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Saturday, July 26, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Fated To Love You First Review -: Silly and Comical That Pinches The Heart

Fated To Love You [the Korean version] has been airing for four weeks now but I only get to write something about this drama now. I have been trying to update screen caps for the past few days to share recaps of what has been happening in the drama.

I watched the Taiwanese version although it is already vague but what I can remember is that Ethan Ruan's character is not as silly as Jang Hyuk's character in this version. Maybe it is the way Jang Hyuk as Lee Gun laughed and the way  he does every time he grazes the screens which at first was like, "Seriously?" as my initial thoughts. But as time passed by, his charms are so lethal the silly laughs became predictable and anticipated as well as cute. The sarcasm is very rich but it also became his signature laugh.

Those who have watched the original version already knew the plot. A one night stand happened between the lead characters while the leading man is so in love with another woman who is a ballerina and unfortunately chose to perform instead of keeping the date with her boyfriend. Basically the story in the Korean version follows the plot.

So far I am entertained every week with the two episodes back to back. Very comical and light but at the same time pinches my heart with scenes where Jang Na Ra who plays Kim Mi Young was being ignored and neglected by her husband. Yes, the marriage was forced. The marriage was a contract in name only until the baby is born. After being married for a short time, Lee Gun has already drawn a divorce document waiting for Mi Young's signature. It was one of the scenes were I felt my heart was so heavy and found tears in my eyes. Although it is already expected, still the scenes were tugging painfully at me.

One of the characters I love is Choi Jin Hyuk as Daniel Pitt. I love how he is a source of strength to Mi Young. I love the friendship that was formed between them. A neighbor oppa, as he calls himself, which brought smiles to me when Lee Gun heard it. A bit of a jealousy was felt there as Lee Gun became the possessive husband instantly, a trait every male has got whenever there is another male threatening a relationship even though theirs is a hoax one and he does not feel any love to his wife, yet.

I love the seminars involving the married couples expecting a child. Hilarious and fun at the same time, Lee Gun is very cute acting the expectant father. Without realizing, he has become comfortable around his wife, appearing suddenly at her side and feels guilty if he hurt or ignored her.

The romantic feelings in the drama is very high and I find myself smiling widely, giggling and feeling the electric tension that surrounds the couple in sweet moments. Of course, it's not all cute and sweet and funny, there are the ones that are heavy with tension when Se Ra finally appeared and returned. The scene was so beautiful. I felt Mi Young's nervousness and at the same time feeling her role as the third wheel when Se Ra was there at the office. How she told her that she was the secretary while Lee Gun stared at her. The moment was surreal for both of them after the good vibes they had coming from eating together and Lee Gun holding her hand in front of the employees in the company, letting them know here comes the madame, wife of the CEO.

Mi Young gave in for that was her role and what she promised. But by this time Lee Gun has been feeling closer to her, caring for her and thinking about her. Guess the close proximity and the kindness that she always wear grows on him. 

The time when Se Ra found out the truth about her was another intense moment. Actually, I have been anticipating the scene, remembering the original version and found that this version is as good as. The moment Lee Gun ran after Se Ra was a painful realization for Mi Young. I love the scene were Lee Gun was looking at the monitor in his private room, memories with Se Ra playing and when he read the note together with the cuff links. I think that moment was both regretting what happened in their relationship and maybe accepting the reality that he is another woman's husband already. A time to grieve a lost love and knowing his heart is not as it used to be. It is not the same. His heart is beating anew towards another one, his wife.

Well, who never felt the sweet and romantic feelings at the end of episode 8? The couple locked in each other's arms, looking at each other's eyes, Mi Young shy while Lee Gun can't help but stared. That gave me warm goosebumps and I almost screamed with joy and anticipation when Lee Gun dipped his head down towards Mi Young....expecting the kiss to land on her sweet lips....only to be disappointed slightly when his lips kissed her on her cheeks. Ah...writernim! Andwe, PDnim! Wae???

But then, I think it was the sweetest ever. I love his words..."ready to come back to her". Does it mean that he has finally chosen? 

When a drama is this good and heart warming at the same time, I can't wait for each week's episodes. My time watching FTLY is all worth it. But I still am going to be disappointed in the coming episodes, surely because if the drama will follow the original version until the end, there will be more heartaches to be seen. I am bracing myself now for those moments but I hope that the love between Lee Gun and Mi Young will compensate for the heartaches to come. 

This is the first time I watched Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra together even thought this is their reunion project. The chemistry is amazing, it fills the screen. They look so good together.

FTLY has entertained me well and mslee is applauding the writer for the beautiful stories each week. Defintiely, FTLY is a treat every week. Looking forward for next episodes.


Fated To Love You Episodes 7 and 8 Screen caps