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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Photos - Character Posters of Age of Feelings Cast

photos via Topstarsnews

[mslee's thoughts] Excited for the Season 3 of I Need Romance

One of the dramas I enjoyed watching was I Need Romance. Many prefer the first season but personally I connected with the characters and stories in the second season where Lee Jin Wook and Jung Yu Mi played the lead roles.

Now seeing a news via soompi that there will be a season 3 makes me excited for what's in store for us, viewers. Not only there will be another round of fun and laughter and in depth analysis about relationships, Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon will play the leads. I am seeing a cute chemistry already just by looking at the photos.

Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon Are Already in Couple Mode for “I Need Romance 3″

The drama will air via tvN [cable] and I just know it will be another success for the series.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Catching Up on Good Dramas I Missed

There's a lot of good dramas that I happened to missed while they were airing. Since watching them live via streaming sites can't be accomplish when I am watching another on the same time slot, all I can do is wait for the reviews or recommendations from chingus in the net. Usually I blog what dramas I currently watch that are airing now in Korea. But time is limited I can't share my thoughts in all of them. I am just glad that I am  not too late to catch up.

One of the dramas I missed which I am glad I decided to watch was Nine: Travel Nine Times which aired via cable. A time travelling drama that kept me awake even in the wee hours of the night. I could not wait for each episodes. The plot, the characters and the story was intriguing. And I think the twist and turns all connected and I was satisfied with the open ending it left the viewers. It had a positive conclusion and whatever wrongs in the beginning were righted. I think Lee Jin Wook had done justice to the character in the drama.

Another drama I just finished last night was a noir genre that really made me glued in front of the monitor was Cruel City. I think the story was very solid. It gave a good insight of what it was like living as an undercover. It also tackled the danger of loosing humanity. All in all the drama was worth watching and even though it also had open ending, I am not disappointed because there was closure in a way. I love the action scenes, very stylish but of course some scenes were really brutal it's too close to reality. The story left some vagueness in the emotional side of the drama but I think it only adds that mystery that will stay forever. I fell in love with Jung Kyung Ho through his character in the drama. I think he made action scenes seemed effortless with his classy movements. 

For a rom/com, there was I Need Romance 2. I like the way it was shown. It tackles about relationship between man and woman. And I enjoyed watching it. There's truth in it and the writer successfully relayed why a man acts a certain way and why a woman reacted to it and how she perceived it. I think the drama is a mature way of giving us an in depth glimpse of how to find happiness and love in every relationship. The drama made me smile and laugh but also made me cry. Jung Yu Mi had a great chemistry with Lee Jin Sook and together they made me feel what it's like to be in love again.

For now these are the dramas I marathon. I am now starting on two more dramas in between my currently watching ones. What's interesting is they were all shown via cable. I guess filming is much more beautiful and flawless.


[mslee's thoughts] Heirs - Waiting for the Conclusion

How time flies! Two more episodes left and it's a wrap. Honestly, I haven't felt the stories of other characters in the drama and soon it will be over. I know they are just there to make it more interesting but for me, I am loving the other couples besides Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang.

Sorry, but they give the drama a cute twist and fun that makes me antipate each episode. Maybe because I know that Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang are the lead OTP so whatever is happening in their on and off/tug and pull relationship is already a given. The against all odds cliche should make me feel absorbed but the pull was from the cute childish relationship of Yoon Cha Young and Lee Bo Na. I expected to see more of them because they brighten the aura which is always moody and melancholy for our lead OTP. I am also always anticipating scenes of Kim Won and Jun Hyun Joo. I think what they have has more depth and much interesting if tackled more. I want to know how they survive all these years as a couple in hiding, although the Chairman already knew what's going on. They can't hide things from the old man. 

Another late cute couple is Rachel and Lee Hyo Shin. Actually, I never anticipated the pairing. But I was surprised to see a chemistry between them. The shock of realizing that there can be something between them is very cute. And I thought Lee Hyo Shin's unrequited love towards Jun Hyun Joo will forever hurt him. I am glad for that fleeting moment of kiss between him and Rachel for both needed someone in their lives to cheer them and let go of something they must to find their own happiness. 

Maybe Heirs needs additional episodes if their stories will be told. Sadly, I just have to be contented of their stories as presented. I wonder what will happen to Young Do? I love how in the last episode he helped Kim Tan's mother to find Kim Tan. It was a touching scene. It was too late for Young Do but not for Kim Tan. And I know Young Do had done it out of the goodness of his heart.

If only the pacing was not so slow. I understand the confusion both Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang are undergoing. They are minors and don't have the power to decide on their own. I think Tan's emotions are overpowering his sensible mind. That's where Kim Won differs from him. I think Won used his logical mind to outwit his father and at the same time protect Hyun Joo. 

Two more episodes and I am seeing that Tan's standing up for Eun Sang in the next episode will make it or break it for them. Either he wins or he loose to his father. One thing that made me smile though is that the bond between him and Won seems to be getting smoother.

As I wait for the final episodes, I hope more scenes of Won and Hyun Joo will be added and Rachel and Hyo Shin will be closer. Young Do may be left alone which will be sad but then I think his character turned a full circle from the childish one to a mature one. And it is all because of Eun Sang.


Upcoming Drama - You Who Came from the Stars Character Description

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Age of Feelings - Poster and Shin Jung Tae Photos

Another update on Kim Hyun Joong's new drama Age of Feelings/Inspiring Generation. Official poster has been released and some photos of KHJ transformed into his role as Shin Jung Tae. Love the poster which showed elegance and classy feel.

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