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Thursday, November 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] CHEER UP Episode 12 Screen caps - Final Thoughts


I wished this drama would never end this soon with only 12 episodes. It felt like it is just starting to get even more interesting. But of course, the theme of the story revolves around friendship, betrayal of trust and the troubles young adults face while making it in this world. So perhaps, yes, the story had progressed while resolving these issues in a much fast paced style.

That's why, here I am, posting my last screen caps of the episodes and last thoughts for the drama.

While Soo Ah's problems ended positively making her realize all her mistakes, there is still the matter of Ji Soo and his problems with his father and his physical abuse on him. There is still the issue of what Yeon Doo and Yeol will do with their parents relationship.

From previous episode, it ended with Yeol asking his best friend Ha Joon if his decision to leave the team was because of Yeon Doo. Yeol had seen Ha Joon back hugging Yeon Doo. There was more to the back hug and Yeol knew right away that his friend is somehow attracted to his girlfriend. This could easily lead to misunderstanding or petty jealousy but because Yeol loves Ha Joon like a brother, he knew that he must have needed someone that night to share his pains.

What I like about it was that Yeol confronted Ha Joon and asked him directly about what's bugging him concerning Yeon Doo. And it was the way Ha Joon answered... would it make any difference if he said yes, it is about Yeon Doo. It is a reality that they both like the same girl and Yeol already got her. Whatever Ha Joon must be feeling right now won't matter unless he is willing to give way but then again it won't matter because Yeon Doo already likes Yeol.

I just felt sad for Ha Joon for the fact that I really like him and for a second lead guy, I think he deserve someone to make him happy as well. This is why second lead guys whose charms are lethal can make viewers torn between 2 guys.

Yeol decided to give not of them time to think. He even distanced himself from Yeon Doo for a while, maybe because he doe not want Ha Joon to feel hurt. He would wait for Ha Joon to fixed his emotions and get used to him and Yeon Doo together as a couple. Of course, it hurts Yeol too, to know his friend must be hurting. Ha Joon also distanced himself from Yeon Doo for awhile.

But then the real truth about Ha Joon quitting the cheer dance was because his father asked him and that there would be investigation again on specs which the school is doing in connection with the cheer dance. 

Meanwhile Soo Ah was making progress with her duties in the school. She is doing her responsibility and seemed like she likes them. Her mother saw her, must be pitiful in her eyes to see Soo Ah holding cleaning materials. But then, Soo Ah is okay and for a favor asked that her mother not visit the school frequently and let her graduate quietly.

The investigation from Education arrived at the school. Parents now are pointing towards Soo Ah's mother as the one who started the cheer dance to help her daughter's specs. The Principal then was fired out. Ironically, her "loyal" assistant became the temporary Principal who was so happy to have her seat.

Thus, the cheer dance team was dissolved. They will go back as Haebok and Real Kings again. The students in the cheer dance were all upset and gloomy with the news. They have practiced with all their heart, been looking forward to the regional finals, and everyone became friends. They would miss each other's company and the time spent practicing. 

Their teacher, Na Jung A was also fired from school. The students were all sad. They were all grateful for her. I believe she did a great job uniting these students and building a great friendship between them.

Ha Joon was angry at his father for not holding the end of their deal. It was supposed to just let him quit the team but not dissolving it and not firing a teacher form her post. He was then grounded by his father, not letting him go to school. 

The team asked Yeon Doo to decide about joining the regional finals. Yeon Doo's heart was torn because she knew how important this to all of them, not the reward but the chance to show their hard work to everyone. She told them that if anyone wanted to do the cheer dance, just arrive at the scheduled time and place. If others would not arrive they would understand and not get angry at their decision.

Yeol had a bad feeling about Ha Joon. He was not coming to school. He went to see him at his house but was told he was sick. He went to see Ha Joon's father and told him not to beat his son anymore. It was so brave of Yeol to tell it an elder but then it made Ha Joon's father speechless. I guess someone really needs to say this things to make the person concerned understand what wrong he has been doing.

Yeol and Yeon Doo went to get Ha Joon the day they were going to the competition. She rang the fire alarm, causing the ahjumma inside the house to let Ha Joon out. Ha Joon saw Yeol and Yeon Doo and they ran out. But on the street, he saw his father's car. He told the two to went ahead and he would just follow. He went to talk to his father. It was good that Ha Joon still respect his father and although he made him understood that he would live his life the way he wanted at least he was able to tell him that.

The Competition

Surprisingly, everyone appeared. But then, they were scared of the other competitors. They were all like professionals and against them their team would look like newbie. But their spirits did not left them. They were there to show what they have got. People were whispering about them when they learned that they were form Sevit High. The rumor had already reached other schools about the specs. But it did not affect theses kids. 

They showed their passion as they went through their routine. They may have been the weakest cheer dancers but they never bothered to be affected. Their teachers, Tae Bum and Jung A were their biggest supporters at the crowd. They cheered and clapped for them. It was a great feeling.

Of course, they did not win. Gwenchana...

Yeon Doo and Ha Joon

Somehow, she found out his feelings for her. At least, they are comfortable. He has found a way to deal with his feelings and is now ready to be her friend again.

Ha Joon..wish you happiness, too!

Most favorite bromance in k-drama land...

I guess as of the moment, nothing beats Yeol/Ha Joon bromance!

Soo Ah and her mother

She sent video messages to her mother, cheering her while she continue her school life. I think it was for the best because finally, they learned to communicate as parent and child. 

Soo Ah and Dong Jae

Friendship became stronger. She was now cheering for him  in basketball. He went back to playing after defeating his fear of touch. Well, thanks to Soo Ah for that. The strawberry milk was now being snatch by Soo Ah even if he protested that it was for Yeon Doo. They look cute together. Like brother and sister. They found comfort in each other.

Soo Ah and Yeon Doo

Yeon Doo and Yeol

So...Yeol gave in to his father's happiness. He found the ring inside the car and it made him think that his father was considering his feelings after all. The two adults continue their relationship. 

They became like family.

A happy atmosphere inside the house while sharing a meal. But of course, Yeon Doo and Yeol are also in a relationship and not giving up. He was already preparing for the future. he was calling his mother asking if it was too late to change his family name. If not, adopt him so he could change his family name, I wonder why it is a big deal? I think Yeon Doo will not change her family name unless if the family registry would make her do so. Am I right? Ah molla!

It was cute when Yeon Doo thought he was calling someone, or cheating on her. Then Ha Joon appeared, with his arms n both of them and told Yeon Doo to tell him if he was cheating. I laughed at this. It means he would just be there, waiting... lol!

Then the story ended with all the cheer dancers walking together happily like lone big family.

Oh, I so love this drama. It made me cry tons and tons, it made me smile, grin and laugh and it made me fall in love with the complicated romance. It brought memories back in the days when I myself was in school and enjoying youth.

Kamsahamnida writernim.