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Sunday, January 11, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM - #JjongAh Cut Episode 32 Screen caps Batch 1 - The Joke Is On You

Our adorable couple went to the store to buy what they needed to lessen the cold sipping through their house. 

In this episode, as usual Ah Young cajoled Jjong to buy things she liked, particularly a heated cushion in red color. She wanted a couple cushion for them both but unfortunately, there was no more stock. Jjong told her not to buy impulsively. I guess our man is meticulous in buying stuff and also  taking care of the budget. Ah Young with her cute acts tried to brush his arms with her hands coming off from brushing the cushion. Jjong of course was playing his pranks on her, seemingly cold brushed off her hand as he stepped back from her which resulted to Ah Young feeling hurt in the process. 

In the interview, she told that she was really hurt although she knew that he was like joking with her. Jjong told that it was a joke, [well, for a viewer like me who happen to follow these two, I have come to anticipate Jjong's reactions and how it is a way to make Ah Young react in a naughty way cause boys always do that to get attention more] and that time he felt his stomach was aching a biut that led to a headache. It was understandable also that in a married life show like this, sometimes it is best to show this kind of interaction between couples because this can happen in real life. Not all married life are about compatibility, sometimes there is compromise and often times there are petty fights.

Well back to the show, Jjong apologized to her and of course she accepted in the end. The Ah Young card she gave him was intended for him to use them in a more romantic way but then he is Jjong and he is not the cheezy type. This is much already anticipated so I am not disappointed. He is the type who would not ask something sweet and romantic of her to do for him but more like making fun of her. Actually the Ah Young cards were more for his satisfaction and enjoyment rather than for the viewers like us who are waiting for something cute and adorable to happen. Jjong is a shy man and I doubt he woul actually ask Ah Young to do sweet things towards him. He is just not the kind of man, but that is not saying he is a cold one or not interested. He is more into playing jokes on her.

I just hoped that the petty fight last a little longer though..:)) But of course like it when Jjong immediately apologized to her.

In the end, Ah Young dressed as a student. But the cute part, Jjong went inside the fitting room and closed the door himself, leaving the cameraman outside. they were alone for how long we really don't know...maybe the production edited the scene, cut it to make it short. The good thing about it, Jjong is really comfortable around Ah Young enough to be inside with in a public fitting room not minding if this would be shown in TV.  Maybe he said something towards her inside off cam, maybe he cajoled her more in a sweet way, maybe it is really Jjong's style but not in front of the camera.

So yes, basically I am happy.


screen caps part 1

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