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Friday, June 12, 2015

Still trying to catch up....

Hi! mslee1107 here.

I have been late in posting updates on dramas I am currently watching. I know some are visiting to see some updates, maybe photos, screen caps, gif and read random thoughts. Currently I am watching about 6 dramas. I have yet to post the final review for episode 10 of Missing Noir M because I have not yet watched it.

I hope to catch up soon. Anyway, late they may be, but definitely I will finish what I started.

Thank you to those who continue to drop by.



[mslee's thoughts] Orange Marmalade Episode 5 GIF Highlights

Some highlights in this episode...

So the story was thrown back to the Joseon era [so I assumed] and still the OTP of the drama were star crossed lovers even way back then.

From a noble family, Jung Jae Min is a scholar from Sungkyungwan and the twist in this part of the drama is that he is friends with Shi Hoo who is human. Of course, Shi Hoo still has that charisma of a rebellious young adult trying to live his life the way he wants without conforming to the status or influence of his family which he clearly wanted to be free of. While Jae Min is the typical obedient/filial son to his father but for some reasons he could not meet his father's expectations on him as a son. He is born weak, easily crumbles at the sight of blood which is not a good sign to be following his father's footsteps to be a great "warrior". I believe the father has a high position at the government.

Ironically, he met the girl that would make him fall in love and feel the struggle of accepting the lowly status where she came from. Ma Ri has existed during this time as a vampire from a clan that holds a philosophy of respecting humans and co existing with them discreetly. There is another clan who is greedy enough to plan an uprising against human to conquer a large part of the country. They are also feeding on human blood unlike Ma Ri's family where her father is one of the elders. They are butchers, supplying meats to the neighborhood. Guess this is where they get their blood supplement, from animals they butcher.

This particular clan is living in the midst of Bancheon, quietly doing their everyday chores while looking at one another to be out of harms way or being discovered. Ma Ri's mother is in charge of the medicine for their sun protection to be distributed.

For this episode, Shi Hoo is restless and not really interested in studying unlike Jae Min. He went off to a secluded cabin in Bancheon and even invited Jae Min to come along or visit him. It was the reason why Jae Min suddenly went to see him because the head in the school is looking for Shi Hoo and asked Jae Min to bring him back. As he was finding Shi Hoo's hide out, he saw Ma Ri who was sitting on a huge rock while playing a flute. 

Her image draws him closer, entranced at her beauty. But he jolted back to the present and pivoted away from her. He is the typical conservative young adult that sets a line between men and women. But walking hurriedly away he was suddenly bitten by a snake, With instinct he drew his knife and tried to slash on the part he was bitten so blood would flow, hoping the poison would come out. He was in pain when Ma Ri found him. 

She immediately sucked the blood out of his skin, on his foot but the taste of human blood made her want some more. She was transforming and on the verge of taking a bite when Shi Hoo appeared some distance away. She scurried away leaving Jae Min.

The accident made Jae Min stayed at his room and recuperated  and of course, Shi Hoo is somehow apologetic. Jae Min could not help but think of Ma Ri. He is intrigued. Shi Hoo advised Jae Min not to eat meat on that particular day when meat will be served to the scholars. Everyone got an upset stomach. The head of the scholars with a number of others including Jae Min went to see Ma Ri's father who supplied the meat. The father pleaded that he supplied a fresh meat and that he was not responsible for the upset stomachs. But the group is already convicting him. Ma Ri appeared, crying when she saw her parents being dragged particularly her father. That was when Jae Min recognized her.

Knowing she came from a low class bothered him. Yes, class distinction is something to be considered during those days. Society dictates that a noble family will only be with nobles. That's why his father arranged an engagement to A Ra who also comes from a noble family. His father also wanted him to have a stable in laws that will help him in the future. 

The clan is bothered and scared for Ma Ri's father who is being held prisoner without water and food. Vampires like them can last up to three days but without sun protection, it is not possible. Ma Ri took the medicine and went to see her father. By that time, Jae Min had somehow realized it was Shi Hoo who spoiled the food. Shi Hoo is naughty and rebellious. He confronted him and angrily told him that his jokes caused some other family harm.

Ma Ri quietly stepped closer to her father and was on the verge of making him drink the medicine when the sleeping guards woke up and saw her. She pleaded but they did not hear her.  Jae Min arrived and told the guards to let the father go. He told them it was his mistake all along. Ma Ri looked at him, gauging his sincerity. Maybe she was surprised at the way he helped them.

Of course, she found out that it was not him but another scholar who pulled the prank. Because they were already pulled together by this unseen force [called attraction] Jae Min went to see Ma Ri with the excuse of washing his clothes that was stained with blood. By the river banks they crouched together as he washed the clothes, She knew he came from a noble family and smiled at how he washes his clothes. She extended her hands and also helped him wash the clothes. They talked. He is definitely attracted. But because she came from a low class is not easy for him to accept his feelings. She on another hand talks of society and the standards people had put on it.

Jae Min learned about his coming engagement and told his father that he will not do it. he is ready to defy his father. Or is he?

Shi Hoo has a secret hobby. He fights on a ring but anonymously. He covers his eyes to keep the intrigue. But he is a good fighter. 

This is where he crossed path with  Ma Ri walking one night. He saw her being surrounded by thugs but she was fearless and knew how to protect herself. She can fight her own battles. But he wanted to be a knight in shinning armor so he butted in. The thugs told him to go away as he is a noble but Shi Hoo never backed out on a challenge. He fought with them as Ma Ri witnessed at the sides. But she walked away, not even interested in Shi Hoo.

The story will stat the complicated romance between these 4 characters. Both Jae Min and Shi Hoo fell for Ma Ri.

Then there is the other clan of vampires who are greedy. 

The interesting twist is that the teacher who is Jae Min's step father in the previous episodes is a right hand man for this greedy vampire. I wonder what will be his story in this era.

Until next episode...