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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jang Ok Jung Episode 18 Screencaps + short recap + mslee's thoughts

Mianhe. mslee was late tuning in tonight via live streaming. But fortunately, still captured a lot!:))

From last night's episode, prince Yoon was taken away by Queen In Hyun's maid. 

From where I started watching tonight, the prince was in the care of IH. She was loving the baby as if he is hers. OJ was as I understand were ousted [?] from the palace.

The faithful guard of King SJ/LS witnessed how the maid and IH have the Prince. While OJ was crying on her mother's  for loosing her precious baby.

Meanwhile, King SJ/LS who suddenly collapsed in front of the ministers were presumed in a sate of comatose. 

 Again, the greedy ministers, led by Min , IH father. They tried to assassinate the unconscious King [but then it was a fake,/orchestrated comma] .

In time, the faithful guard and Prince Dong Pyung were there. DP gave SJ a book that contains list/evidence against the people behind the failed assassination. [so I presume].

The next day, in a meeting, ministers gathered in the hall but were surprised when SJ appeared and walked before them. The doctor who took care of SJ was also in secrecy about SJ's real state.

A great battle between Min and SJ soon followed. You could see how angry, mad and so powerful SJ while he talked to the ministers. And of course, especially to Min.

I wish he would be punished for all his greediness and schemes.

The royal family, SJ, OJ and prince Yoon were reunited as a family.

Ok Jung came back to the palace, with the guards and went to the Queen's quarter where the baby Prince was with the Queen. OJ get her baby back from the Queen.

IH here was losing her poise and fear was there in her eyes.

The King was really happy to hold his successor in his arms. Both OJ and SJ were so happy.

The episode ends with SJ wrath searing from his eyes towards his Ministers who were plotting against him.

-a quick thoughts from mslee-

loving Yoo AH In's character here as Suk Jong. He is definitely feeling it. His intelligence as SJ is now being in focus. A King who could not be easily beaten. A King who also knew how to play and scheme behind his ministers' back.

His presence is filling the screen. Yoo Ah In is playing the character with depth.

As for Kim Tae Hee, even though many still are criticising her acting, for me, she is awesome as Ok Jung. She can deliver the scenes with so much intensity. So as Hong Soo Hyun. She plays as the queen with regal stance and can get sympathy from the viewers.

some screencaps...

captures from soompi

scenes I missed tonight...
credit to the owners of the photos

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