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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

GIF - Hong Seol and Yoo Jung Cheese in the Trap Episode 15 Highlights

Been doing separate post of Jung/Seol moments...

One more episode and it is the end of the story of Seol and Jung sunbae. Whatever the ending, there's a possibility of separation because of the events happening in episode 15. Meanwhile, I won't discuss or further ponder on what's to come. This has been a good ride from the start, then veering off road halfway, and now found it's course again, even if the continuity of the story was somewhat damaged. But what's already happened won't change the result of the development [or lack of] of the characters.

Episode 15 brings back Yoo Jung sunbae.

His confrontation with Sang Chul was witnessed by Seol. I got a feeling that she would not be able to accept him but I think her love for him overpowered whatever apprehension she had regarding the actions of Jung. Personally, I did not find it too harsh considering the weak and annoying character of Sang Chul but for others, it was the opposite. It was an action that should have woken up Sang Chul to reality.

Seol remind Jung not to do it anymore. Perhaps she was right. Emotionally, Jung was able to hurt Sang Chul but it was not a situation where Sang Chul would be scarred for life. If taken in a positive way, it was a chance for him to jolt out of his current habit of freeloading on others and taking for granted opportunities presented.

Just what I wrote already previously, Seol just like everyone is thinking that Jung would have a taste of his own medicine if he continue this kind of paying back for other's wrong doings.

Everyone now look at Jung in a different way just because he is a chaebol's son.

Cute how Seol immediately placed herself at his side and put on her claim as the official girlfriend. She knew Jung must be feeling tired of the attention so she kind of dragged him away.

Love how Seol was comfortable with her arms hooked on his as they walked away.

On the way home at the car...

they were talking about taking a vacation after the final exams. Jung asked if she can come but skeptical if her parents would let her spend overnight with him.

It was cute how Seol was eager and even suggesting to lie to her parents using Bora as excuse.

Jung sunbae was so cute sneaking a glance at her answer. It was of course a very thought out scheme to be together with him.

Seol asked for his hand...

slides a ring on his fingers...

Jung was surprised and silent at the same time. Maybe he did not anticipate this gift from Seol. It was clear that she was taking the next step on their relationship, making it stronger. A sign that she won't leave him.

It funny that Seol could say to Jung how he should have been the one to give her a ring since they are dating for half a year now.

Jung may be speechless but that moment was something that completely caught him off guard and he just could not show his feelings. It was apparent that he was happy.


this only shows that Seol loves him.

after he was left behind..his smiles became wider as he appreciates the ring on his finger.

on another scene with Jung and Seol..

it was nice to see them comfortable touching each other's hands and feeling good and happy about it

and of course...

the message that brought a pounding suspicion on Jung's heart.

I think Jung does not deserve this. 

But again, it was the point of view of the PDnim and the writer who adapted the story from the webtoon.

Guess finale will be a melancholic episode full of reality bites.


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