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Friday, June 7, 2013

[video] SS501 - 8 Years and Counting!

Wish leader was present here...


Kwon Sang Woo with Family Spotted

Rare are photos and news about Kwon Sang Woo, [my Cholo in Stairway to Heaven].

Recently spotted together with wife and kid having some quality time as a family.

cre: dramafever

[Ep. 20] When a Man Loves Final Episode Screencaps + Short recap + mslee's Final Thoughts

Final episode [20] ...


Tae Sang agreed to marry Seung Jo. SJ excited.

MD went to TS office, talked with TS then SJ came in and TS announced to MD they are getting married. MD, a bit surprised or not, with her poker face [but there is conflicting emotions there] congratulated the couple.

MD dreamed of TS...in the bookstore, they were still together happily bantering at each other. Woke up, found it was only a dream. Went to their old home, to the bookstore, realized it's not real and stared with tears at the chalkboard, at the bookstore. [regret is written on her face]

TS and Tae Min went to mom's shop, mom cried seeing TM. A small family reunion followed.

Wedding pictorial for the couple. Yong Gap told SJ about what really happened to the missing person whom TS mom eloped with. He died accidentally when he fell on the stairs.

MD and JH talked and seemed like breaking up. [well, what they did was wrong so they surely won't be happy together.]

JH and his real father met.

Surprise...but SJ jilted TS on the day of their wedding. Yong Gap promised he will not harm TS if SJ will not marry TS. SJ runaway, crying, finally awakening from her obsession over TS.

MD went to the wedding and was the last to linger at the venue, seeing TS lonely and betrayed.

They looked at each other for a brief moment. MD talked with CH at the gate.

MD went to work for Kelly Jo. 2 years passed...

MD brother finally fulfilled his dreams.

MD father published a book and was successful.

MD visit the old bookstore, wrote something at the chalkboard, not knowing TS owns the store now.

At the ending scene, TS and MD talked.

My take..[coz I'm still waiting for subs] there may be a future for them both. They have a chance for a fresh start.

mslee writes her final thoughts...

I'll start with what I shared in my FB right after the drama ended.

"so what if TS and MD  start again? if one can forgive his mother who abandoned him and ran away with another man, guess he can also forgive MD for the betrayal, because the story of MD is also the story of TS mom. 
people make grave mistakes, but there's room for correcting those, because only in making mistakes some realized what is right all along.

the writer is a believer... of positivity despite all the negativity that influence people. :))"

Many might question how the writer ended the series, but as a viewer, I find it just. All characters in the story have flaws, no one is perfect, least Tae Sang. But because he was pitied much and a favorite, some see him as perfect.

I already said that Mi Do is a confused young woman who doesn't know what she likes, wants. She may be called many bad names by viewers, but she can't be said as a bad daughter. She had done what it takes for her family. She had admitted beforehand that she is a material girl, but seeing the story, I find her not. She felt at ease with Jae Hee which led her to believe that she likes him more than Tae Sang.

People often mistakes what they truly feel and only realized them after just like what MD did in the story. Viewers find her despicable and she should have known what she was doing in the first place because she is not that young anymore. But guess what, TS mother was a married woman with two children, still she made a mistake.

I like the part when TS asked her mother "why did she do it?" and she answered "she doesn't know". This is truly insightful for me. Because really, there's no answer to that question. If she knew, I guess she would not do it. She knew the consequences of her actions, still she proceeded. Because that decision was made out of impulsive actions, just like when JH and MD betrayed TS in his house.

MD just thought she did it because of love for JH but when she is already free from TS, the romance died, too.

Just as how TS mother answered TS when he asked "if she was happy?". MD, too find no happiness after she broke up with TS. Mother did too, and added she doesn't deserve to be happy.

The answer is already in the story. MD and TS mother did the same mistakes. And both were quick to realize them after. A mistake that can be repented and asked for forgiveness. Viewers find it hard to forgive MD, but, they can forgive Chang Hee for all his choices, bad ones at that and definitely planned. But then again, the writer made CH acknowledged his grave mistakes and made him pay for them.

What about the other characters in the story? The father of MD. Read that he is also being ridiculed just because he doesn't like TS. A father, all fathers are like that. Suspicious of those who likes their daughters. MD father is ignorant of TS good points. And I can't blame him. He was a witness to his past life. And I like the father-daughter relationship here. They understand one another. 

Why not be successful in his career? People who are prudent usually attains their goal, and MD father is. Just like MD brother whose dreams became a reality.

The writer wants a happy and positive ending for the story. And I commend her for doing that. It's like learning from past mistakes and making a better person out of those unwanted circumstances that comes in one's life.

MD and TS deserve a second chance at love, at happiness. And it's good that the writer chose to pass the time. To heal all wounds and pains, and to be a new person once again. Only by doing this, a fresh start can be possible.

When a Man Loves did justice for it's title. Love never fades. Love is forgiving. Love is hopeful. And love is not vengeful. Love is patient and kind. Love does not come to an end.

And Tae Sang is what a man is when he falls in love.