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Saturday, October 17, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Because It's The First Time Episode 2 Highlights

I enjoyed watching the 2nd episode of the drama. Glad that it remains light, funny and cute. Although there are problems arising, still, it is not heavy. But of course, the reality of their situation pinches at the heart.

Previously, Song Yi was pouring out her frustrations through a telephone call to SOS. I am not sure if her call was connected to a police station to check up on her or that it was just a passing coincidence that she was there at that time when the police car chanced on her.

Funny and cute scene was that, Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min [I think they are BFF already since doing 2 dramas together, as far as I know] were the police men. They brought her to the station and temporarily detain her until a guardian arrives to take her. She was acting cute, trying to beg them to release her and that she is not crazy. They told her to call up someone to fetch her. 

When she took out her phone, there were messages from her friends. Tae O was asking where she was. But the message that put blush on her cheeks were from Ji An telling her he missed her. Ah this made her giddy. I like how it showed a young adult's reaction when receiving such messages from the one she likes. Even the two officers were looking at her noticing her flushed cheeks.

Cho Hoon performed in front of his friends. I think this young boy has his own brand of dream that unfortunately is not know to his parents. Maybe they are expecting him to do what they like for him not asking him whar he loves to do. 

So this is kind of his way to share his passion to his friends.

As for Tae O, he met Ryoo Se Hyun again while waiting for Song Yi. Actually, he ran after her when she passed by riding a bicycle.

Always, Song Yi is in between him and some girl he is trying to impress which of course might be misinterpreted.

But then, he could not let down Song Yi. It was as if she will always be his priority.

Meanwhile, the two officers were teasing Song Yi about blushing over a text message.

She danced...

And like psychos, the two officers captured her on video. lol! This was so funny!

After the dance she begged them to let her go and they did. Tae O just missed her for a few seconds actually.

And these two officers thought he was the one who made Song Yi blushed. They told him she likes him.

This is really funny. Suddenly there would be misunderstanding between Song Yi and Tae O. I wish he won't find out though...

So...at home he kept thinking of what the officers told him. It was like they were there teasing him, making him giddy.

Hahahaha....he really looked happy. So cute, Tae O!

Song Yi went to his place and asked him  to live together.

But of course, she brought a tent and put it outside his house. She plans to stay there for free.
It was a situation he found uncomfortable. Not because he does not want to, but because he was in conflict with his real feelings.

Cho Hoon slept at Oh Ga Rin's place. I like how gentle and sweet Ga Ri is as a friend. She understand him.

Tae O brought breakfast outside but not planning to share them with Song Yi. Actually, he wanted to but he just could not bring himself to say it.

Tao O's father was ranting about the rent to Ji An's father who occupies the store. They are arguing and the kids are just outside hearing them. Somehow it made them silent and uncomfortable especially Ji An and Tae O.

Ji An told Tae O to tell his father that he will do the cleaning but let them stay without increasing the rent. Between the two, Tae O is living comfortably while Ji An is struggling, even has part time jobs.

Tae O helped Ji An in cleaning the building...
It was fun doing together. At least, the atmosphere became comfortable again between them as they fooled around.

Being a son to their father...
Ji An is proud of his father.

As for Tae O, maybe he has some problem with his father. I think because his father is a businessman and has no time for him.

They talked about a girl who likes them, not knowing it was one and the same girl. Of course, Tae O misunderstood Song Yi's feelings for him, while Ji An really knew she likes him.

Yup, Song Yi likes Ji An...
she thought Ji An did not caught her.

Cho Hoon decided to go home and see why his family seems not to be missing him.

They are happy even without him there. This made him realized that he is not important.

He really has misunderstanding with his family.

He was thrown out again..this time with luguage.

Ji An and Song Yi...

Tae O adn Song Yi...

Tae O must be feeling something is missing in his life. He has no goal...

It makes him like a worthless person...

For his goal...

He asked Song Yi make him crazy for her!

The story is getting even more exciting!