by Sambong's patriotism. Boon Yi may be neutral but she really believes in Sambong's dream of a perfect government.