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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts]GIF CHEER UP Episode 11 Highlights

The story is reaching it's end. Even though I think that this is too good to end in one more episode, I guess the goal of the drama has been shown to the viewers and now will only wrap up some loose ends.

I am glad that Soo Ah finally got that chance of turning a new leaf. She has been at peace with her heart after the encouragements she received from the team. Yeon has been reaching out to her along with all the cheer leaders.

She told her mother that she won't transfer school. She will go back to Sevit High, finish her studies there and even if she got punished she will receive them whole hearted. It was the only way she can go on with her life. She has to face the consequences of her actions. I think she has matured after all that ordeal she had gone through. It was a good thing to realize them sooner. I hope the mother will also realize her share of the mistakes and how she made her daughter suffered.

Soo Ah was a bit nervous opening the doors where the team and teachers were. Yeon Doo saw her hesitating and smiled. Then she walked towards her who has not seen her yet, and with poker face, she told her to follow her inside. The initiative was now gone from her. Somehow a relief to be told to come inside. She apologized to everyone, particularly to Yeol, Dong Jae and of course Yeon Doo. All accept her with smiles. 

She thanked Yeon Doo for not giving up on her until the end. I thought I already shed tears from previous episodes, but I guess the writer is not through making me feel the lump in my throat for this scene. Well, it is a good written story about obstacles facing young adults and friendships gone sour now being patched up.

Because Soo Ah has found peace within herself, now she can sleep soundly. Now, there is no pressure on her to study and be number one. The girls were looking at her and they were happy to see her sleeping deeply.

So, after all that had happened, Yeon Doo felt that Yeol was ignoring her. The exam days were over but he was focused on studying. She could not get his undivided attention. She felt bored already but he seemed clueless...or just not interested at her antics at the moment.

Got a bit pissed, she put a post it on his forehead. LOL!

Asking him to about the movie he wanted to watch after the exams were over. A reminder in case he already forgot. Yeol smiled reading her note. Ah, this cute guy never fails to make me smile every time he smiles.

But after the note, Yeol continue to ignore her. 
hahahaha... was he doing it on purpose? 

She could not take it any longer. She decided to stay and help Ha Joon clean that day. She also told him about her concern, making it appear as if it was a problem of one of her girl friend about a guy. She asked for advise if it was good to take the initiative to contact a guy or if that was not cool and would make a girl clingy.

Ha Joon seemed to know that it was really her problem. He even answered that he liked clingy girls. Of course he had to pretend not knowing anything about her and Yeol.

Yeol told Ha Joon that he and Yeon Doo are dating. He expected him to give a reaction which is how a best friend guy give to congratulate a friend in finding someone who makes him good and happy. But Ha Joon seemed not excited about hearing it. He asked for more reactions but Ha Joon had none. Which of course was a disappointment and confusing... for Yeol.

Yeol continue to pass Yeon Doo by...

but he turned around this time and put a note on her in return.

A smile broke out on her face after she read the note. An invitation to meet him.

The Movie Date

For a high schooler, this is enough when they are inside school premise and in a dorm.
Nice, comfortable and all the feelings of what first date means.

They got to cuddle, hold hands as they enjoy the moment.

Opppss...here goes my heart again, that pinch seeing Ha Joon staring at his mobile phone, at his photo with Yeon Doo. He knew where they are now while he is alone. He contemplated deleting the photo and I prayed he would not. 

Thank you writernim, he kept the photo!

Everyone was going home. A short break from school. Ha Joon was not packing his things. Yeol thought he would leave later. Yeol was disappointed to see Dong Jae clinging to Yeon Doo. It seemed that he would not be able to have Yeon Doo alone. He complained about the touching, though. 

Dong Jae after overcoming his fear of touch, now is comfortably touching Yeon Doo, like holding her hands, to Yeol's annoyance. Yeah, he is the boyfriend but the BFF seems to have priority on her time.

Dong Jae was with them the whole time....
and again, the strawberry milk was making Yeol sulky!

Ha Joon looking at his report card. He did not go home. He'd rather stay at school than be scolded by his father.

On the way home...

Yeol could not make Dong Jae realized how he feels....

Oh, poor Yeol!


Their parents are also walking home together!

Finally...Dong Jae arrived home!
Yeol was the most excited!

Time to hold her hand...

But what is this???

A sight both couple did not expect...

Are they dating or not?

ahm..who? the parents?

Yeon Doo was UPSET! Who would not be? lol

Love her mother. She knew the situation and why Yeon Doo was making a fuss. She did not want her to feel hurt. She denied of course, the dating.

Yeol was not enthusiastic that his opinion was being considered now. He asked if his father could not date Yeon Doo's mother. Well, obviously, it was not going to be that easy to resolve this situation.

Scenario if their parents become married, they could be siblings living in one house.

But...but... this is going to be tough! Close proximity, you know!

Yeon Doo's imaginations were running wild...

Both got back to the dorm. 

They have to think of something to prevent their parents from proceeding with their plans

They met each other's parents

Poor parents...


Ha Joon ws told to quit the cheer dancing club. He stubbornly told his father he would not. He was punished.

Ha Joon was nowhere to be found. Missing again and it gave Yeol a nagging feeling that something was not right.

Yeon Doo found him...

Okay, so Ha Joon felt he needed someone and Yeon Doo was there. A back hug! It's okay. Gwenchana...gwenchana.

Inside the clinic...

Yeol found them.

I love bromance!
I love how Yeol cares for Ha Joon.

But what Ha Joon did not know...

Yeol saw him when he back hugged Yeon Doo!

Something that troubled Yeol.
His friend...
His girlfriend...

Both mean a lot to him!

Ha Joon told the team he already quit.
Days before the competition.

Yeol had to talk to him. He was not accepting his lame excuse about his studies being affected.

The truth comes out now.

But then, Yeon Doo was only a part of his decision to leave. His father threatened to fire his teachers and to dissolve the group. Ha Joon wanted to protect them. But he could tell this to Yeol. that there will be an inspection soon.

Yeol was angry. Not because his friend likes Yeon Doo. But because, Ha Joon was taking the easy way out. Ha Joon was avoiding Yeon Doo. Yeol thought it was the reason why he quit. It makes him angry maybe because he could not do anything for Ha Joon's feelings. He likes Yeon Doo, what will he do?

When friends like one girl, though...

and mslee1107 is torn between lead and second lead guy!


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