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Saturday, June 20, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Producer Episode 9 GIF - Defending Your Spot

The dilemma of choosing who to go to when someone is waiting for him. Seung Chan again is good at taking care of things such as this. 

He fetched Ye Jin at the movie theater before he went home to see Cindy. By this time Cindy was already inside Joon Mo's apartment. She also realized that Seung Chan is really into Ye Jin.

Defending ones spot.

When a program is cancelled or put on hiatus, producers and staffs are left wondering if they will be able to come back for a new episode or will they be out of work. Most of the times it is about ratings why a show is cancelled to give way to a new program. It is a test broadcast to see if viewers will like it and if it's pilot airing is a success, then the previous program in the same time slot will have a problem. The PD must defend the slot if he wants his program to take back the time slot.

PD Joon Mo is both defending his program's time slot as well as staying besides Ye Jin. He has realized that rookie PD Seung Chan is there to take away that spot he is occupying. Seung Chan is clearly slowly showing his affections to Ye Jin who is still clueless about it. She thought his attraction is towards Cindy that's why she is amused just by the thought of it.  She is even giving him a heads on about Cindy. Seung Chan of course is denying and disappointed by the misunderstanding.

There was a flashback when Seung Chan saw a photo of Ye Jin and Joon Mo in an album. But what's interesting about the photo was the boy who was staring at Ye Jin at the back. The boy was him, Seung Chan. It tells how he was already attracted or infatuated with younger Ye Jin that time. Now he found out about it, their first meeting in that same neighborhood where he grew up.

Ye Jin and Joon Mo had time to talk about themselves and how she regretted blurting out her feelings for him. It caused their friendship to be rattled. Now she only wants to break away from him, live alone so that she will have time to find out if her feelings are real or just brought on by their closeness. Joon Mo wants her to stay with him and live like they used to be. But she opted to move out. Seung Chan is already helping her preparing her things and even doing little improvements on her new apartment.

Then there is this rookie who is the current favorite of CEO Byun. Well, she needs to find someone soon to eliminate Cindy or perhaps to threaten her now that she is becoming a pain. But Cindy is staying strong despite being alone in this battle. She knew the cycle. She had been once a rookie and the girl she replaced is now a faceless name in the industry. That girl was the one who asked help from PD Joon Mo and after she trusted him, his hands were so tied he could not do anything for her.

Cindy must defend her place so that she would be able to endure until her contract expires. She is standing up against CEO Byun who is doing so much for this rookie. Even when CEO asked Ye Jin to take good care of the rookie, 

Ye Jin who already realized the situation favored Cindy. Cindy gave a good performance and after her number thanked some people who helped her and gives support to her including Ye Jin. Guess the bond is there between them after all the misunderstanding. 

Then she thanked the umbrella man who silently give her strength.

Seung Chan realized it is him but all he could do was look at her, spacing out. Well a bit troubled because he realized she has feelings for her but he has feelings for another. It was a sad moment for Cindy. Truthfully, I found tears rolling down my face watching the scenes. Cindy was so vulnerable with all these problems she has been dealing, professionally and personally. I find it sad that she is somehow alone, without parents to lean on and the person she trusted is now betraying her and ready to dump her for a rookie. Then there is Seung Chan who claimed her attention and even if she showed her feelings for him, he is not doing anything about it.

I just wish they will be the OTP in this story because I think what they have between them can grow into something more beautiful than what Ye Jin and Joon Mo already have. Joon Mo and Ye Jin had history together that no one can take away from them. That's why developing those memories into real romance is really possible and will be stronger than ever. 

With Seung Chan and Cindy, it will be the start of a fresh romance between them. Both rookie in the romance department. I believe, Seung Chan will be able to give her the happiness she craves for. Cindy has shown him her vulnerable side that she has not shown anyone. That alone is something worth treasuring.

But I am not the writer and this story can feed on the viewers clamor on who they root for.  Seung Chan is ready to confess his feelings but Joon Mo is there defending his spot. Will he give up or not?


Friday, June 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Orange Marmalade Episode 6 GIF - Highlight

Will friendship be compromised once they found out that they like one and the same girl?

Both met Ma Ri at different circumstances. Both were attracted at first sight. With Jae Min, he struggled a bit because of their class distinction in society while Shi Hoo who is always the carefree kind never even thought of anything but her mesmerizing beauty. The thing is, Ma Ri already sees Jae Min in a different light. She is also attracted to him even knowing he comes from a noble family. But soon she will learn that he is engaged to marry someone else.

