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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] PUNCH Episode 8 Review and Screen caps

The cat and mouse game continue in this epic drama that compel viewers to stick around and see who will win among the these corrupted prosecutors. The only remaining idealist in this largely imperfect bureau is Shin Ha Gyung who is slowly learning that underhand tactics that sometimes are needed to survive the game.

The Minister of Justice Yoon Ji Sook that she trusted so much and thought that they have the same goal in making the office somehow clean is betraying her. Ordering her to wrap up the case on Jung Hwan did not deter her to speak up and boldly told Yoon Ji Sook that she will continue with the investigation. Assistant prosecutor is behind Ha Gyung.

The case of Jung Hwan was immediately transferred to Anti Corrupt Division investigations under Jo Kang Jae. There was immediate search and seizure at Jung Hwan's house. Even the remaining Demerol was seized and ended in the hands of Kang Jae. The security was tight in the interrogation room. While mulling over the events that happened, Ha Gyung remembered some instances of her conversations with Jung Hwan. She somehow got a feeling that something is not right when her investigator partner told her about the pain killers.

She went to Kang Jae and casually insinuated that she knew everything about Jung Hwan's current state of health. Kang Jae was surprised but never suspected that Ha Gyung is fishing for information. She then realized that Jung Hwan's days are numbered. She needed to work hard to get to the bottom of all these crimes to at least give Jung Hwan a peaceful goodbye in the end.

She threatened Kang Jae about tampering evidences when he almost snapped/destroyed the pain killer. She also asked to get in touch with Jung Hwan.  By the time she faced Jung Hwan, she already knew how things should work for them. She told him even in Kang Jae's presence that she will continue with the investigations and that she will learn the ways on how to do it his way. She is ready to use some cunning skills to achieve her goal. Jo Kang Jae lost his temper hearing her say that to Jung Hwan and grabbed her wrist in which Jung Hwan got mad and with strong voice ordered him to let go of her and not to drop honorifics. That moment is simply amazing for I could sense the protective instinct of Jung Hwan towards Ha Gyung. They may be separated but I want to think that there is still affections between them.

She sneaked in to Lee Tae Joon's office to watch the conversation going on in the other room between Ho Sung and Yoon Ji Sook. She finally learned why the enlistment fraud is making Ji Sook lose her mind and holding tightly to Lee Tae Joon. A mother will do anything and everything to protect a son and that was what Ji Sook did 7 years ago. She also learned how Ji Sook compromised Jung Hwan's job and made him the sacrificial lamb with his bribery towards the broker. A decision that could have been overlooked or not executed that time but then Ji Sook was no longer the perfect prosecutor when she acted that way. She already tainted her prosecutors robe when she hid the fact that her son was one of those that evaded the enlistment. Currently her son has become the newest Supreme Judge and she will protect him as long as she could.

It was a sad realization for Ha Gyung when she thinks of the past and what happened to Jung Hwan. She tried to bargain with Ji Sook by calling her and telling her that she got intel on the enlistment fraud and that Ji Sook's son was involved. She asked to get Jung Hwan out before Ye Rin cries or she [Ji Sook] will cry. Once again amazing exchange of dialogues.

The first thing Jung Hwan did after he got out was to be with Ye Rin and make up for his absence during her graduation. Ye Rin sang in front of her parents while Jung Hwan battled with his inner emotions as he looked at his daughter. Soon he will leave her and he won't be there for her anymore.

Because Jung Hwan is free for now, Kang Jae and the doctor lured him to the hospital to make a deal in exchange for pain killers. Kang Jae is asking Jung Hwan to stop Ha Gyung from digging more but then Jung Hwan is not interested anymore. He even passed a video of the doctor that would further compromise his profession and will add up to his crimes. He walked away, strong and determined to make sure that he will not go down alone. He is ready to pay for his crimes but he will make sure that he won't be alone in paying for them.

Ha Gyung needed to investigate Ji Sook first to tie everything back to Lee Tae Joon. While Tae Joon is asking Ji Sook to give him the Ocean Capital. In this scenario, it is clear that Ji Sook is the one having the hard time the most. Two opposite poles are trying to get her and she can only stay and protect her position and her son. She can not do anything but lean towards Lee Tae Joon. Surprisingly, Ji Sook is turning to be good in this kind of dishonest dealings. She would not compromise what she thought she must protect, the institution or the prosecutors office's future. Or was it really about the office or unconsciously greed is starting to grow inside her?

Ha Gyung and some investigators went to Tae Joon's summer house to surprise and arrest the broker. She is determined to get all the evidence she needs about the enlistment fraud. But then, the broker has already been transferred.

Jung Hwan visited Ji Sook in her office and told her with certainty that he will get her inside the prison cell and not be able to go in his funeral. There is only one law for both of them.

I love the ending of this episode.  Jung Hwan is showing his strength to fight back and not to crumble alone. Ha Gyung is slowly opening her mind to the reality of how to survive but still clinging to her idealism that law must prevail. I have no problem with her strong convictions and principles because people like her is what society needs to have a fair justice. But then, reality is different and sometimes situations will overturn one's principles like what happened to Ji Sook. It is not commendable but circumstances like that is understandable until it happens to anyone. It's like standing on the edge of a cliff, to save a child or to push it over and let it die.

For now Ha Gyung is at this point where she should help Jung Hwan or judge him for who and what he is. She has not yet compromise everything that will make her like Ji Sook but I wonder if the writer will go that way in the coming episodes. 

What is clear now is that the bond between Jung Hwan and Lee Tae Joon is definitely broken. Jo Kang Jae continue to be the annoying errand man but his schemes has yet to affect Jung Hwan. I want to see more of Jung Hwan putting down his hands strongly on tables as he glared silently at Kang Jae because it gives so much satisfaction to see Kang Jae like a dog being kicked out and running away with tails between legs.

Can I surmise that there is no wrong or right in this drama? Hmmmm...I am neutral as of now. It's interesting to watch the progress of the drama. 

It is like watching a very nice movie right here in my home. Every episode so far is delivering an amazing story.


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