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Saturday, January 17, 2015

#JongAh - Finally A Kiss From Jjong! WGM Clip ep. 33

Okay, be still my heart! Will just savor the moment for now. Thoughts will follow after I have watched the whole episode.

screen caps by mslee :))

Kim So Eun's Thoughts On WGM's Possibility To Turn Real For Her

Kim So Eun was recently interviewed through Chinese media Sina about some of her thoughts regarding WGM and her virtual husband Song Jae Rim.

Everyone who follow We Got Married know that this couple "SoLim" / "JaeRim" are currently the popular couple in the show. They also won the best couple during MBC's Entertainment Awards recently even though they are the newly couple added in the program. We saw how from episode 1 their chemistry kicked off with high speed, making viewers screaming and wanting more.

I am one who also watch this couple and the reason why I again watch WGM after a long while. But then, for some reasons, got to ship another couple. But this does not mean that I don't like this couple. I love Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun as individual actors and their sweetness through this show is really amazing.

So anyway, I got across this news about the interview via koreaboo and what Kim So Eun shared was interesting but at the same time I understand how she handled this interview. It may look or feel disappointing for shippers but for me who have been shipping more than  3 couples already since I started following K-dramas, this kind of answers are the safest ones any celebrity can give to fans.

excerpts from the article 

translated via http://www.koreaboo.com

The actress also mentioned about her hypothetical husband, Song Jae Rim, saying, “He is a very humorous and bright person. Because of his merits, we were able to become closer and comfortable for the filming.” 
Later when the interviewer asked if there were slight possibility of the variety’s couple becoming an actual couple, Kim So Eun replied, “That won’t happen and impossible. We film once bi-weekly and barely have time to contact each other outside of our filming schedule for the show. I feel like it would be very difficult to build personal emotions for an actual relationship.”
This may sound definite and perhaps telling fans not to dream or wish beyond the screens but then there is no harm in still shipping them. After all, no one knows when will love would finally struck one's heart.

For those who ship SoLim/JaeRim, this is really no the end.  Have fun. 


The Legendary Witch Preview Stills - Woo Seok and Soo In Share a Kiss

Like that the romance is moving with faster pace than before. The two have started to date and is progressing nicely. For preview, Ha Seok Jin asked Soo In for a kiss.

photos credit via soompi.com

Friday, January 16, 2015

Preview Photos of Hong Jong Hyun in Running Man

Hong Jong Hyun in Running Man with Seo Kang Joon and some more. This is a must watch episode. These flower boys are eye candies.

Love to see Jjong in a variety show. 

photos shared via twitter

SPY Releases HOT Stills of Kim Jae Joong in a Shower

Even without these hot stills SPY drama has definitely become one of my weekend drama. But then, noona here is not complaining. Ottoke? Jae Joong is looking sexy in this fan service scenes that will make viewers look forward to tonight.

Well...don't miss SPY via KBS2. The episodes last week were really good.


credit via https://t.co/nUhKFt99aE [KBS twitter]

Jung Yong Hwa - Adorable and Full Of Charm in Ceci BTS Clip and Pictorial Photos

Ceci February 2015

Adorable and full of charm, CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa pose for pictorial for Ceci February 2015 issue. He made the pictorial fun and cute as he made eye contact with the camera for fans to see. The result are really eye catching or should I call them eye candy? :))


credit via Ceci official yt / photos via allkpop

Thursday, January 15, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] PUNCH Episode 9 Review

This drama keeps on amazing me every episode even if I know that it will deliver well. It gets better and better! The surprises and twists are really good. Every scene is crucial for all the characters. They are being portrayed in a sophisticated way. Refined despite the gruesome battles that are going around them. There's no room for too much or exaggeration of scenes. Battles are done through word war and intelligent maneuverings that traps the enemy.

Episode 9 highlights

The broker was almost caught but got away. 

A step too late for Ha Gyung's team. Lee Tae Joon had with him the copy of the man's confession about the enlistment fraud, to hold and for safe keeping, his insurance against Yoon Ji Sook. Ha Gyung requested the plane to turn around, Assistant Prosecutor Jung running towards Yoon Ji Sook for help but was turned down bitterly. There is no way Yoon Ji Sook will have that plane touch down the tarmac and get the broker out into interrogation room. It is also her insurance that the broker got away, scott free to a country where they have no jurisdiction and would not be able to obtain help from the government of that country.

Yoon Ji Sook has not yet admitted that she has stooped to the level of Lee Tae Joon. She always follow her decisions with the excuse that all are for the future of the office. But Assistant Jung thinks otherwise. She is living because of Lee Tae Joon.

Just the same time Ha Gyung was coming for the broker at Lee Tae Joon's vacation house, Jung Hwan promised Yoon Ji Sook that she will be in prison. At this point, Jung Hwan declared every intention to catch her and Tae Joon to pay for their crimes. 

Who will win?

