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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kim Soo-hyun, 'Calvin Klein Jeans' denim pictorial

Elle magazine and check out the April issue of Cosmopolitan ... 

I can't quite describe as sexy because he is much more adorable looking even if he exudes a manly appeal. Maybe his young facial features is overpowering his charisma to be considered sexy for these set of photos. Anyway, this only my own opinion. 

Still, Kim Soo Hyun is so handsome!
Thanks Keyeast for sharing these in FB.

[mslee's thoughts] Final Review - Man from The Stars

I am back! Late reaction to the drama but I am just glad I watched it!

At last I found the time to watch the final 2 episodes of Man From The Stars. I totally evaded reading spoilers, even checking out soompi forums. I want to be surprised for what's coming in my way.

Th ending surely gave the feeling of a happy ending but still left much more to the imagination of the viewer like me. As I first post on my FB account, there is that surreal feeling surrounding the ending,

Do Min Joon remained an alien. And I thought there will be a way for him to become human in the end! I think it would have been more beautiful if the writers found a way to make him mortal so that he can grow old beside Song Yi. But until the very end his existence as an alien remains and when the time to go, he went and just tried several times to come back. and in my own conclusion, this will be now his way of making it besides Song Yi always and forever. Appearing and disappearing.

As a love story it really caters to the expectation of the viewers, giving us that bittersweet love story we always love in every romantic drama. But if reality sets in, there is no way that the situation between Song Yi and Min Joon is a workable one in the long run. One minute he is there one minute he is gone. And the cycle continues. 

How can she lead her life in that kind of fantasy and still be happy and contented. But of course, this is a drama and a fantasy at the same time.

It just goes to show that a person in love will grab at any chance of happiness there is available just to hold on and keep the promise of forever. And Do Min Joon is there for Song Yi forever. The conversations between them are all beautiful. The confession of undying love and waiting forever is what makes the story compelling despite the odds.

I am glad that there is closure in Jae Kyung's story although I am waiting for the importance of his ring but the writers let it go and did not put more attention to it. Guess it was just a weird habit when his alter ego is in possession of his mind.

Man From The Stars let us dream of so many possibilities about love. Even though is only a drama, it shows that all can be conquered in the name of love, even the impossible. It take us to the heights of amusements, in the thrilling unbelievable scenes and the wonders of what attraction is that will withstand the test of time.

The ending might be kind of surreal, but I won't say that it is lacking in what my expectation is. Maybe it will always leave me the feeling of hanging, of wonder, but overall, I can say I am fine with  the way it ends.

Great cast, amazing script, beautiful scenes and exceptional acting from both Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. The chemistry is wonderful until the very end.

mslee1107 writing her final thoughts