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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 9 Review

I was so optimistic that Lee Jung Joo and Baek Geun Woo would start the romance between them after watching the sweet ending of episode 8 where he embraced her tightly. But then watching the opening of episode 9, there was some kind of halt in the sweet development and they returned to just friends. Again! What happened there?

I know that Geun Woo is so besotted at Ji Won but that act of running to Jung Joo should have woken him up from his foolish infatuation. Yes, that is what he has been feeling towards Ji Won as far as I see it. The longest crush or one sided attraction is not being reciprocated that is why it became a challenge to him to cling on and it kind of stayed that way.

Back at Warm and Cozy, they continue to live and work as if nothing happened. Although Jung Joo was caught with her feelings she has decided to deal with it head on, face it and Geun Woo at the same time. She would like to run away, to leave so her unrequited love will soon fade but after some thoughts, and finding the true value of the place, she wrestled internally and follow what her heart wants. She will stay. 

Jeju has become a haven for her and she will just have to tackle her own feelings. She also asked Geun Woo not to treat her kindly so that whatever feelings she has for him will be gone.

When she is alone she feels the burden of her one sided love and it makes her cry. One thing I am loving in the story is the Mayor's sensitivity towards Jung Joo's feelings. He is there always at the right time, witnessing her at her vulnerable moments but not crowding her, staying still silently, just watching her. He gives her space and in his own way help her or give pieces of advice. He does not hide the fact that he likes her, also being vocal about asking her to consider his feelings but it is not annoying to watch. I don't know, I love how the writers make him lovable. 

He just  gives her options on how to deal with her current romantic feelings to Geun Woo. He even protects her from Ji Won. These little actions endears him to me as a viewer.

Although Geun Woo had made Ji Won a bad girl in front of his sister, on how she misled him and his noona about Jung Joo, still he admit that he can live with that bad side of her which makes him really foolish. Ji Won got caught with her lies that was why she felt offended. But when she was about to go on a date with another guy, Geun Woo was there to stop it. 

I realized that it is not about liking a certain man but liking what the background of that man is which will benefit her. She continues to dangle Geun Woo while she search for someone suitable and rich like his hyung. Ji Won is the materialistic kind of woman.

Living in Warm and Cozy after exposing her feelings to Geun Woo made Jung Joo openly dreamed of romantic scenarios between them. It is awkward but she could not help herself which Geun Woo somehow realized what's happening to her. But the thing is, Geun Woo is behaving like it is not a big deal to him if she likes him. He is okay with it. Finds it even to his liking knowing that she is struggling with her feelings for him. 

Should I switch my OTP at this time of the story? Because seriously, the Mayor's efforts are more sincere and I do appreciate how he handle Jung Joo's feelings. There was an error in the news video which made the Mayor's family think that he is in a relationship with Jung Joo. 

It should be an opportunity for him but he is a gentleman and he understand how Jung Joo must be feeling being in a rumor with him. 

As for the ahjumma diver Hae Sil and Jung Geun, the romance is not yet easy to start. She is afraid to  open her heart. For this couple, I am loving the development of their story. 

Jung Geun showed Hae Sil that she already fall for him and that is the reason why she is afraid to get hurt. Well it is actually true. Guarding her heart is already too late.

I am really tempted to cast away Geun Woo in favor of the Mayor but okay, I guess I will wait for some more. I will give him the time he needed to settle his feelings for Ji Won and opening his heart to Jung Joo. Does it have to be the Mayor's involvement reason for him to start noticing Jung Joo?

I wish that Jung Joo will never have to witness another scene where Geun Woo holds on to Ji Won as the woman selfishly abandons him.

Because iot is tiring to see her always being there for him and making him feel better when he never care to at least hide how foolish he is when it comes to Ji Won. Jung Joo already confessed to him. The least he can do about it if he can not reciprocate is to shield her from getting hurt.

But I guess he is such a spoiled brat. And it frustrates me!

Kind of selfish, yes?

Well, I hope he sees Jung Joo's worth soon! Pali! Before it is too late. 

This is my random review for this episode. Late..again but still sharing.:))


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