In the meantime, A Ra is excited on her coming engagement and marrying Jae Min. Her friends thought she had never set her eyes on him but she already met him once when he rescued her from the bullies. She also felt the attraction towards Jae Min when he acted gentlemanly in front of her as he held her shoe and made her wear it. 

A Ra went to a house called Hwasawon. Unaware that the woman who runs it is a vampire, she was treated with high regard because of her noble class. She went there to get some potion she wants to use to lure her future husband who is Jae Min. The vampire woman asked her a favor in exchange for the potion. She wanted revenge towards the other vampire clan who tipped them off to the authorities. She asked A Ra to teach a lesson to the daughter who is Ma Ri.

Ma Ri went to A Ra's house. The girl who assist A Ra made Ma Ri wore a ribbon on her hair that belonged to A Ra, telling her that it was already abandoned. Then Ma Ri saw the sumptuous snacks in front of her and to avoid being called disrespectful or ungrateful for not eating, she decided to hide a few bread inside her sleeves to make it appear that she ate them.

Outside, she was humiliated by A Ra and her mother who called her a thief because of the ribbon on her hair. She was about to be dragged away to be punished when Shi Hoo saw them and butted in. In a way, he was rescuing her. He even told them that he comes from a prominent family. But then Jae Min appeared. Jae Min instead of taking her side make hurtful remarks that shoot arrows through her heart. He compared her being a butcher's daughter to an animal, or even lesser than an animal. I think Ma Ri could have endured any humiliation but that of Jae Min's hurtful words against her. 

She left after that incident. Shi Hoo followed her and became friends with her. He even taught her techniques on fighting. They had an enjoyable time despite their short time together. I think Ma Ri felt his friendly nature and liked it. 

But then Jae Min was so bothered by Ma Ri he went to see her again on the spot where he first saw her. 

Ma Ri was confused and surprised that he came to see her again after the last time they parted. Somehow they reconciled. He learned that even though society separated them and that she is illiterate, she has acquired wisdom that he only read through books. She is intelligent despite her poor condition. They talk. And I think their hearts talk.

He thought that because she is poor she could not eat properly so decided to get some rice in their storage like a thief. The lady who was his mother in the present times but a maid in their household now in the past saw the scattered rice on the floor and somehow realized what the young man has been up to.

Ma Ri was confused when Jae Min gave her rice, thinking she needed it but decided to accept and made rice balls. She never knew how to cook food for humans so she asked a friend and in her own way tried. She even added salt, unfortunately lots of salt to the rice balls. 

Jae Min could not say how salty it was but kept on eating in case he offended Ma Ri. At home, with Shi Hoo, he only drank  lots of water to wash off the salt he ate inside.

He learned of his engagement and impending marriage. He talked to his father about it but he was met with a firm decision. He told his father that he would be a warrior if that would make him get out of the arranged marriage. He would learn to fight. 

He practiced a lot that night. Shi Hoo even saw him and asked why he bothered? He never answered him. Shi Hoo remembered that Jae Min was a brave kid, knew how to fight and even good at it but because of blood he ended up being weak.

 Jae Min needed to fight his fear of blood. 

The lady who works at Jae Min's household went to see Ma Ri's parents. I think she knew they are vampires and maybe, she is also one. She told them about Jae Min's fixed marriage soon and that Ma Ri must not confuse him anymore. Ma Ri heard them talking. Of course it was a revelation that hurt her.

A Ra accepted the potion already from the vampire who runs Hwasawon. She also took the opportunity to bring gifts to Jae Min's household. Ma Ri also went there because she was asked to bring raw meat. But she was tripped by one of A Ra's slaves, and I think it was intentional to humiliate her again. Ma Ri never showed that she was intimidated. 

But her sleeves where ripped when the man pulled her arm. Jae Min saw the incident and walked towards her with a cloth to cover her arms. She gave him back the cloth and repeated what he told her last time about being lesser than an animal. 

She turned her back and started walking but Jae Min stopped her arm. He was frustrated that he was there showing her his feelings but she was running away. He yelled the things she told him during their talks in the woods about stopping and standing still. 

Holding her in her shoulders with both hands, he asked her to stop. He is showing her his true feelings amidst everyone who is there looking at them, A Ra and Shi Hoo.

Will Jae Min be able to take responsibility on her and his actions?