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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[spoiler] Han Tae Sang and Seung Jo - Will They Marry in the End?

남자가 턱시도 입을때! 
성주 and 태상

Will WAML ends this way? With Seung Jo in the arms of Tae Sang?

Oh no...!!!!

mslee's thoughts

If he doesn't love/learned to love her for all these years... this is not gonna work. Love can not be forced. The heart knows. Unless it's pity and companionship.

I'll be firm in my stand, BSJ is a selfish woman who thinks her unwavering love for TS can be answered back by her lying to him about his family's whereabouts. She thinks she will be noticed just because she is trying her best to reunite him and his long lost brother and mother.

Sad to say, even though she loves him, her lies about him and make him a bad person in the eyes of someone [MD and JH] doesn't deserve TS affection.

So...will the writer gives us TS/SJ wedding in the end?

Really, I do hope not!.

Can be an interesting twist but definitely, not my kind of ending in mind as far as SJ is concerned.

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