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Friday, December 8, 2017

(mslee's thoughts) First Impression - Black Knight

Since I wrote a short impression on the drama Black Knight in my Facebook page I would like to share that post here in my blog. Just quick thoughts...

On episode 1

Black Knight - Kim Rae Won is full of charisma💕 he has few lines in episode 1, more on reminiscing and pondering but still his presence on the screen is worth appraising every second. His eyes and face are expressive and yet so very natural. And the thing that makes this drama appealing is that his chemistry with Shin Se Kyung in those short scenes with her towards the ending of the episode was so beautiful. 👍

The drama gives off the vibe of a fairy tale romance that we used to read. Like there seems to be an immortal witch/ fairy godmother... A second lead villain that also looks like she lived through times and will not stop until she gets what she wants👉Kim Rae Won aka Soo Ho. Then here we have a charming prince who lives in a castle...used to have scars ( like beast / beauty and the beast vibe) but now gone. Is he our girl's prince charming? Or is their story more on the tragic romance kind? Like star crossed lovers? Who is he exactly?

Although we were shown snippets of each character's past lives and how they are all tangled together as fate made them, there are still lots of intriguing story we need to find out. But I am feeling the romance here. Like in a fairy tale💕


First impression...


On episode 2

Just finished watching ep 2 #blackknight.

An hour of pure pleasure as my heart flutters and finding myself smiling as I feast on Kim Rae Won and his sweet stares and lines towards Shin Se Kyung. It has been a while since a drama showed pure romance between 2 leads. An hour of revelation on other characters that somehow answered part of the intrigues in the storyline. 2 immortals and 2 reincarnated characters will be the center of the story. And I think there will also be revenge towards the man who killed Soo Ho's father and stole wealth from Hae Ra's family.

Well..I am quite satisfied by the episode even if I was left wanting more. I am in love with the idea of falling in love in this drama. 💕 KRW surely can make a woman's heart beat faster and his stares melt a lady's defenses. He is the perfect #blackknight 😜❤❤❤


Hoping to write more on this drama.


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