Three forces are trying to convince Kim Sang Min about who to trust and who to destroy.

Jung Hwan has another plan drawn to corner Kim Sang Min and turn him against the promise of Lee Tae Joon to at least enjoy his life outside of prison. Yoon Ji Sook used her power to transfer Kim Sang Min to a hospital due to health conditions. 

Jung Hwan slipped inside Sang Min's room while the doctor was called away and promised him that he will get him back Ocean's Capital. He would make sure Tae Joon say that the company belongs to another person. 

Tae Joon wants the company so bad to give it to his brother's family. While Yoon Ji Sook promised Sang Min she has the power to pardon him. In this battle, clearly, Yoon Ji Sook got the upper hand.

Before the negotiations were through, Ha Gyung arrest Lee Tae Seop's wife for tax evasion. She has a large share in Ocean's Capital even of she is just a simple housewife. even her children who are minors are also major share holders. The wife was detained and under investigation which made Lee Tae Joon very angry. There is no other means but to tell the media that his brother was not the owner of the company. Jung Hwan provided documents that will prove Tae Joon's words. But then Sang Min already aligned himself with Ji Sook and gave her a video confession on all things about the Ocean Capital and the crimes associated with it lining back to Tae Joon and Tae Seop. The copy was saved through a chip that can not be deleted or even burned. Yoon Ji Sook exchanged the chips with Tae Joon's confession of the broker and both got their own insurance against each other.

Once again Jung Hwan found himself facing a dead end. But he is more cunning and determined. He won't back down just because his plans did not materialized. He asked Choi Yeon Jin to look for other shareholders of the company. They needed evidence that Kim Sang Min owns the company. 

Choi Yeon Jin

A beautiful young prosecutor who is also ambitious. Her weakness is her attraction to her sunbae, Park Jung Hwan. Her loyalty is fickle but she just could not turn her back on Jung Hwan. Even if Jo Kang Jae promised her a better future, Jung Hwan's plan for her is more attractive. She wants to fight with her father who did not recognized her as a daughter in the coming prosecutor's elections. She is eyeing a certain position. Jung Hwan told her that her dream can be a reality if she works hard for this case. A young Prosecutor coming down and writing the final decision for both Prosecutor General Lee Tae Joon and Minister of Justice Yoon Ji Sook. She will have her own popularity soaring.

In their search for evidences, they found a video copy of Kim Sang Min talking as a guest speaker in a school gathering. In the video he clearly said that he owns the Ocean's Capital.

Jung Hwan and Ha Gyung

I am skeptical about the romantic part of the drama even if the heroin and hero/villain are husband and wife, then. I am not sure that the writer will give time for the story of these two but then, I was surprised and really like how he inserts some glimpses of the emotional side of their story. There might not be a total reconciliation but they are getting along. They are not just civil towards each other compared to the first episode. Now, maybe because he is dying, Ha Gyung is understanding with his situation and any lingering feelings are waking up to give support. 

Jung Hwan's most treasured is his daughter. He will give in to any request Ye Rin asked of him because he loves her and time is ticking, soon he will leave her. He wants Ha Gyung to consider all his request and preparations for Ye Rin's future. It is all he can do for the remaining days he has. When Ha Gyung gave him tea boxes which will last longer than 3 months, he was skeptical  or hesitant of how futile his situation is but Ha Gyung only asked him to hang on. In return he gave her a gift in a box, an expensive pair of sunglasses. Ha Gyung was of course not thrilled to have that kind of gift but he told her to enjoy the days wearing it as he promised to hang on.

I know it is useless to wish that Jung Hwan will live. No, definitely he will die in the end. But seeing this simple connections he has with Ha Gyung, their simple time together are enough to make this drama tug at one's heart for the "what if" or "if only" scenarios. After all this drama can not be all about political, it shows relationships about family and friendship as well as betrayal.

The only option for Jung Hwan to win

I always like the scenes between Jung Hwan and Tae Joon. It was like a ripped heart, it can not be mended anymore. Their friendship has gone, totally. Even if Tae Joon dangled a good option for Jung Hwan, Jung Hwan is not buying anymore. Tae Joon has to pay for his crimes. Jung Hwan is finished negotiating.

He went to the National Assembly with the documents pertaining to the case. The best way to win this game, to make both Ji Sook and Tae Joon pay their crimes in prison is to tell them himself the story and his association, connection and actions in the case.

I love the last conversation between Tae Joon and Jung Hwan. 

"If you open that door, you will spend your remaining life in prison." - Lee Tae Joon

"Sir, you make me repeat the same thing. Sir, I will die in prison.

Sir, have a long and healthy life. In prison." - Park Jung Hwan

Brilliant ending for this episode. I know that something will come up to block Jung Hwan's plans but as long as I am amazed at the turn of events, I will not complain. It's a game. Who will be defeated is anyone's guess.  But I believe there will be redemption in the end. 


PUNCH Episode 9 Screen caps

Will share review later...