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Monday, January 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal Me First Impression

Kill Me, Heal Me-p1.jpg

While I love both Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum individually as actors, watching both episodes 1 and 2 of their new drama Kill Me Heal Me did not impressed me that much. I want to say otherwise but blame it on the synopsis or the plot of the story. I think having 7 personalities in one for Ji Sung's character as Cha Do Hyun is too much. Although for both episodes I only saw two personalities, the host of the body Do Hyun who is the timid one with a trauma from his childhood past that gave birth to his second personality Shin Se Gi , the impulsive, reckless and bad one. Se Gi is the volatile one that wants to overpower and conquer Do Hyun's body. He is also has done some crimes.

The heroin of the drama is a crazy, overboard and exaggerated doctor of psychiatry Oh Ri Jin who has a sibling, her twin who writes fiction/novels about mystery and suspense Oh Ri On and currently penned as Omega. He too has dual personality. Currently he is writing or following news about Do Hyun, with photo hidden in his room. Perhaps he learned about Do Hyun's Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The premise of the story is circling on these characters and although it is a fresh idea of the writer, I wonder how the personalities will be shown and how it will revolve as the drama progress. This is my only concern about this drama for now why it did not impressed me as I hoped it would.

But I can not fault the acting of the actors. Ji Sung is superb as always. He can carry this outlandish and crazy character that is asked of him. While Hwang Jung Eum was so different from the last character she portrayed. In here she is doing all the crazy stuffs from laughing insanely to shouting and over reacting on all about everything happening around her. Well, very apt for her profession as a doctor associated with mental disorders. 

Do Hyun's sickness is a secret from his family. A trusted family friend An Gook is doing everything for him to get treatment. A cousin who is two faced, superior and so opposite of Do Hyun, Cha Ki Joon runs the company. Han Chae Yeon stood between cousins, she being Do  Hyun's first love but have yet to confess his feelings for her. She is not what she seems to be in front of Do Hyun but a foxy woman who is already in an intimate relationship with Ki Joon. I think she will use her charm to fool Do Hyun and play him for his naivety. 

I hope the story will not be chaotic for the coming episodes so that I can continue to watch this. The love lines started already between the bad Shin Se Gi and Ro Jin. The bad personality already fell in love with this eccentric doctor.

The ending in episode 2 calls for Se Gi to come out, because Do Hyun felt that his other personality will be able to save the life of the woman being detained and kidnapped by the man Se Gi had a fight with and is looking for his Italian made jacket which is now in Ri Jin's father's possession.

Well, for first impression, not that bad but a little chaotic for me. Got to wait for the next episode to know if I am going to stay watching or skip this one totally.


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