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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[GIF] BIGBANG On Running Man - Let's Laugh Some More

I think I just had one of best laughs yesterday while watching Running Man episode where Big Bang was their guest. I think the games yesterday were so fun and fits the group. So, Joong Kook was the protector of Big Bang. Yes! The big guy.

Almost every scene was full of fun and very hilarious. Seriously, I was watching by myself and I think my laughs could be heard outside my room. So I indulged more or the funny and crazy episode of Running Man.

Well, there was Kwang Soo who always got me laughing. And the revenge mode of these RM to Big Bang, well particularly to Joong Kook was so cunning I felt bad for Joong Kook. But of course, the show must go on, even if he was being humiliated that way. Yeah, in the  most fun and crazy way.


First face off again after 3 years and still they were awed by GD and his charisma.

Well, I have always has a soft spot for T.O.P so yes, I am more into him but I like the group. I lov some of their songs and keep them in my playlist. 

So far in this episode Seung Ri has the least exposure or should I say, he was a bit timid compared to the others. Still, some great captures ahead.

First game was the clock game where they have to passed the rotating surface. This is really hilarious! At the end, they have to break the plastic wrap against their faces and recounted the numbers of the time.

And so chaos started, with GD already doing somersaults. lol!

Look at Daesung as he danced his way to the goal. 

T.O.P was so fast with Joong Kook right behind him to protect or put a barricade for him against the other group.

The downside, the plastic was so hard to break it made them look like an alien. 

While some were busy crushing T.O.P and Joong Kook, Tae Yang was pivoting endlessly and could not seem to stop himself.

Still trying to break the plastic.... Wow, it's tough, right?

GD and Haha...

More chaos...

Tae Yang bit Haha at some point in this chaotic scene.

Dae Sung running towards Joong Kook who was protecting the clock stand, but was having a hard time coming sooner.

Who would not laugh crazily at this sight?

Round 1 finished and the group were all exhausted already. As one of them said, it is only appetizer but they were spent.

On their way to the next stop.

Poor Joong Jook left alone by himself because the gang were tired and sleeping while he drives.

Most hilarious game with BIGBANG

Again GD was being noticed by the way he tied his towel on his head. Envious Yoo Jae Suk and Gary.lol

Game of basketball

T.O.P going for a dunk!


Even Ji Hyo was cheering. Hearts...around!

Dae Sung was the comedic one in this episode.

Seung Ri laughing as Joong Kook was being overpowered by the other team, particularly Kwang Soo.

Then Tae Yang did not escaped the treacherous move of the other team. Jae Suk pulled the pants.

Really tricky and calculating moves to even the game or win it because they were trailing behind. Got to stop Joong Kook. Poor Tae Yang he was involved in the plan.

Dae Sung was trying to get the pants back. But failed because it landed far away.

Basketball continues even through the chaos.

Tae Yang had a good shot.

At the other side Joong Kook put on his revenge mode against Kwang Soo.

While T.O.P made a run towards the ring and dunked another one.

But Joong Kook was again played on. His boxers were stripped off him leaving him naked and vulnerable. Chincha!!!! And the writers looked on at the sides laughing their hearts out.

Look at GD laughing...helplessly for Joong Kook's situation. Guess they could not help him or else they would have to endure the same fate.

So funny as the boxers found its way to the mic's pole exposed to the viewers...million viewers of RM worldwide!

was it so funny Seung Ri? hahahaha

Next game...car racing. This was a thriller.

Soda versus water then flipping the cups upside down.

Well gladiators aka BIGBANG won the round. Hurrying to the next game.

This one, GD was the one who was against Gary walking on abacus.  He stumbled towards the finish line.

Final leg of the competition.

T.O.P and Joong Kook. Power is the key.

Look how they slammed their bodies at the huge pile of boxes.

The chaos in riding the mobile to get back to the past. All members must be inside the car to win. But Kwang Soo was again in his tricks mode and pulling Dae Sung away.

Time to get in the fight. Dae Sung in his spirited match against cheater Kwang Soo.

It sure was a battle in there. T. O. P was having a tough time pushing and staying inside.

Well, game is over. Finally. BIGBANG won.

I think I will watch again for more laughs.


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